Oregon Tech Student Email Accounts

To login into your Oregon Tech email, go to: https://mail.oit.edu

In most cases your email address is firstname.lastname@oit.edu.

Your password is initially set to:

the first initial of your first name,
    first initial of your last name
and the last 4 digits of your Oregon Tech student ID.

For example the password for jane.owly@oit.edu (Jane Owly, Oregon Tech ID# 918123456), would be: jo3456

Changing Your Email Password

You will have the ability to change your password after you have logged into your account.

Once you have logged in at https://mail.oit.edu:

scroll down and then select "options"
scroll down to change password
select and make your changes.

The domain field required should read "oit.edu" (no www.)
The account field should read firstname.lastname

Students needing help with their Oregon Tech accounts including problems with their Oregon Tech email account or their Blackboard CE account can call 541-885-1717 or email operator@oit.edu.