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Oregon Tech Student Project Symposia, Klamath Falls & Portland Campuses

May 09, 2011
The great American writer, John Updike, once said, “You cannot help but learn more as you take the world into your hands.”

The great American writer, John Updike, once said, “You cannot help but learn more as you take the world into your hands.” In fact, studies show that students often retain three and half times as much material from hands-on learning as opposed to just sitting in a lecture room and listening intently.

Oregon Institute of Technology has long-understood the value of hands-on learning, integrated team work, and the benefits that come from the analysis of one’s own work. That is why year after year, students at Oregon Tech are challenged to formulate a project and implement it from start to finish using a combination of conceptual, technical and applied knowledge.

The Oregon Tech, Klamath Falls Campus Student Project Symposium takes place on Friday, May 20, in the Purvine Hall Lobby from 1:00 – 4:00 p.m. The symposium is free and open to everyone.

Students at all levels from the Colleges of Engineering, Technology, and Management and Health, Arts, and Sciences will display their projects. Questions regarding the Klamath Falls Student Project Symposium should be directed to Jim Long at James.Long@oit.edu. The following is a sample of just some of the work that will be on display:

  • Watch Dog Robot - Software Engineering
  • Parts Delivery Robot - Software Engineering
  • Electric Vehicle Telemetry - Software Engineering
  • Catheter Lab C-Arm Simulator - Software Engineering
  • Medical Imaging DVD Burner System - Software Engineering
  • Microbial Fuel Cells - Renewable Energy Engineering
  • Sustainable Chicken Coops - Renewable, Civil, Electrical Engineering Freshman Class
  • Dental Hygiene Clinical Studies - Dental Hygiene
  • Mammography Awareness - Mammography Club
  • Tanzania Clean Waters Project - OIT Engineers Without Borders
  • Formula Race Car - Mechanical Engineering
  • InQuizitive 4, Mobile Classroom Content Delivery System - Management of Information Systems
  • Empyrean Material Management System - Software Engineering, Hardware Engineering Dual Degree
  • QuickScore: Wrestling Scoring System - Hardware Engineering/Embedded Systems Engineering
  • ATN-Bot: Autonomous all terrain drone with adaptive terrain avoidance - Hardware Engineering/Embedded Systems Engineering
  • SENS: Sensor-Equipped Navigational System - Hardware Engineering/Embedded Systems Engineering
  • Natural Sciences:
    • Senior Projects:
      • Oregon Spotted Frog Overwintering Observation
      • Nutrient Analysis of Wetland Vegetation
      • Anthropogenic Sound Occurrence in Crater Lake National Park
      • Evaluation of Laminar Flow Hood use in Mushroom Inoculation
      • Effects of Spatial Distribution of Spawning After the Removal of the Chiloquin Dam
      • Crater Lake/OIT Solar Photovoltaic Power Trailer
      • Dissolve Oxygen Concentrations of the Klamath River
      • Social Trails Assessment at Lava Beds National Monument
      • Bat Baseline Study for Lava Beds National Monument
      • Sucker Population Dynamics in Klamath Lake
    • Sophomore Projects:
      • TaLost River (Deltistes luxatus) and Shortnose Sucker (Chasmistes brevirostris) Survival and Recruitment
      • An Assessment of the Contribution of Particulate Nutrients from the Sprague River
      • Evaluating Bird and Bat Kills of Wind Turbine Projects
      • Assessing Social Trails at Lava Beds National Monument
      • Water Quality Analysis of Phosphorus and Nitrogen in the Sprague River
      • Wetlands Delineation on Klamath Falls Lot

The Oregon Tech, Portland Campus Student Project Symposium takes place on Wednesday, May 25, from 5:00 – 7:00 p.m. at the Oregon Tech Portland West Campus at 20175 NW Amberglen Court, Suite 100 in Beaverton.

The symposium at Portland showcases Portland 2011 graduates who will present their projects to industry partners, faculty, staff, and alumni. These are capstone projects which represent a culminating experience in each student’s program of study. The symposium will include selected presentations from each Portland degree program, as well as posters and demonstrations. Direct questions to Christine Pompel at 503.821.1275 or contact Christine by e-mail at Christine.Pompel@oit.edu.

About Oregon Tech

Founded in Klamath Falls in 1947, Oregon Institute of Technology is one of seven institutions in the Oregon University System, and the only public institute of technology in the Pacific Northwest. Oregon Tech provides degree programs in engineering and health technologies, management, communications and applied sciences that prepare students to be effective participants in their professional, public and international communities through hands-on learning. Oregon Tech’s main campus is in Klamath Falls; other sites are located in Portland, La Grande and Seattle. Visit www.oit.edu to learn more about Oregon Institute of Technology.

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