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Cutting-Edge Companies Recruit Oregon Tech Students Prior to Graduation

Jun 17, 2013
Known for its hand-on learning Oregon Tech is now helping employers with hands-on recruiting

June 17, 2013, WILSONVILLE, ORE. – Oregon Tech has launched its new Industry-Supported Senior Project Program in response to business demand to work on research, testing, and innovative projects with Oregon Tech students. Industry partners are invited to help students design a senior project that addresses a challenge that their company faces and also exposes Oregon Tech students to relevant and contextualized learning. The industry supporter provides a project description—stating the scope of the problem to be solved—and identifies a mentor to work with the students on the project. Supporting a senior project allows a company to work with promising students on non-critical-path solutions. Companies can get to know potential employees as well as evaluate their abilities.

“Oregon Tech graduates are well-known for their ability to contribute immediately in the private sector as well as their success in graduate and professional schools. I am extremely pleased that employers are finding opportunities to work with and support Oregon Tech seniors to engage them in relevant, rigorous, problem-solving senior projects,” remarked President Chris Maples.

Senior projects can be industry-identified, non-critical-path projects that represent a complete system or product, integrating analysis, simulation, software, hardware, or other aspects of research by academic departments, as appropriate. Industry-supported senior projects are supported with a donation of $2,500 per project.

For more information about the Industry-Supported Senior Project Program at Oregon Tech, please contact Brittany Miles (503) 821-1288 or visit www.oit.edu/seniorprojects.

About Oregon Tech

Founded in Klamath Falls in 1947, Oregon Institute of Technology is one of seven universities in the Oregon University System, and the only public institute of technology in the Pacific Northwest. Oregon Tech provides degree programs in engineering and health technologies, management, communication, and applied sciences that prepare students to be effective participants in their professional, public, and international communities through hands-on learning. Oregon Tech has a full-service, residential campus in Klamath Falls and an urban, industry-focused campus in Wilsonville. Visit www.oit.edu to learn more about Oregon Institute of Technology.

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