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2013 Spring Term President's and Dean's List

Jun 19, 2013
The following students have been named to the 2013 Spring Term President's and Dean's Lists at Oregon Institute of Technology.
The following students have been named to the 2013 Spring Term President's list at Oregon Institute of Technology. Inclusion on the list requires a 3.70 grade point average and above. Only full-time students (12 credit hours or more) are eligible for academic honors.
Uyen A Mgmt/Marketing Option
Adam Aaron Operations Management
Kyra Acosta Radiologic Science
Jacob Adamson Dual Compute/Software Eng Tech
Ana Aguilar Biology-Health Sciences
Grant Alexander Biology-Health Sciences
Mohamed Alhosani Renewable Energy Engineering
Mark Allen Mgmt/Accounting Option
Troy Allen Mechanical Engineering Tech
Jonathan Alonso-Ignacio Electrical Engineering
Saud Alsobaie Software Engineering Tech
Kathryn Altair Applied Psychology
Maria Alvarez Nuclear Medicine Technology
Amy Amerling Radiologic Science
Aleena Anderson Dual Renewable Energy/Elec Eng
Levi Anderson Renewable Energy Engineering
Margaret Anderson Biology-Health Sciences
Devon Andrade Dual Compute/Software Eng Tech
Melissa Andreas Clinical Laboratory Science
Jennifer Andrews Nuclear Medicine Technology
Celia Ansley Communication Studies
Evghenie Antoci Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Olivia Antonsen Radiologic Science
Victor Arias Radiologic Science
Nathan Arteaga Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Dylan Austin Mechanical Engineering
Patricia Austin Biology-Health Sciences
Nichole Bake Dental Hygiene
Stephanie Baker Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Justin Banuelos Vascular Technology
Matthew Barber Mechanical Engineering
Brooklyn Barclay Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Tiffany Barnes Mgmt/Marketing Option
Brittney Barnett Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Cory Barney Dual Compute/Software Eng Tech
Miranda Barrus *Civil Engineering
Lisa Baubock EMT - Paramedic
Marie Baumann Mgmt/Accounting Option
Christina Beach Clinical Laboratory Science
Dylan Bedortha Environmental Sciences
Kevin Beeker Electrical Engineering
Paige Beeman Nuclear Medicine Technology
Rafael Belloc *Civil Engineering
Kelli Berg Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
David Bergman Echocardiography
Cheryl Berry Dental Hygiene
Lacey Bewley Echocardiography
Asia Biles Vascular Technology
Andrea Blake Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Kyle Blakeman Renewable Energy Engineering
Carrie Boltz Mgmt/Small Bus Mgmt Option
Jamie Bond *Civil Engineering
Christina Borchert Vascular Technology
Andrew Bowers Software Engineering Tech
Sheila Bowes Dental Hygiene
Emily Brandt Radiologic Science
Joshua Braunschweig Electrical Engineering
Rebecca Bremner Echocardiography
Rachele Briggs Vascular Technology
Anikka Brill Dental Hygiene
Anne Brinson Vascular Technology
Jessica Bronson Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Anthony Brooks *Civil Engineering
Elissa Brouillard Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Eric Brown IT Bus/Systems Analysis Opt
Jenny Brown Radiologic Science
Kanissa Brown Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Kayla Brown Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Nicholas Brown Mechanical Engineering
Jesse Brummett Mechanical Engineering
Cody Bulkley Embedded Systems Eng Tech
Katy Bull Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Caitlin Burch Operations Management
Jeremy Burke Dual Compute/Software Eng Tech
Adam Burwell Renewable Energy Engineering
Aubrie Bush Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Sherell Butler Radiologic Science
Kyle Byers Radiologic Science
Kyrstin Cameron Dental Hygiene
Scott Cannard Software Engineering Tech
Andrew Carleton Mechanical Engineering
Rylee Carleton Pre-Nursing
Cameron Carpenter EMT - Paramedic
Alisha Carter Echocardiography
Shannelle Cayetano Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Ian Challender Renewable Energy Engineering
Amanda Chamberlin IT Health Informatics Opt
Chin Chan Radiologic Science
Kathryn Chard Radiologic Science
Aubree Check Nuclear Medicine Technology
Ruben Chekhov Dental Hygiene
Fernando Chen Geomatics-option in Surveying
Lingzi Chen Clinical Laboratory Science
Brittany Cherry Radiologic Science
Kam-Wai Cheung Mgmt/Accounting Option
Julie Chezem Vascular Technology
Patrick Christensen Embedded Systems Eng Tech
Chin Christianson Clinical Laboratory Science
Mark Christy *Civil Engineering
Jonathan Clark Radiologic Science
Schyler Clark IT Bus/Systems Analysis Opt
Brandon Clarno Mechanical Engineering Tech
Alyssa Clements Communication Studies
Angela Clements Applied Psychology
Chazya Clements Communication Studies
Danielle Clugston Radiologic Science
Sara Coates Dental Hygiene
Antonio Cobian Radiologic Science
Jaime Cobian Echocardiography
Hannah Coe Mechanical Engineering
Karen Coffelt Clinical Laboratory Science
Angela Cole Dental Hygiene
Brooke Cole Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Katherine Collard Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Sara Collins Echocardiography
Trae Collins Biology-Health Sciences
Michael Converse-Rath Mechanical Engineering
Sage Copeland Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Aaron Costner Software Engineering Tech
Michelle Cottier Biology-Health Sciences
Sarah Courier Communication Studies
Cort Cox Communication Studies
Aaron Crandall IT Applications Development Opt
McKenzie Crawford Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Vanessa Criddle Dental Hygiene
Joshua Crisosto Nuclear Medicine Technology
Taylor Croghan Radiologic Science
John Crosby Mechanical Engineering
Haley Crume Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Heidi Cruz Dental Hygiene
Christopher Culligan EMT - Paramedic
Jodi Cummings Mgmt/Accounting Option
Connor Cunningham Renewable Energy Engineering
Amanda Dahl Applied Psychology
Jeffrey Daniels Software Engineering Tech
John Darling Mechanical Engineering
Laura Dary Pre-Nursing
Kimberly Davis Echocardiography
Kathryn DeWitt Vascular Technology
Nolan Dedrickson Software Engineering Tech
Katherine Derby Dual Embed/Software Eng Tech
Karla Dettwyler Dental Hygiene
Kristin Dittmeyer Applied Psychology
Karissa Dixon Applied Psychology
Kortney Dixson Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Jordan Dodson Mgmt/Small Bus Mgmt Option
Sherry Donovan Nuclear Medicine Technology
Jason Doutt Clinical Laboratory Science
Katie Dowell Dental Hygiene
Jessica Driessen Radiologic Science
Shannon Duong Pre-Nursing
Ryan Durand Dual Compute/Software Eng Tech
Joshua Durkee Software Engineering Tech
Michael Eagle *Civil Engineering
Jennifer East Clinical Laboratory Science
Oscar Echeverry IT Bus/Systems Analysis Opt
Alishea Edwards Applied Psychology
Amber Edwards Nuclear Medicine Technology
Haley Egbert Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Benjamin Egle Biology-Health Sciences
Josh Eilertson Radiologic Science
Jade Eisman Grace Vascular Technology
Robert Elder Biology-Health Sciences
Marisan Elisabeth Environmental Sciences
Megan Ellis Vascular Technology
David Embertson Respiratory Care
Brandie Emminger Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Ramiro Espinosa *Civil Engineering
Rebekah Esquibel Nuclear Medicine Technology
Benjamin Ewing Radiologic Science
Chandry Feely Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Patricia Ferrell Dental Hygiene
German Ferrer Biology-Health Sciences
Weston Fickes Electrical Engineering
Peter Finn Software Engineering Tech
Valerie Fischer Radiologic Science
Chris Flesher Radiologic Science
Trevor Fleshman EMT - Paramedic
Parker Flickinger Mgmt/Small Bus Mgmt Option
Alex Ford Software Engineering Tech
Gavin Forrester Radiologic Science
Luke Fortkamp *Civil Engineering
Jacob Foster Software Engineering Tech
Kirwan Fox Renewable Energy Engineering
Ryan Fox Software Engineering Tech
John Fox IV IT Applications Development Opt
Olivia France Dental Hygiene
Barton Freeman IT Applications Development Opt
Alan Freeman-Scott Renewable Energy Engineering
Jordan Frerichs Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Todd Frick Echocardiography
Molly Fronk Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Naomi Futrell Pre-Respiratory Care
Tara Gailis Clinical Laboratory Science
Christopher Galer Respiratory Care
Iva Galvez Nuclear Medicine Technology
Cintya Garcia Applied Psychology
Raygan Gardner Radiologic Science
Erika Garvey Respiratory Care
Melissa Gibson Echocardiography
Seabrea Gibson Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Skye Gilbreth IT Bus/Systems Analysis Opt
Jamie Gillespie Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Vance Gilmore Respiratory Care
Garth Gladfelder Nuclear Medicine Technology
Dylan Gleason-Nickolich Software Engineering Tech
Tiffany Goddard Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Alicia Godfrey Respiratory Care
Yoshua Gombo Mechanical Engineering
Elise Goodell Biology
Alexandria Gould Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Bartholomew Grabman EMT - Paramedic
Dane Grebisz Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Kim Green Vascular Technology
Darian Grigsby Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Matthew Grigsby Biology-Health Sciences
Nicholas Gudman Embedded Systems Eng Tech
Kelly Gustafson Nuclear Medicine Technology
Mary Hadden Vascular Technology
Carrie Hager Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Joshua Hall Mechanical Engineering
Breianon Hamer Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Jennifer Hanor Clinical Laboratory Science
Lee Hanson Geomatics-option in Surveying
Karissa Harbick Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Jacqueline Harris Respiratory Care
Adam Harvey Manufacturing Engineering Tech
Danielle Hassett Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Addison Hastie Radiologic Science
Kayla Hawes Applied Psychology
Luke Hazel Mechanical Engineering Tech
Emily Hedlund Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Shelby Heidrick Nuclear Medicine Technology
Heather Hemmert Dental Hygiene
James Hendryx EMT - Paramedic
Taylor Hepp Clinical Laboratory Science
Davis Hernandez Environmental Sciences
Juan Hernandez Biology-Health Sciences
Angela Hershiser Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Ruth Herzer Respiratory Care
Jacob Hickman Renewable Energy Engineering
Morgan Hofman Radiologic Science
Thomas Holland Mechanical Engineering
Andrew Howard Radiologic Science
Bradley Howard Renewable Energy Engineering
Katrina Howard EMT - Paramedic
Sara Howard Communication Studies
Daniel Howe Electronics Engineering Tech
Devon Howresko Radiologic Science
Yu Hsu Embedded Systems Eng Tech
Danit Hubbell *Civil Engineering
Michael Hudson Mgmt/Marketing Option
Alexander Huettis Mechanical Engineering
John Huffman Mechanical Engineering
Colleen Hunt Communication Studies
Thomas Hunt Echocardiography
Jordan Hunter *Civil Engineering
Sophia Huteson Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
James Huynh Mechanical Engineering
James Ingram Technology and Management
Katie Iorg Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Kristen Isaac Vascular Technology
Stephanie Jackson Nuclear Medicine Technology
Teara Jackson Nuclear Medicine Technology
Filicia Jacques Applied Psychology
Corbyn Jahn Renewable Energy Engineering
Loren Jessen Renewable Energy Engineering
Christopher Johnson Geomatics-option in Surveying
Lisa Johnson Mgmt/Accounting Option
Marcus Johnson Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Jared Jones *Civil Engineering
John Jones Renewable Energy Engineering
Stephen Jones *Civil Engineering
Ashley Kangas Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Michelle Kantor Electrical Engineering
Catherine Kateley Applied Psychology
Robert Keene Geomatics-option in Surveying
Matthew Keller *Civil Engineering
Ryan Kelly *Civil Engineering
Dustin Kerns Software Engineering Tech
Stephanie Kersten Echocardiography
Linh Kieu Echocardiography
Pamela Killen Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Meagan Kintz Dental Hygiene
Brian Klaren Nuclear Medicine Technology
Amber Knight Echocardiography
Ashley Knight Echocardiography
JoAnn Knowles IT Applications Development Opt
Kara Konigsfeld EMT - Paramedic
Alix Koontz Clinical Lab Science-Earlyadm
Nicholas Kouri Electrical Engineering
Megan Krautscheid Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Megan Kuenzi Dental Hygiene
Meriele Kwok Mechanical Engineering
Nicholas Kyar Software Engineering Tech
Matthew LaCount *Pre-Renewable Energy Eng
Diamond LaDeaux Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Regina Lagu Biology-Health Sciences
Vanessa Lancaster Radiologic Science
Travis Lanman IT Applications Development Opt
LaShell Larman Radiologic Science
Katelyn Lashley Dental Hygiene
Kimberly Latona Radiologic Science
Briana Lawrence Vascular Technology
Cheryl Lawrence Nuclear Medicine Technology
Jazmine Lebsack Applied Psychology
Daniel Lee Renewable Energy Engineering
Hyejin Lee Clinical Laboratory Science
Jon Lee Applied Psychology
Megan Lee Radiologic Science
David Leisy Software Engineering Tech
Joseph Lemmers IT Applications Development Opt
Mathew Lemon Mechanical Engineering
Andrea Lengel Biology-Health Sciences
Jonathan Leonard Operations Management
Chak Leung Nuclear Medicine Technology
McKenzy Leveton Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Louis Levison Manufacturing Engineering Tech
Yuhuan Li Clinical Laboratory Science
Jeffrey Lind IT Bus/Systems Analysis Opt
Kaitlin Lindenburger Biology-Health Sciences
Jeremiah Lipp Renewable Energy Engineering
Leo Litowich Geomatics-option in Surveying
Tessa Lockett Radiologic Science
Natasha Lunt Dental Hygiene
Anh Luong Biology-Health Sciences
Tiffany Lyons Biology-Health Sciences
Amber Machin IT Health Informatics Opt
Daniel Magana IT Applications Development Opt
Karra Mahan Biology-Health Sciences
Rajeev Malakar Echocardiography
Christine Male Radiologic Science
Seth Mandich Mechanical Engineering
Beth Manley Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Lauren Manley Dental Hygiene
Larisa Manuylova Dental Hygiene
Willem Marais Mechanical Engineering
Nickolas Marchant EMT - Paramedic
Sean Marek Software Engineering Tech
Piper Marks Applied Psychology
Diane Marles Clinical Laboratory Science
Alia Martin Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Tyler Martin Embedded Systems Eng Tech
Brian Matthews Software Engineering Tech
Christopher Matthews Clinical Laboratory Science
Sarah Maxey Dental Hygiene
Zana Mays Environmental Sciences
Edmondo Mazzulli Software Engineering Tech
Ryley McAllister Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Joshua McCullough *Civil Engineering
Charles McCully Mgmt/Accounting Option
Kelvin McDonald Dual Compute/Software Eng Tech
Lindsey McDonald *Civil Engineering
Nathan McEwen General Studies
Carly McIsaac Applied Psychology
Mary McKinney Applied Psychology
Donovan Mckee Polysomnographic Technology
Daniel Meeuwsen EMT - Paramedic
Joseph Meeuwsen Biology
Haley Meidinger Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Ashley Menzie Radiologic Science
James Merkley Applied Psychology
Rebecca Merriam Stelfox Biology-Health Sciences
Christopher Merz EMT - Paramedic
Tandi Meyjes IT Accounting Option
Alexandra Mihaljevic IT Health Informatics Opt
Caitlin Millar Radiologic Science
Jason Millar *Civil Engineering
Justin Millar *Civil Engineering
Casey Miller Clinical Laboratory Science
Cody Miller IT Bus/Systems Analysis Opt
Kiersten Miller Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Kristin Miller Dental Hygiene
Sarah Miller Vascular Technology
Brenden Minor Dual Compute/Software Eng Tech
Joseph Miranda Renewable Energy Engineering
Judith Miranda Dental Hygiene
Kaitlinn Moody Respiratory Care
Kourtney Mootz Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Megan Moreau Radiologic Science
Vanessa Morehouse Mgmt/Accounting Option
Jeffrey Morgan Dual Compute/Software Eng Tech
Irene Morong Applied Psychology
John Morrell Radiologic Science
Alyson Morris Respiratory Care
William Morris Biology-Health Sciences
Ariel Morrison Clinical Laboratory Science
Melanie Morrison Radiologic Science
Elliott Morrow Respiratory Care
Megan Morse Renewable Energy Engineering
Andrew Moser Electrical Engineering
Ryan Muench Radiologic Science
Mckenzie Munro Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Jared Murphy Dual Mfg/Mech Engr Tech
Carmen Nebeker EMT - Paramedic
Emily Jean Nelson
Hien Nguyen
Clinical Laboratory Science
Khanh Nguyen Software Engineering Tech
Khanh Nguyen Software Engineering Tech
Minh Nguyen Dental Hygiene
Samuel Nieman Applied Psychology
Charles Noak Radiologic Science
Carmel Noneo Mgmt/Accounting Option
Danica Nopp Dental Hygiene
Dustin Norman Respiratory Care
Donald North Radiologic Science
Dani Nowak Dental Hygiene
Tailor Nunn Echocardiography
Lindsay Oldham Dental Hygiene
David Oliver Polysomnographic Technology
Alissa Olson Renewable Energy Engineering
Ashley Olson Respiratory Care
Stephen Oman Radiologic Science
Vitaly Ormanji Dental Hygiene
Thyda Oun Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Ethan Pace Nuclear Medicine Technology
Katie Parcell Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Nicole Pardue Echocardiography
Bailey Parker Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Sadie Parker Applied Psychology
Joey Parnell Echocardiography
Elisabeth Partridge Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Minal Patel Biology-Health Sciences
Sierra Patzke Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Gregory Peasley EMT - Paramedic
Nicholas Peckover Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Tyler Pelc Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Abbey Petersen Radiologic Science
Joel Peterson Renewable Energy Engineering
Tana Peterson Echocardiography
Tyler Peterson Electrical Engineering
Andrea Pfeffen Applied Psychology
Joseph Quang Phan Radiologic Science
Amanda Phillips Radiologic Science
Shayne Phillips Biology-Health Sciences
Kim Phung Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Anfisa Piatkoff Dental Hygiene
Courtney Pinkston Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Pamela Pinkston Vascular Technology
Tyler Pinson *Civil Engineering
Melissa Pittenger Respiratory Care
Laura Plass Mgmt/Marketing Option
Jaclyn Polette Echocardiography
Jordan Polzin Software Engineering Tech
Richard Poole *Civil Engineering
Arthur Pratt Renewable Energy Engineering
Sierra Price Radiologic Science
Alexander Ramirez Biology-Health Sciences
Jeremy Ranck-Steiner Geomatics-option in Surveying
Andrea Rawson IT Health Informatics Opt
William Rea Mechanical Engineering
Breanne Reavis Radiologic Science
Jennifer Recore Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Kelson Redding Mechanical Engineering Tech
Eric Reed Renewable Energy Engineering
Dana Reister Clinical Laboratory Science
Bryce Remington IT Health Informatics Opt
Gabriel Rennels Pre-Nursing
Rebecca Rice Echocardiography
Jessica Richardson IT Accounting Option
Lillian Richardson Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Ryan Ried Clinical Laboratory Science
Jennifer Riley Pre-Nursing
William Robinson Radiologic Science
Alexis Robles Biology-Health Sciences
Gabriel Rodriguez Applied Mathematics
William Rogers IV EMT - Paramedic
Aracele Romero Radiologic Science
Kayla Rooks Dental Hygiene
Joseph Ross Mechanical Engineering
Madeline Royse Biology
Victory Rumbewas Renewable Energy Engineering
Amanda Rummel Mgmt/Small Bus Mgmt Option
Rian Sackett Renewable Energy Engineering
Patsy Sandoval Radiologic Science
Jesse Satterfield IT Bus/Systems Analysis Opt
Robert Sattergren IT Bus/Systems Analysis Opt
Carey Saunders Polysomnographic Technology
Connor Sawyer Mgmt/Small Bus Mgmt Option
Rachel Scalzo Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Samual Schafer Manufacturing Engineering Tech
Erik Scheleen Renewable Energy Engineering
Amy Schell Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Caleb Schlamp Electrical Engineering
Daniel Schlegel Echocardiography
Taylor Schmidt Mgmt/Accounting Option
Waldemar Schmidt Radiologic Science
Cheryl Schnell Dental Hygiene
Mckenzie Schofield Dental Hygiene
Dylan Schultz Software Engineering Tech
Caitlin Schurr Radiologic Science
Caleb Schwab Geomatics-option in Surveying
Jared Seehawer Echocardiography
Tiana Sellars Pre-Dental Hygiene
Garret Seppala Software Engineering Tech
Vindy Sermumes Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Erin Severance Dental Hygiene
Summer Shain Radiologic Science
Samuel Shaw Echocardiography
Jeremy Shearer EMT - Paramedic
Elizabeth Sheehy *Civil Engineering
Michael Shelley Clinical Laboratory Science
Keenan Shigematsu Mechanical Engineering Tech
McKenzie Shrum Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Kenneth Shultz *Civil Engineering
Dylan Sies Echocardiography
Jennifer Sigel Dental Hygiene
Barbara Sigurdson Dental Hygiene
Hannah Sirpless Mgmt/Accounting Option
William Skrydlak Software Engineering Tech
Corie Slaton Applied Psychology
Evan Smith Environmental Sciences
Hayley Smith Applied Psychology
Jared Smith Software Engineering Tech
Jennifer Smith Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Kirstina Smith Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Logan Smith Operations Management
Lauren Snelson IT Accounting Option
Wendy Snodgrass Clinical Laboratory Science
Max Snyder Software Engineering Tech
Claire Spanfelner Nuclear Medicine Technology
Jared Spangler Vascular Technology
Kevin Spencer Geomatics-option in GIS
Julie St-Germain Clinical Laboratory Science
Tyler Stauss Electronics Engineering Tech
Darren Stefanich Dual Renewable Energy/Elec Eng
Hannah Stephen Echocardiography
Alisa Stephenson Dental Hygiene
Ella Stern EMT - Paramedic
Jenna Stevens Echocardiography
Veronica Steward Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Laurel Stewart Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Ezra Stockton *Civil Engineering
Meghan Sullivan Radiologic Science
Elzbieta Szot Renewable Energy Engineering
Royce Taft Electrical Engineering
Chandler Tally Nuclear Medicine Technology
Forest Tanier-Gesner Renewable Energy Engineering
Nicole Taylor Applied Psychology
Stewart Taylor Software Engineering Tech
Tanner Taylor Radiologic Science
Miriam Teft Vascular Technology
Bailey Tehan Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Timothy Teran Radiologic Science
Greyson Termini Mechanical Engineering
Carrie Thibault Dental Hygiene
Andrew Thomas Mechanical Engineering Tech
David Thomas Biology-Health Sciences
Jessica Thompson Clinical Laboratory Science
Shelby Thomsen Nuclear Medicine Technology
Christopher Thorne EMT - Paramedic
Jacob Tiffee Radiologic Science
Nhan Tran Software Engineering Tech
Phi Khanh Tran Echocardiography
Tristyn Trelease Mgmt/Marketing Option
Elizabeth Trembley Applied Psychology
Taryn Urmson Echocardiography
Steve Uroshevich IT Health Informatics Opt
James Valentine Operations Management
Tyler Van Kirk Biology-Health Sciences
Geoffrey VanPulliam Applied Mathematics
Jessica Virnig Radiologic Science
Thyanna Voisine Software Engineering Tech
Jackson Volz Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Kevin Vuong Renewable Energy Engineering
Karah Waldeyer Radiologic Science
Michael Walker Nuclear Medicine Technology
CaSandra Wall Mgmt/Small Bus Mgmt Option
Lindsay Wallenburn Radiologic Science
Mustapha Wally Respiratory Care
Jordan Warmack Clinical Laboratory Science
Jessica Warr Applied Mathematics
Allyson Warren Dental Hygiene
Lacey Wart Echocardiography
Derald Watkins *Civil Engineering
Kenda Wavra Dental Hygiene
Shon Webber Electrical Engineering
Brook Wedgworth Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Mohamed Wehab Pre-Nursing
Andria Wheatley Echocardiography
Joe Wheeler Environmental Sciences
Sierra White Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Jill Whitford Clinical Laboratory Science
Corey Whitney IT Bus/Systems Analysis Opt
John Wiens Renewable Energy Engineering
Joshua Wilcox Respiratory Care
Cooper Wilhelm Radiologic Science
Justin Willhite Environmental Sciences
Ashley Williams Dental Hygiene
Crystal Williams Radiologic Science
Rebecca Williams Dental Hygiene
Remy Williams Environmental Sciences
Ian Wilson Mechanical Engineering Tech
Derek Wiseman Biology-Health Sciences
Jacqueline Wood Radiologic Science
Krissandra Wright Radiologic Science
Oscar Wurdinger Software Engineering Tech
Marcus Wymer EMT - Paramedic
Sizhe Yao Clinical Laboratory Science
Chelsea Young Clinical Laboratory Science
Chloe Zallen Radiologic Science
Sigorney Zallen Radiologic Science
Jillian Zalunardo Biology-Health Sciences
Albert Zhen Software Engineering Tech
Jenice Zupan Communication Studies

The following students have been named to the 2013 Spring Term Deans' list at Oregon Institute of Technology. Inclusion on the list requires a 3.30 to 3.69 grade point average. Only full-time students (12 credit hours or more) are eligible for academic honors.

Marian Achleithner Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Sean Acosta IT Bus/Systems Analysis Opt
Ilima Adams Dental Hygiene
Meera Ajudia Nuclear Medicine Technology
Sumaya Al-Rawahi Renewable Energy Engineering
Ghada Aldossary Echocardiography
Matthew Allen Vascular Technology
Joseph Ambrose IT Applications Development Opt
Austin Amort Geomatics-option in Surveying
Rachel Anaya Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Coury Andrus Mechanical Engineering Tech
Tess Armstrong Biology-Health Sciences
Emri Aronggear Renewable Energy Engineering
Daniyar Ashirov Renewable Energy Engineering
Shandy Avila-Garcia Dental Hygiene
Dylan Axtell *Civil Engineering
Jessica Azevedo Applied Psychology
Ashley Baldovino Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Derek Ball Radiologic Science
Krysti Barbour Mgmt/Accounting Option
Taylor Bars *Civil Engineering
James Baughman Manufacturing Engineering Tech
Brandon Bautista Manufacturing Engineering Tech
Andrew Bayan Mechanical Engineering Tech
Justin Becerra Operations Management
Sarah Beck Dental Hygiene
Logan Bell Dual Renewable Energy/Elec Eng
Raefield Benson Jr Environmental Sciences
Yegor Berdyugin IT Health Informatics Opt
Danielle Bernhardt Radiologic Science
Haley Bever Dental Hygiene
Felicia Bias Pre-Nursing
Renee Bingman Dental Hygiene
Cassidy Birtley Electronics Engineering Tech
Larissa Bjornsen Radiologic Science
Max Blumenthal Software Engineering Tech
Shelby Bochsler Radiologic Science
Angela Bohan Software Engineering Tech
Sadie Bollman Biology-Health Sciences
Harmony Borges Mgmt/Accounting Option
Rachel Botsford Radiologic Science
Danielle Boyd Respiratory Care
Kolte Breck Renewable Energy Engineering
Korey Bull Computer Engineering Tech
Alexis Cahan Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Marisa Calavan Dental Hygiene
Mackenzie Campbell Radiologic Science
Alexander Case IT Health Informatics Opt
Kathryn Case Applied Psychology
Joseph Cashman Operations Management
Jakob Chabot Dual Renewable Energy/Elec Eng
Rey Chavolla Biology-Health Sciences
Katelyn Choukalos Biology-Health Sciences
Mackenzie Clark Electrical Engineering
Kelly Coash Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Larisa Cole Radiologic Science
Samuel Cole Renewable Energy Engineering
Sara Cole Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Nathan Collins Mechanical Engineering
Shauna Collins Respiratory Care
Kassandra Conditt Communication Studies
Robert Conrath EMT - Paramedic
Brent Corning Geomatics-option in GIS
Rhonda Costin Geomatics-option in Surveying
Shelbey Coulter Mechanical Engineering Tech
Dustin Cramer Computer Engineering Tech
James Culver Software Engineering Tech
Rachel Dalman Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Eric Dalrymple Environmental Sciences
Alyssa Davis Biology-Health Sciences
Kristine Day Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Rochelle DeBlock General Studies
Tracey DeCorte Software Engineering Tech
Andres DeLeon Radiologic Science
Kyle Dearing Biology-Health Sciences
Tanner Dearing Mgmt/Small Bus Mgmt Option
Tyler Dearing Biology-Health Sciences
Joshua Delamater Nuclear Medicine Technology
Tyler Denney Software Engineering Tech
Alejandro Diaz Communication Studies
Hannah Dimich Renewable Energy Engineering
Jordan Disko IT Bus/Systems Analysis Opt
Tyler Dix IT Bus/Systems Analysis Opt
Van Do Dental Hygiene
Stacy Dobry Applied Psychology
Dakota Doke Biology-Health Sciences
Jordon Doke Dental Hygiene
Daniel Doty IT Bus/Systems Analysis Opt
Megan Driessen Radiologic Science
John Dumbauld Mechanical Engineering
Brenda Duran Respiratory Care
Thomas Duyck Biology-Health Sciences
Jules Earley Renewable Energy Engineering
Frank Elijah Clinical Laboratory Science
Brianne Elliott Dental Hygiene
Christopher Emmert Radiologic Science
Franklin Faganello Operations Management
Josiah Fast Mechanical Engineering Tech
Kiara Feldman Vascular Technology
Forest Feltner Mechanical Engineering
Jessica Fernandez Pre-Nursing
Katherine Field Clinical Laboratory Science
Mariah Fielder Vascular Technology
Tonya Fisher Radiologic Science
Alexandria Fletchall Dental Hygiene
Austen Flint Mgmt/Small Bus Mgmt Option
Erik Flores IT Health Informatics Opt
Chelsea Fogarty Clinical Laboratory Science
David Foltz Software Engineering Tech
Timothy Forste Software Engineering Tech
Jeffrey Fortkamp *Civil Engineering
Allyson Foster Radiologic Science
Vanessa Franklin Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Keaton Freude Software Engineering Tech
Adam Friberg Operations Management
Corey Friesen Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Glen Fueston Dual Renewable Energy/Elec Eng
Krista Galloway Renewable Energy Engineering
Madison Garcia Dental Hygiene
Monica Garcia Applied Psychology
Kirby Garlitz Mgmt/Accounting Option
Nathan Garrelts Renewable Energy Engineering
Hanna Gil Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Ryan Gill Mechanical Engineering
Paul Gohlke Electronics Engineering Tech
Jeremy Goldman *Health Sciences
Luis Gomez Radiologic Science
Dennis Gonzales Mgmt/Accounting Option
Shantell Goodwin Clinical Lab Science-Earlyadm
Andrew Gordon *Civil Engineering
Sean Gorey Mechanical Engineering
Lacey Grabowski Applied Psychology
Ryan Grant Mechanical Engineering Tech
Jamie Gray Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Kyle Green Software Engineering Tech
Alyssa Grimaldi Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Nicholas Grow Pre-Nursing
Derek Gummersall Mgmt/Small Bus Mgmt Option
Allan Gutierrez Electrical Engineering
Brittney Haddon Applied Psychology
Terrah Haertling Dental Hygiene
Kayla Haffner Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Ethan Hall Embedded Systems Eng Tech
Ivan Halstead Electronics Engineering Tech
Rylie Hancock Biology-Health Sciences
Jalina Hanson Pre-Nursing
Justine Harbeck Dental Hygiene
Luke Harless Radiologic Science
Elizabeth Hart Biology-Health Sciences
Robin Hartnell Radiologic Science
Amy Hedberg Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Haley Hedine Dental Hygiene
Brent Hegdahl Applied Psychology
Joshua Henry *Civil Engineering
Micaela Hester Dental Hygiene
Andrew Hill Renewable Energy Engineering
Karissa Hilsinger Renewable Energy Engineering
Dustin Hirata Software Engineering Tech
Samuel Holcomb *Civil Engineering
Kimberly Honeycutt Biology-Health Sciences
Aaron Hoover Biology-Health Sciences
Caitlin Houck Echocardiography
Whitney Hull-Pitcher Pre-Dental Hygiene
Rebekah Hutchings Nuclear Medicine Technology
Tianna Hyde Clinical Laboratory Science
Michelle Jacob Applied Psychology
Kimberly Jaeger Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Mark Janchar Polysomnographic Technology
James Jarvis Dual Renewable Energy/Elec Eng
Nicholas Jernberg Mgmt/Marketing Option
Eric Johnson Biology-Health Sciences
Sabree Johnson Mgmt/Accounting Option
Matthew Johnston Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Hannah Jordan Dental Hygiene
Kevin Juba Dual Compute/Software Eng Tech
Christopher Jurief Biology-Health Sciences
Kaylen Justman Mgmt/Small Bus Mgmt Option
Caleb Kaiser General Studies
Angelica Kalivas Echocardiography
Lauren Kaltz Respiratory Care
Appener Kambu Mechanical Engineering
Mariah Karther-Miller Applied Psychology
Dara Kenady Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Susan Kendall IT Health Informatics Opt
Sarah Kennedy Clinical Laboratory Science
Jonathan Kerlinger Software Engineering Tech
Daniel King Environmental Sciences
Callie Kinser Dental Hygiene
Anthony Kobah Geomatics-option in GIS
Grant Kropf Software Engineering Tech
Ben Krueger Mgmt/Marketing Option
Christina Krueger IT Accounting Option
Danielle Kubat Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Kaylynne Kuenzi Dental Hygiene
Keita Kurokawa EMT - Paramedic
Sarah Kyle IT Bus/Systems Analysis Opt
Crystal Lang Dental Hygiene
Adam Langenstein Biology-Health Sciences
Ashleigh Larson Radiologic Science
Jennifer Larue Nuclear Medicine Technology
Oliver Lawry Mechanical Engineering
Meiyuen Laws Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Miranda Leslie Mgmt/Small Bus Mgmt Option
Beji Lippott Renewable Energy Engineering
Amy Lockwood Renewable Energy Engineering
Kathleen Loe Dental Hygiene
Stephen Lothrop Renewable Energy Engineering
Ashley Lulay Dental Hygiene
Ernest Lundeen Geomatics-option in Surveying
Jill Luttrell Vascular Technology
Thomas Machiavelli IT Bus/Systems Analysis Opt
Phillip Maddi Renewable Energy Engineering
Jaime Madsen Radiologic Science
Brandon Maher Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Terena Martin Vascular Technology
Edward Mathews EMT - Paramedic
Jennifer May Biology-Health Sciences
Jonathan McBurney IT Applications Development Opt
Galen McDermed Electrical Engineering
Kassaundra McLaughlin Radiologic Science
Ian McNee Electrical Engineering
John Medeiros Mechanical Engineering
Karisse Mendez Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Rachel Merrill Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Christopher Meyer Software Engineering Tech
Joel Meyer Radiologic Science
Jacob Miller Mechanical Engineering
Victoria Miller Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Susan Mines IT Bus/Systems Analysis Opt
Daniil Mironichenko IT Applications Development Opt
Mariya Misyuk Echocardiography
Molly Moore Nuclear Medicine Technology
Dillion Moreland Mechanical Engineering
Nathanael Morong Mechanical Engineering
Ruth Morris Renewable Energy Engineering
Jennifer Morrison Vascular Technology
Calli Munsell Vascular Technology
Robert Murie Biology
Mackenzie Murphy Biology-Health Sciences
Jacob Murray *Civil Engineering
Bryan Nalder Communication Studies
Kurtis Naylor Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Gage Nebel Radiologic Science
Chrishtianna Newell Biology-Health Sciences
Kevin Nguyen Biology-Health Sciences
Khoa Nguyen Software Engineering Tech
Rebekah Nisbet Applied Psychology
John Noreault Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Nicole Norris Mgmt/Marketing Option
Erin Nowak Radiologic Science
JaLisa Nunez Mgmt/Small Bus Mgmt Option
Riley O'Boyle *Civil Engineering
Kelsey O'Brien Applied Psychology
Shannon O'Connell Respiratory Care
Jessica Ochse Dental Hygiene
Kandi Ogden-Moles Biology-Health Sciences
Kade Olson Electrical Engineering
Becca Oosterman General Studies
Katelyn Orr Vascular Technology
Luke Ovgard Operations Management
Anthony Padilla Biology-Health Sciences
Hannah Parker Dental Hygiene
Vicki Partridge Hiland Applied Psychology
Ronak Patange Renewable Energy Engineering
Heather Patterson Respiratory Care
Coleen Peace Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Sarah Pence Mechanical Engineering
Aurora Penoyar Radiologic Science
Julie Pfeifer Applied Psychology
Royce Pierce Pre-Nursing
Beau Plummer Mgmt/Small Bus Mgmt Option
Samantha Posch Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Christopher Potter IT Health Informatics Opt
John Price Software Engineering Tech
Tyler Puzey Geomatics-option in Surveying
Matthew Rabb Radiologic Science
Rachel Rafferty Vascular Technology
Kyle Rains Software Engineering Tech
Ashlee Rainville Dental Hygiene
Joseph Randall Mgmt/Accounting Option
Charlton Ransom Biology-Health Sciences
Talon Ray Nuclear Medicine Technology
Emily Recore Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Taylor Redding Renewable Energy Engineering
Kelsey Reed Dental Hygiene
Laurene Reed Biology-Health Sciences
Krintin Reiswig Dental Hygiene
Iudita Repta Clinical Laboratory Science
Doreyda Reynoso Dental Hygiene
Omar Ricalday Gutierrez Mechanical Engineering
Roberto Ricalday Gutierrez Dual Compute/Software Eng Tech
Aubrey Rico Biology-Health Sciences
Michael Rider-Kloster Mgmt/Small Bus Mgmt Option
Sierra Ridley Dental Hygiene
Rene Rigoroso Manufacturing Engineering Tech
Israel Rivas Biology-Health Sciences
Ryken Robbins Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Jamie Rodriguez Nuclear Medicine Technology
Dylan Rogers Biology-Health Sciences
Tayler Roland Dental Hygiene
Shaylen Rosas Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Natalie Ross Mgmt/Marketing Option
Tyler Ross Software Engineering Tech
Lauren Roth Dental Hygiene
MacKenzie Rowlands Dental Hygiene
Christina Rubidoux Applied Psychology
Matthew Rushing Nuclear Medicine Technology
Jared Rusth Electrical Engineering
William Rutledge Mgmt/Small Bus Mgmt Option
John Rydel Mechanical Engineering Tech
Amy Sale Applied Psychology
Jennifer Saltenberger Applied Psychology
Angela Salzwedel-Kemp Applied Psychology
Emma Sammons Dental Hygiene
Lewis Sanchez Software Engineering Tech
Maygan Sawyer Echocardiography
Kathryn Schearer EMT - Paramedic
Timothy Schlueter Dual Compute/Software Eng Tech
Alan Schmidt Mechanical Engineering
Dustin Schneider Communication Studies
Emily Schwindt Dental Hygiene
Joseph Scott Applied Psychology
Kyle Seutter Pre-Nursing
Robert Shepard Electrical Engineering
Kevin Shulemson Mgmt/Small Bus Mgmt Option
Paul Shurtleff Renewable Energy Engineering
Yogendra Singh Electronics Engineering Tech
Jaime Smith Biology
Jamahl Smith Radiologic Science
Amanda Snyder Biology-Health Sciences
Jenna Solheim Applied Psychology
Erik Sonnenberg EMT - Paramedic
Taylor Stancliff Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Debra Stapley Dental Hygiene
Daniel Stelle Software Engineering Tech
Randy Stepp Manufacturing Engineering Tech
Krista Steward Dental Hygiene
Lisa Stiff Dental Hygiene
Ryan Stokes Mechanical Engineering Tech
Daniel Stoltz Operations Management
Matthew Stone Geomatics-option in Surveying
Wanchun Su Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Hannah Suing Radiologic Science
Jonathan Summerlin Software Engineering Tech
Li Tan IT Applications Development Opt
Daisy Tapia Applied Psychology
Daniel Taylor Computer Engineering Tech
Kevin Taylor Dual Compute/Software Eng Tech
Vincent Tena Biology-Health Sciences
Elizabeth Thompson Dental Hygiene
Jacquelyn Thompson Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Taylor Thompson IT Health Informatics Opt
Joshua Thorpe Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Victoria Thorsted Pre-Nursing
Sari Tibbits Radiologic Science
Megan Tilley Applied Psychology
Angelina Tillson Vascular Technology
Eric Tipler General Studies
Stephen Townsend Mgmt/Accounting Option
Thoa Tran Biology-Health Sciences
Hannah Tschiegg Radiologic Science
Harley Tuck IT Health Informatics Opt
Alexander Umpleby Mechanical Engineering
Lauren VanDyke Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Benjamin Vater *Civil Engineering
Amanda Vauble Dental Hygiene
Courtney Villagrana Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Matthew Vinson Biology-Health Sciences
John Vo Mechanical Engineering
Nathan Wade Mgmt/Marketing Option
Marzuri Waggoner Dental Hygiene
Jonel Waldrup Communication Studies
Lanae Washburn Dental Hygiene
Emmaleen Wear Clinical Laboratory Science
Kayla Weatherford Electrical Engineering
William Weaver Renewable Energy Engineering
Michael Weeks Renewable Energy Engineering
Brittany Weidman Applied Psychology
Megan Weitzel Dental Hygiene
Matthew Welch Radiologic Science
Ryan Westman Renewable Energy Engineering
Blake Whelchel Geomatics-option in Surveying
Kayleigh Whelchel Biology-Health Sciences
Megan Whetstone Mechanical Engineering
Brittany White *Civil Engineering
Steven White Pre-Respiratory Care
James Wicklund *Civil Engineering
John Wiley Software Engineering Tech
Charlotte Williams Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Cody Williams Mechanical Engineering
Caitlin Wirth Radiologic Science
Jena Wise Clinical Lab Science-Earlyadm
Kayce Womack Applied Psychology
Morgan Wood Biology-Health Sciences
Caitlin Young Radiologic Science
Ethan Young Electrical Engineering
Joseph Ziegler IT Applications Development Opt
Katelynn Zimmer Biology-Health Sciences
Joshua Zoboroski Mgmt/Small Bus Mgmt Option
Andrew Zvibleman Renewable Energy Engineering


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