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2013 Fall Term President's and Dean's List

Dec 19, 2013
The following students have been named to the 2013 Fall Term President's and Dean's List list at Oregon Institute of Technology


The following students have been named to the 2013 Fall Term President's list at Oregon Institute of Technology. Inclusion on the list requires a 3.70 grade point average and above. Only full-time students (12 credit hours or more) are eligible for academic honors.

Aaron Hutchins Vascular Technology
Abby Botts Clinical Laboratory Science
Abigail Koos Dental Hygiene
Abigail Moeller Pre-Nursing
Adam Friberg Operations Management
Adam Harvey Manufacturing Engineering Tech
Adam Knighten Operations Management
Adam Zellhoefer Renewable Energy Engineering
Adrianna Gonzalez Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Alastair Cox Operations Management
Albert Zhen Software Engineering Tech
Aleena Anderson Renewable Energy Engineering
Aleja Jane Lelis Clinical Laboratory Science
Alex Ford Software Engineering Tech
Alexander Huettis Mechanical Engineering
Alexander Nguyen Clinical Laboratory Science
Alexandra Iliyn Computer Engineering Tech
Alexandra Mihaljevic IT Health Informatics Opt
Alexandria Baldwin Mechanical Engineering
Alexandria Gould Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Alexis Cahan Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Alexis Camp Electrical Engineering
Alicia Black Dental Hygiene
Alisa Stephenson Dental Hygiene
Alisha Miyashiro Pre-Nursing
Allyson Warren Dental Hygiene
Alyson Morris Respiratory Care
Alyssa Deardorff Renewable Energy Engineering
Alyssa Gunning Environmental Sciences
Amanda Chamberlin IT Health Informatics Opt
Amanda Cutts Dental Hygiene
Amanda Diener Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Amanda MacIntire Applied Psychology
Amanda Vauble Dental Hygiene
Amber Edwards Nuclear Medicine Technology
Amber Machin IT Health Informatics Opt
Amber Newcomb IT Applications Development Opt
Amy Hedberg Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Amy Sale Applied Psychology
Ana Aguilar Biology-Health Sciences
Andrea Blake Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Andrea Rawson IT Health Informatics Opt
Andrea Waddell Clinical Laboratory Science
Andrei Simon Biology-Health Sciences
Andrew Bowers Software Engineering Tech
Andrew Hill Renewable Energy Engineering
Andrew Howard Radiologic Science
Andrew Moser Electrical Engineering
Andrew Rood Renewable Energy Engineering
Andrew Sparkes Applied Mathematics
Andrew Summers Software Engineering Tech
Anfisa Piatkoff Dental Hygiene
Angela Cole Dental Hygiene
Angelica Kalivas Echocardiography
Anikka Brill Dental Hygiene
Anna Lierman Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Anthony Brooks *Civil Engineering
Anthony Burroughs Electronics Engineering Tech
Aram Andriesian Renewable Energy Engineering
Ariel Morrison Clinical Laboratory Science
Arthur Pratt Renewable Energy Engineering
Ashlee Rainville Dental Hygiene
Ashleigh Vandenbrink Health Care Mgmt-Admin Mgmt
Ashley Kangas Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Ashley Menzie Radiologic Science
Ashley Moore Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Ashley Olson Respiratory Care
Ashley Wagner Computer Engineering Tech
Ashley Williams Dental Hygiene
Asia Biles Vascular Technology
Aubrie Bush Nuclear Medicine Technology
Aurelia Preston Respiratory Care
Austin Nickerson Civil Engineering
Autumn Engh Renewable Energy Engineering
Bailey Bixler Mechanical Engineering
Bailey Parker Nuclear Medicine Technology
Bailey Tehan Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Barbara Sigurdson Dental Hygiene
Barton Freeman IT Applications Development Opt
Benjamin Egle Biology-Health Sciences
Beth Manley Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Bichngoc Nguyen IT Health Informatics Opt
Birch Biessel Clinical Lab Science-Earlyadm
Blake Owens Embedded Systems Eng Tech
Brandon Maher Echocardiography
Breianon Hamer Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Brenda Duran Respiratory Care
Brendan Nikola Renewable Energy Engineering
Brenden Minor Dual Compute/Software Eng Tech
Brenton Wiens Nuclear Medicine Technology
Briana DeLoff Dental Hygiene
Brianne Elliott Dental Hygiene
Brion Scott Civil Engineering
Brittany Kenison IT Bus/Systems Analysis Opt
Brittany Overlock Pre-Dental Hygiene
Brooke Anderson Health Care Mgmt-Admin Mgmt
Brooks Collins IT Applications Development Opt
Bryan Beard Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Bryan Nalder Communication Studies
Bryce Wellnitz Clinical Laboratory Science
Caitlin Young Radiologic Science
Callie Kinser Dental Hygiene
Carie Lowther Mgmt/Accounting Option
Carla Ceciliani Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Caroline Doty Clinical Laboratory Science
Carrie Boltz Mgmt/Small Bus Mgmt Option
Carrie Hager Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Carrie Thibault Dental Hygiene
Carson Miller IT Bus/Systems Analysis Opt
Casey Miller Clinical Laboratory Science
Cassandra Tolman Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Cassidy Birtley Electronics Engineering Tech
Chandler Tally Nuclear Medicine Technology
Charles Goebel Dual Civil Eng/Env Sciences
Charles Noak Radiologic Science
Chazya Clements Communication Studies
Chelsea Young Clinical Laboratory Science
Cheryl Lawrence Nuclear Medicine Technology
Chin Christianson Clinical Laboratory Science
Christi Hart Mgmt/Small Bus Mgmt Option
Christin Jones Clinical Laboratory Science
Christina Beach Clinical Laboratory Science
Christopher Brown Mechanical Engineering
Christopher David Clinical Laboratory Science
Christopher Galer Respiratory Care
Christopher Matthews Clinical Laboratory Science
Christopher Potter IT Health Informatics Opt
Cintya Garcia Applied Psychology
Cody Miller IT Bus/Systems Analysis Opt
Cody Philips Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Coleen Peace Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Collin Petersen EMT - Paramedic
Colton Donovan EMT - Paramedic
Colton Minton Civil Engineering
Connor Devereux Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Connor Fitzgerald Biology-Health Sciences
Connor MacArthur Clinical Lab Science-Earlyadm
Corene Elia Clinical Laboratory Science
Corey Whitney IT Bus/Systems Analysis Opt
Courtney Pinkston Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Coury Andrus Mechanical Engineering Tech
Crystal Lang Dental Hygiene
Crystal Petersen Dental Hygiene
Daisy Tapia Applied Psychology
Dakotah Webb Mechanical Engineering
Dana Reister Clinical Laboratory Science
Dani Nowak Dental Hygiene
Danica Herrmann Dental Hygiene
Daniel Stoltz Operations Management
Danielle Boyd Respiratory Care
Daniyar Ashirov Renewable Energy Engineering
David Antonucci Software Engineering Tech
David Asmuth Computer Engineering Tech
David Bergman Echocardiography
David Brimmer Applied Mathematics
David Embertson Respiratory Care
David Leisy Software Engineering Tech
David Thomas Biology-Health Sciences
David Troyer Software Engineering Tech
Debra Stapley Dental Hygiene
Derald Watkins *Civil Engineering
Derek Ball Radiologic Science
Derek Wiseman Biology-Health Sciences
Devon Andrade Dual Compute/Software Eng Tech
Diamond LaDeaux Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Dillion Moreland Mechanical Engineering
Dmitry Green Mechanical Engineering Tech
Dustin Boehm Radiologic Science
Dustin Ford Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Dustin Henderson Electrical Engineering
Dustin Kerns Software Engineering Tech
Dustin Norman Respiratory Care
Dylan Schultz Software Engineering Tech
Dylan Seay Mechanical Engineering
Elana Silverman Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Elisabeth Parrish Clinical Laboratory Science
Elisabeth Partridge Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Elissa Stoltz Radiologic Science
Elizabeth DeRooy Clinical Laboratory Science
Elizabeth Eyster Echocardiography
Elizabeth Sheehy *Civil Engineering
Elizabeth Thompson Dental Hygiene
Emily Schwindt Dental Hygiene
Emma Carey Dental Hygiene
Emma Sammons Dental Hygiene
Emri Aronggear Renewable Energy Engineering
Eric Johnson Biology-Health Sciences
Erica Tesdahl IT Health Informatics Opt
Erik Andersen Software Engineering Tech
Erik Scheleen Renewable Energy Engineering
Erika Garvey Respiratory Care
Erika Ziegler Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Erin Nordhill Pre-Respiratory Care
Erin Nowak Radiologic Science
Erin Severance Dental Hygiene
Evan Smith Environmental Sciences
Evan Troxel Electrical Engineering
Evghenie Antoci Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Ezra Stockton Civil Engineering
Fernando Chen Geomatics-option in Surveying
Flordelisa Hansen Echocardiography
Frank Elijah Clinical Laboratory Science
Gabrielle Gundersen Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Gage Nebel Radiologic Science
Garret Seppala Software Engineering Tech
Garrett Cowell Civil Engineering
Garrett Mauritson Renewable Energy Engineering
Garrick Beat Mechanical Engineering
Genevieve Holdner Pre-Dental Hygiene
George Murphy EMT - Paramedic
Gerald Davis Mechanical Engineering
German Ferrer Biology-Health Sciences
Glenn Jennings Nuclear Medicine Technology
Griffin Burdick Echocardiography
Haley Bever Dental Hygiene
Haley Egbert Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Haley Hedine Dental Hygiene
Hannah Coe Mechanical Engineering
Hannah Hassan Pre-Nursing
Hannah Parker Dental Hygiene
Hannah Sirpless Mgmt/Accounting Option
Heather Caldwell Echocardiography
Heather Hemmert Dental Hygiene
Heather Patterson Respiratory Care
Hien Nguyen Clinical Laboratory Science
Hyejin Lee Clinical Laboratory Science
Ian Reynolds Echocardiography
Ian Wilson Mechanical Engineering Tech
Irene Morong Applied Psychology
Isaac Parke Software Engineering Tech
Iudita Repta Clinical Laboratory Science
Jacob Foster Software Engineering Tech
Jacob Freeman Electrical Engineering
Jacob Hickman Renewable Energy Engineering
Jacob McAvoy Biology-Health Sciences
Jacob Ovgard Communication Studies
Jacob Tiffee Radiologic Science
Jacob Wilkins EMT - Paramedic
Jacqueline Harris Respiratory Care
Jacqueline Wood Radiologic Science
Jaden Minix Software Engineering Tech
JaLisa Nunez Mgmt/Small Bus Mgmt Option
James Gong Mechanical Engineering
James Truong Renewable Energy Engineering
Jamie Gillespie Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Jamie Rodriguez Nuclear Medicine Technology
Jared Jones *Civil Engineering
Jasmin Kim IT Applications Development Opt
Jason Bryers Echocardiography
Jason Doutt Clinical Laboratory Science
Jason Millar Civil Engineering
Jazmine Lebsack Applied Psychology
Jedidiah Wildman IT Bus/Systems Analysis Opt
Jeffrey Lind IT Bus/Systems Analysis Opt
Jeffrey Luong Clinical Laboratory Science
Jenna Solheim Applied Psychology
Jenna Stevens Echocardiography
Jennifer Challis Renewable Energy Engineering
Jennifer East Clinical Laboratory Science
Jennifer Hanor Clinical Laboratory Science
Jennifer Lakin Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Jennifer Miller Clinical Laboratory Science
Jennifer Norris Echocardiography
Jennifer Riley Pre-Nursing
Jennifer Saltenberger Applied Psychology
Jennifer Sigel Dental Hygiene
Jennifer Smith Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Jeremiah Lipp Renewable Energy Engineering
Jeremy Filip Clinical Laboratory Science
Jeremy Vance IT Applications Development Opt
Jerrod Gump Dual Compute/Software Eng Tech
Jesse Brummett Mechanical Engineering
Jessica Berry Dental Hygiene
Jessica Bonner Pre-Dental Hygiene
Jessica dela Cruz Mechanical Engineering
Jessica Lawson Dental Hygiene
Jessica Ochse Dental Hygiene
Jessica Porter Applied Psychology
Jessica Thompson Clinical Laboratory Science
Jessica West Radiologic Science
Jessica Wright Pre-Clinical Lab Science
Jill Whitford Clinical Laboratory Science
JoAnn Knowles IT Applications Development Opt
John Darling Mechanical Engineering
John Fox IV IT Applications Development Opt
John Noreault Diagnostic Medical Sonography
John Wiens Renewable Energy Engineering
Johnathan Leuthold Software Engineering Tech
Jonathan Kerlinger Dual Compute/Software Eng Tech
Jonathan Waldrip Electrical Engineering
Jordan Eggers Clinical Laboratory Science
Jordan Frerichs Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Jordan Goetsch Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Jordan Ringo Software Engineering Tech
Jordan Warmack Clinical Laboratory Science
Jordon Doke Dental Hygiene
Joseph Harder EMT - Paramedic
Joseph Jankowski Electrical Engineering
Joseph Meeuwsen Biology
Joseph Nguyen IT Health Informatics Opt
Josephina Campbell Geomatics-option in Surveying
Joshua Cragoe Mechanical Engineering
Joshua Delamater Nuclear Medicine Technology
Joshua Evarts Vascular Technology
Joshua Hall Mechanical Engineering
Joshua Hartwell Software Engineering Tech
Joshua Henry Civil Engineering
Joshua Wilcox Respiratory Care
Joshua Zoboroski Mgmt/Small Bus Mgmt Option
Juan Hernandez Biology-Health Sciences
Juana Arias Ibal Clinical Laboratory Science
Julie St-Germain Clinical Laboratory Science
Justin Gooley IT Health Informatics Opt
Justin Millar Civil Engineering
Justin Willhite Environmental Sciences
Justine Harbeck Dental Hygiene
Kacey Munson Clinical Laboratory Science
Kaila Johnson Dental Hygiene
Kailee Guin Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Kaitlin Lindenburger Biology-Health Sciences
Kaitlinn Moody Respiratory Care
Kaitlyn Lopez Clinical Lab Science-Earlyadm
Kalissa Mauch Mgmt/Marketing Option
Kanissa Brown Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Kara Randall Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Kara Wood General Studies
Karen Coffelt Clinical Laboratory Science
Karen Eberle Vascular Technology
Karen Nussbaumer Vascular Technology
Karissa Dixon Applied Psychology
Karissa Harbick Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Karisse Mendez Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Karra Mahan Clinical Lab Science-Earlyadm
Kassandra Conditt Communication Studies
Kate Traister Dental Hygiene
Katelyn Lashley Dental Hygiene
Katelyn Orr Vascular Technology
Katherine Collard Radiologic Science
Katherine Derby Dual Compute/Software Eng Tech
Katherine Houston Renewable Energy Engineering
Katherine Valentine Software Engineering Tech
Kathleen Loe Dental Hygiene
Kathryn Chard Radiologic Science
Kathryn McNamee Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Katie Dowell Dental Hygiene
Katie Parcell Echocardiography
Katy Bull Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Kayla Haffner Clinical Lab Science-Earlyadm
Kayla Rooks Dental Hygiene
Keaton Oliver Mechanical Engineering
Keith Vanderzanden Software Engineering Tech
Kelcey Stauffer Computer Engineering Tech
Kelli Berg Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Kelli Kovach Clinical Laboratory Science
Kelsey Abellanida Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Kelsey Leinbach Electrical Engineering
Kelsey Rank Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Kelsey Sampson Renewable Energy Engineering
Kelson Redding Mechanical Engineering Tech
Kelvin McDonald Dual Compute/Software Eng Tech
Kenda Wavra Dental Hygiene
Kenneth McKee Clinical Laboratory Science
Kevin Baker Civil Engineering
Kevin Campbell Mechanical Engineering
Kevin Juba Dual Compute/Software Eng Tech
Kevin Taylor Dual Compute/Software Eng Tech
Khya Adams Environmental Sciences
Kim Phung Radiologic Science
Kirt Stark Software Engineering Tech
Kourtney Mootz Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Krista Roberson Echocardiography
Krista Steward Dental Hygiene
Krista Stewart Dental Hygiene
Kristin Dittmeyer Applied Psychology
Kristin Miller Dental Hygiene
Kristin Young Clinical Laboratory Science
Kristin Zwanziger Dental Hygiene
Kyanna Rogers Communication Studies
Kyle Blakeman Renewable Energy Engineering
Kyle Sterrett Manufacturing Engineering Tech
Kylee Schimel Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Kyra Acosta Radiologic Science
Kyra Giffen Vascular Technology
Kyrstin Cameron Dental Hygiene
Lacey Bewley Echocardiography
Lacey Bland Communication Studies
Lacey Grabowski Applied Psychology
Laura Plass Mgmt/Marketing Option
Laurel Stewart Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Lauren Kaltz Respiratory Care
Lauren Manley Dental Hygiene
Lauren Roth Dental Hygiene
Lauren Walsh Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Leo Litowich Geomatics-option in Surveying
Levi Anderson Renewable Energy Engineering
Lillian Richardson Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Lillie Ogden Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Lindsay Oldham Dental Hygiene
Lindsey Basuel Biology-Health Sciences
Lindsey McClure Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Logan Smith Operations Management
Logan Wright Software Engineering Tech
Loren Jessen Renewable Energy Engineering
Louise Osborne Clinical Laboratory Science
Luke Fortkamp Civil Engineering
Luke Peyralans Clinical Laboratory Science
Mackenzie Murphy Biology-Health Sciences
MacKenzie Rowlands Dental Hygiene
Macy Gescher Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Madison Garcia Dental Hygiene
Maha Iqbal Clinical Laboratory Science
Maile Devine Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Maksim Kislyak Mechanical Engineering Tech
Marcus Johnson Radiologic Science
Mariah Fielder Vascular Technology
Marian Achleithner Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Marie Baumann Mgmt/Accounting Option
Marie Beam Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Marisa Calavan Dental Hygiene
Marissa Wynia Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Mark Allen Mgmt/Accounting Option
Mark Christy Civil Engineering
Mary Drzayich Civil Engineering
Mary McKinney Applied Psychology
Mary Pozzi Dental Hygiene
Marzuri Waggoner Dental Hygiene
Mathew Lemon Mechanical Engineering
Matthew Barber Mechanical Engineering
Matthew Fisher Vascular Technology
Matthew Gervasi Pre-Paramedic Education
Matthew Lipscomb Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Matthew Rushing Nuclear Medicine Technology
Matthew Vinson Biology-Health Sciences
Maurice Najjar Polysomnographic Technology
Mauro Vela Echocardiography
Max Blumenthal Software Engineering Tech
Max Brandstetter Software Engineering Tech
Maygan Sawyer Echocardiography
McKenna Drake Pre-Dental Hygiene
McKenzie Crawford Vascular Technology
Mckenzie Munro Echocardiography
Mckenzie Patterson Pre-Nursing
McKenzie Shrum Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
McKenzy Leveton Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
McKinzee Merrill Pre-Nursing
Meagan Kintz Dental Hygiene
Megan Bullers Dental Hygiene
Megan Krautscheid Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Megan Kuenzi Dental Hygiene
Megan Morse Renewable Energy Engineering
Meghan Moore Clinical Laboratory Science
Melinda Duran Pre-Nursing
Melissa Andreas Clinical Laboratory Science
Melissa Gibson Echocardiography
Melissa Pittenger Respiratory Care
Melissa Woodmansee Dental Hygiene
Meriele Kwok Mechanical Engineering
Micaela Hester Dental Hygiene
Michael Converse-Rath Mechanical Engineering
Michael Cooley Computer Engineering Tech
Michael Larrabee Mechanical Engineering Tech
Michael Shelley Clinical Laboratory Science
Michael Walker Nuclear Medicine Technology
Michelle Kammerer Radiologic Science
Mikael Delgado Clinical Laboratory Science
Mikaila Riddle Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Minal Patel Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Mohamed Alhosani Renewable Energy Engineering
Mollie Treece Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Molly Fronk Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Molly Orr Pre-Dental Hygiene
Morgan Masley Civil Engineering
Nancy Christensen Echocardiography
Nancy Nguyen Clinical Laboratory Science
Natasha Lunt Dental Hygiene
Nathan Arteaga Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Nathaniel Stevenson Respiratory Care
Nicholas Anderson Mechanical Engineering
Nicholas Babcock Renewable Energy Engineering
Nicholas Kouri Electrical Engineering
Nicholas Peckover Echocardiography
Nichole Bake Dental Hygiene
Nicklas Ringler Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Nigel Gulden Software Engineering Tech
Norman Snead Applied Psychology
Oliver Lawry Mechanical Engineering
Olivia Mendez Communication Studies
Oscar Echeverry IT Bus/Systems Analysis Opt
Pamela Evans Echocardiography
Pamela Killen Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Patricia Ferrell Dental Hygiene
Patricia Marx IT Applications Development Opt
Patricia Workman EMT - Paramedic
Patrick Jarofski Software Engineering Tech
Patrick Oswald Dual Renewable Energy/Elec Eng
Paul Shurtleff Renewable Energy Engineering
Paula McKinney Clinical Laboratory Science
Peter Martens Mechanical Engineering
Philip Perkins Mechanical Engineering
Philippe Andres Clinical Laboratory Science
Quinton Weaver Mechanical Engineering
Rachael Goetz Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Rachel Botsford Radiologic Science
Rachel Bradford Clinical Laboratory Science
Rachel Dalman Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Rachel Merrill Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Rachel Scalzo Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Ramiro Espinosa Civil Engineering
Randall Mendez Technology and Management
Raygan Gardner Radiologic Science
Rebecca Crumrine Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Rebecca Williams Dental Hygiene
Rebekah Esquibel Nuclear Medicine Technology
Renee Baumann Biology-Health Sciences
Rhianna McDonald Respiratory Care
Rhonda Costin Geomatics-option in Surveying
Richard Putman Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Robert Elder Biology-Health Sciences
Robert Keene Geomatics-option in Surveying
Robert Sattergren IT Bus/Systems Analysis Opt
Rosemary Kammer Dental Hygiene
Royce Taft Electrical Engineering
Ruben Chekhov Dental Hygiene
Ryan Fox Software Engineering Tech
Ryan Ried Clinical Laboratory Science
Ryan VanderHoff Clinical Laboratory Science
Ryken Robbins Radiologic Science
Rylee Carleton Applied Psychology
Sadie Parker Applied Psychology
Sage Chittick Biology-Health Sciences
Sage Copeland Vascular Technology
Samantha Lindauer Pre-Nursing
Samantha Stutzman Dental Hygiene
Samson Lam Mechanical Engineering
Samuel Driver Biology-Health Sciences
Sara Howard Radiologic Science
Sarah Beutler Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Sarah Brown Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Sarah Courier Communication Studies
Sarah Johnson Clinical Laboratory Science
Sarah Kennedy Clinical Laboratory Science
Sarah Maxey Dental Hygiene
Sarah Mihulka Biology-Health Sciences
Satya Whitlock Mechanical Engineering
Saul Preciado Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Schyler Clark IT Bus/Systems Analysis Opt
Scott Sooter Civil Engineering
Sean Farrar Renewable Energy Engineering
Sean Mooney EMT - Paramedic
Seth Francis Renewable Energy Engineering
Seth Mandich Mechanical Engineering
Shaedyn Mersino Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Shandy Avila-Garcia Dental Hygiene
Shane Keller Biology
Shannelle Cayetano Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Shannon Anthony Clinical Laboratory Science
Shannon Croghan Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Shannon Duong Biology-Health Sciences
Shannon O'Connell Respiratory Care
Shaona Huang Clinical Laboratory Science
Shauna Collins Respiratory Care
Shauna Pearson Clinical Laboratory Science
Shauna Rundle Technology and Management
Shaylynn McDonald Environmental Sciences
Sheila Bowes Dental Hygiene
Shelby Fioravanti Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Shelby Heidrick Nuclear Medicine Technology
Shelby Junette Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Shermane Dumlao Respiratory Care
Sherry Donovan Nuclear Medicine Technology
Shon Webber Electrical Engineering
Sierra Ridley Dental Hygiene
Sierra White Echocardiography
Simona Arnautov Echocardiography
Sizhe Yao Clinical Laboratory Science
Smahane Douyeb Software Engineering Tech
Sovanny Yun IT Applications Development Opt
Spencer Wells Clinical Laboratory Science
Stephanie Baker Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Stephanie Kersten Echocardiography
Stephen Lothrop Renewable Energy Engineering
Steven White Pre-Respiratory Care
Sven Dugojevic EMT - Paramedic
Talon Ray Nuclear Medicine Technology
Tammi Tong Clinical Laboratory Science
Tana Peterson Echocardiography
Tanna McClure Software Engineering Tech
Tanner Fanjoy Mechanical Engineering Tech
Tara Gailis Clinical Laboratory Science
Tasha Silvius Mechanical Engineering
Taylor Brooks Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Taylor Cambra Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Taylor Gallery Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Taylor Hepp Clinical Laboratory Science
Taylor Redding Renewable Energy Engineering
Taylor Thompson IT Health Informatics Opt
Taylor Wagner Mechanical Engineering
Teara Jackson Nuclear Medicine Technology
Teri Pardue Dental Hygiene
Terrah Haertling Dental Hygiene
Tess Parsons Mgmt/Marketing Option
Thomas Hochstatter Technology and Management
Thomas Timmons Civil Engineering
Thyanna Voisine Software Engineering Tech
Thyda Oun Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Tiana Sellars Dental Hygiene
Tifany Lagos Renewable Energy Engineering
Trae Collins Biology-Health Sciences
Travis Ford
Travis Lanman
Electrical Engineering
IT Applications Development Opt
Travis Peterson-Welch Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Travis Wilson Radiologic Science
Trevor Harnden *Civil Engineering
Tristyn Trelease Mgmt/Marketing Option
Troy Riblett Dual Software Eng/Applied Math
Tyler Dearing Biology-Health Sciences
Tyler Park Mechanical Engineering
Vance Gilmore Respiratory Care
Vanessa Chizum Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Vanessa Franklin Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Victoria Fallon Nuclear Medicine Technology
Victoria Miller Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Victoria Thorsted Pre-Nursing
Victoria Weatherford Pre-Nursing
Vitaly Ormanji Dental Hygiene
Waldemar Schmidt Radiologic Science
Wendy Snodgrass Clinical Laboratory Science
Weston Fickes Electrical Engineering
Willem Marais Mechanical Engineering
Yuhuan Li Clinical Laboratory Science
Zachary Capell EMT - Paramedic
Zaina Zaidan Pre-Clinical Lab Science
Zana Mays Environmental Sciences


The following students have been named to the 2013 Fall Term Deans' list at Oregon Institute of Technology. Inclusion on the list requires a 3.30 to 3.69 grade point average. Only full-time students (12 credit hours or more) are eligible for academic honors.
Aaron Bocchi Mgmt/Small Bus Mgmt Option
Aaron Burke Mechanical Engineering
Aaron Costner Dual Software Eng/Applied Math
Aaron Crandall IT Applications Development Opt
Aaron Hreha Mechanical Engineering
Aaron Taylor Clinical Laboratory Science
Adam Hayes IT Applications Development Opt
Adri Tyler-Hall Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Alexander Barr Clinical Laboratory Science
Alexander Bond Renewable Energy Engineering
Alexander Ramirez Biology-Health Sciences
Alexandria Fletchall Dental Hygiene
Alexis Amatisto Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Alexis Huss Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Alicia Brown Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Alicia Holbrook Dental Hygiene
Alicia Marien Applied Mathematics
Alison Dodenhoff Biology-Health Sciences
Alix Koontz Clinical Lab Science-Earlyadm
Alysha Recore Software Engineering Tech
Alyssa Marty Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Amanda Caldwell Respiratory Care
Amanda Kindsvogel Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Amanda Miller Pre-Nursing
Amelia Huhn Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Amra Dietz Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Amy Leighliter Nuclear Medicine Technology
Andrea Franco Clinical Laboratory Science
Andrea Lengel Biology-Health Sciences
Andrea Simons Dental Hygiene
Andrew Gordon Civil Engineering
Andria Wong Clinical Laboratory Science
Anthony Kobah Geomatics-option in GIS
Appener Kambu Mechanical Engineering
April Schneider Health Care Mgmt-Admin Mgmt
Ashley Bromley Dental Hygiene
Ashley Gillette Radiologic Science
Ashley Lulay Dental Hygiene
Ashley McDaniel Dental Hygiene
Aspen Wolff Pre-Nursing
Aubrey Rico Biology-Health Sciences
Austen Flint Mgmt/Small Bus Mgmt Option
Austin Anderson Mechanical Engineering
Ben Krueger Mgmt/Marketing Option
Benjamin Schulz Mechanical Engineering
Benjamin Wagner Mechanical Engineering Tech
Bradley Wirth Mechanical Engineering
Brandon Bautista Manufacturing Engineering Tech
Brandon Bradstreet Mechanical Engineering
Brandon Cooley Dual Software Eng/Applied Math
Brandon Schmidt Mechanical Engineering
Brandon Westmoreland Software Engineering Tech
Brennan Holmes Software Engineering Tech
Brent Kuzmanich IT Applications Development Opt
Brian Matthews Software Engineering Tech
Briana Dominguez Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Brittany Anderson Dental Hygiene
Brittney Barnett Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Brooklyn Reeves Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Brynna Rust Dental Hygiene
Caitlin Finch Echocardiography
Caitlin Houck-Pitts Echocardiography
Caleb Makela Software Engineering Tech
Caleb Stroup Civil Engineering
Cameron Brin Renewable Energy Engineering
Carissa Carambot Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Carly Bull Dental Hygiene
Cassandra Breeden Dental Hygiene
Cassandra Roten Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Cassidy Hoglund Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Catherine Kateley Applied Psychology
Chad Gorsky Civil Engineering
Chad Greene Software Engineering Tech
Chantelle Smith Applied Psychology
Charlotte Williams Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Chelsea Fogarty Clinical Laboratory Science
Chelsea Schock Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Chelsea Young Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Cheryl Schnell Dental Hygiene
Chester Lau Pre-Nursing
Chloe Zallen Radiologic Science
Chris Carlson Mechanical Engineering
Christian Ferrer Mechanical Engineering
Christina Borchert Vascular Technology
Christina Martinez Applied Psychology
Christopher Emmert Radiologic Science
Ciara Patton Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Clare Foster Dental Hygiene
Clifford Hellman Mechanical Engineering
Cody Bulkley Embedded Systems Eng Tech
Cody Carmichael Mechanical Engineering
Cody Crowston Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Collin Bocchi Biology-Health Sciences
Colton Wilson Communication Studies
Connor Sawyer Mgmt/Small Bus Mgmt Option
Cory Barney Dual Compute/Software Eng Tech
Courtney Case Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Courtney Villagrana Nuclear Medicine Technology
Cullen Hancock Mechanical Engineering
Cynthia Ledesma IT Applications Development Opt
Damon Lerma Biology-Health Sciences
Daniel Early Software Engineering Tech
Danielle Hassett Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Danielle Lisoski Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Danit Hubbell Civil Engineering
Dara Kenady Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Darian Grigsby Echocardiography
Darriann Long Mgmt/Accounting Option
David Houston Electrical Engineering
David Marconi IT Health Informatics Opt
Dawn Oliver Renewable Energy Engineering
Dawn Smith Vascular Technology
Dayton Wilks Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Dennae Grant Pre-Dental Hygiene
Doreyda Reynoso Dental Hygiene
Drew Goodman Mgmt/Marketing Option
Duncan Schramm Applied Psychology
Dustin Falgout Software Engineering Tech
Dustin Hohnstein Software Engineering Tech
Dylan Merker Vascular Technology
Edmondo Mazzulli Software Engineering Tech
Elaine Li Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Elizabeth Aguiar Respiratory Care
Elizabeth Berggren Vascular Technology
Enno Aragon Dual Compute/Software Eng Tech
Eric Ralls Echocardiography
Eric Wilson Mechanical Engineering
Erik Flores IT Health Informatics Opt
Erik Johnson Mechanical Engineering
Erin Burdick Dental Hygiene
Ethan Pass Respiratory Care
Evan Porter Mgmt/Small Bus Mgmt Option
Fabian Pena Civil Engineering
Fain Hickerson Computer Engineering Tech
Felicia Bias Pre-Nursing
Floyd Young IT Applications Development Opt
Franklin Faganello Operations Management
Galen McDermed Electrical Engineering
Grant Alexander Biology-Health Sciences
Gregory Krzemien Vascular Technology
Gregory Mastel Technology and Management
Gunnar Alden Manufacturing Engineering Tech
Hailey Totorica Dental Hygiene
Haley Crume Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Hannah Armstrong Biology-Health Sciences
Hannah Dimich Dual Renewable Energy/Elec Eng
Hannah Jordan Dental Hygiene
Heather Kimbrell Dental Hygiene
Heather Miller Dental Hygiene
Helen Allen Renewable Energy Engineering
Ian Mercer Renewable Energy Engineering
Israel Rivas Dental Hygiene
Jack Roberts Electrical Engineering
Jackson Volz Echocardiography
Jacob Adamson Dual Compute/Software Eng Tech
Jacob Braibish Mechanical Engineering
Jacob Murray Civil Engineering
Jacob Villarreal Radiologic Science
Jaime Cobian Echocardiography
Jaime Smith Biology
Jalina Hanson Pre-Nursing
Jared Hill *Civil Engineering
Jared Lynn Software Engineering Tech
Jarom Owens Mgmt/Small Bus Mgmt Option
Jason Graham Clinical Lab Science-Earlyadm
Jeannie Staker Nuclear Medicine Technology
Jeffery Gardner Mechanical Engineering
Jeffrey Daniels Software Engineering Tech
Jeffrey Ford Software Engineering Tech
Jenna Seutter Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Jennifer Aguirre Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Jennifer Cabauatan Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Jennifer Larue Nuclear Medicine Technology
Jeremy Burke Dual Compute/Software Eng Tech
Jeremy Toews Renewable Energy Engineering
Jesse Bromley IT Health Informatics Opt
Jesse Moreland Software Engineering Tech
Jessica Bynum Clinical Laboratory Science
Jessica Hart Applied Psychology
Jessica Meyer Radiologic Science
Jessica Richardson Mgmt/Accounting Option
Jimmie Hernandez Guerra Mgmt/Small Bus Mgmt Option
Jodie Brown Respiratory Care
Joel Pagano EMT - Paramedic
John Price Software Engineering Tech
Joley Powell Biology-Health Sciences
Jonathan Moore Civil Engineering
Jonathon Hogenstad Mechanical Engineering
Jordan Renn Mgmt/Small Bus Mgmt Option
Joseph Broussard Software Engineering Tech
Joseph Cashman Operations Management
Joseph Fallon Software Engineering Tech
Joseph Ross Mechanical Engineering
Joshua Braunschweig Electrical Engineering
Joshua Cunningham Respiratory Care
Joshua Esquivel Respiratory Care
Joshua Gustafson EMT - Paramedic
Joshua Muswieck Environmental Sciences
Joshua Reed Renewable Energy Engineering
Josiah Fast Mechanical Engineering Tech
Josie Sams Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Joy Cummings Mgmt/Accounting Option
Juanita Coonse Health Care Mgmt-Admin Mgmt
Judith Miranda Dental Hygiene
Julie Owens Mgmt/Small Bus Mgmt Option
Julie Pfeifer Applied Psychology
Justin Dibble Environmental Sciences
Justin Waddell Renewable Energy Engineering
Justinne Vaughan Respiratory Care
Kade Olson Electrical Engineering
Kaitlyn Altenbach Pre-Nursing
Kaitlyn Emard Dental Hygiene
Kaitlyn Weller Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Kameron Sribhibhadh Software Engineering Tech
Kanyon Douglass Electrical Engineering
Karen Wheeler Allied Health Management
Karla Dettwyler Dental Hygiene
Kathryn Bryant Electrical Engineering
Kati Hall Dental Hygiene
Katlin Darnall Radiologic Science
Katy Fernlund Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Kayla Brown Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Kayla Knaap Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Kayla Moyse Dental Hygiene
Kayla Pinson Radiologic Science
Kayla Prock Pre-Nursing
Kaylee Grigsby Pre-Dental Hygiene
Kayleigh Whelchel Biology-Health Sciences
Kaylynne Kuenzi Dental Hygiene
Kelli Ford Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Kelsey Stewart Vascular Technology
Kevin Endo EMT - Paramedic
Kevin Hoyt IT Bus/Systems Analysis Opt
Kevin Johnston Civil Engineering
Kevin Kliewer EMT - Paramedic
Kevin Stockam Applied Psychology
Kevin Tjon Electrical Engineering
Khanh Nguyen Software Engineering Tech
Khanh Nguyen Software Engineering Tech
Kiara Feldman Vascular Technology
Kimberly Jaeger Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Kinsey Seaton Echocardiography
Kirwan Fox Dual Elec/Renewable Energy Eng
Kortney Dixson Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Kristen Marsters Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Kristin Woomer Biology-Health Sciences
Kyle Snow Renewable Energy Engineering
Kylie Durant Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Lacey Shultz Clinical Laboratory Science
Larisa Manuylova Dental Hygiene
Laura Holtsnider Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Laura Phillips Applied Psychology
Lauren Andreassen Dental Hygiene
Lauren VanDyke Vascular Technology
Leland Cowger Software Engineering Tech
Leslie Classen Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Lewis Sanchez Software Engineering Tech
Lindsay Meithof Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Lindsey Butler Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Lingzi Chen Clinical Laboratory Science
Linsey Jones Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Lisa Stiff Dental Hygiene
Lucas Simmons IT Health Informatics Opt
Luis Gomez Radiologic Science
Luke Harless Radiologic Science
Lydia Doza Mechanical Engineering
Lynsey Johnson Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Mackenzie Srack Dental Hygiene
Madisen Garlie Civil Engineering
Mallory Rose Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Maria Ramirez Communication Studies
Mariah McLemore Vascular Technology
Mariela Quevedo Dental Hygiene
Mary Lancaster Dental Hygiene
Mathew Phillips IT Bus/Systems Analysis Opt
Matthew Bennett Mechanical Engineering Tech
Matthew Johnson Clinical Laboratory Science
Matthew Johnston Vascular Technology
Mckenzie Schofield Dental Hygiene
Megan Cook Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Megan Cushman Mechanical Engineering
Megan Tilley Applied Psychology
Megan Weitzel Dental Hygiene
Melissa Ceron Mgmt/Accounting Option
Michael Hudson Mgmt/Marketing Option
Michael Long Electrical Engineering
Michael Longmire EMT - Paramedic
Michael Sandoe Applied Psychology
Michelle Cottier Operations Management
Michelle Jacob Applied Psychology
Michelle Kantor Electrical Engineering
Michelle Moulton Dental Hygiene
Miles Taylor Mechanical Engineering
Milton Castro Jr Mechanical Engineering
Minh Nguyen Dental Hygiene
Miranda Frost Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Miranda Leslie Mgmt/Small Bus Mgmt Option
Miriam Compton Applied Mathematics
Mitchell Davis Echocardiography
Mohamed Wehab Pre-Nursing
Morgan Reid Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Naomi Futrell Respiratory Care
Natalie Stenbeck Health Care Mgmt-Admin Mgmt
Nathan Brumbaugh Mechanical Engineering
Nathan Cunningham Mechanical Engineering Tech
Nathan Garrelts Dual Renewable Energy/Elec Eng
Nathan Pajutee Mgmt/Marketing Option
Nathan Rice Mechanical Engineering
Nathan Skelton Applied Psychology
Nathan Watkins-Hoagland Environmental Sciences
Nathanael Morong Mechanical Engineering
Nathaniel Gardner Mechanical Engineering
Ngan Nguyen Clinical Laboratory Science
Niels Williams Renewable Energy Engineering
Olivia France Dental Hygiene
Ory Foltz Software Engineering Tech
Paige Buswell Dental Hygiene
Patricia Austin Biology-Health Sciences
Patrick Egan Renewable Energy Engineering
Patrick Miki Software Engineering Tech
Peter Hartman Civil Engineering
Randilynn Taft Dental Hygiene
Raven Jones Pre-Dental Hygiene
Rebekah Kaufman Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Reece Ishihara Mechanical Engineering
Regina Lagu Biology-Health Sciences
Richard Mahuze Electrical Engineering
Robert Perry III Biology-Health Sciences
Robert Shepard Electrical Engineering
Roberto Ricalday Gutierrez Dual Compute/Software Eng Tech
Robin Ferschweiler Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Ryan Blanchard Dental Hygiene
Ryan Fitzgerald Biology-Health Sciences
Ryan Gill Mechanical Engineering
Ryan Hokema Mechanical Engineering
Ryan Kelly Civil Engineering
Ryan Roberson Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Ryan Westman Renewable Energy Engineering
Rylan Arimoto Renewable Energy Engineering
Ryley McAllister Nuclear Medicine Technology
Sadi Stouder Civil Engineering
Sadie Bollman Biology-Health Sciences
Samual Schafer Manufacturing Engineering Tech
Samuel Lozano Civil Engineering
Sana Rahmani Biology-Health Sciences
Sarah Borowiak Dental Hygiene
Savannah Sully Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Sayra Henkel Dental Hygiene
Scot Ferguson Electrical Engineering
Seabrea Gibson Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Sean McDaniel Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Shane Bright Vascular Technology
Shayne Phillips Biology-Health Sciences
Sidney Odman Radiologic Science
Stefanie VanDeHey Dental Hygiene
Stephen Snellgrove Mechanical Engineering
Steve Uroshevich IT Health Informatics Opt
Stewart Taylor Dual Software Eng/Applied Math
Sylvia Rollins Applied Psychology
Tamera Creel Dental Hygiene
Tanner Conner EMT - Paramedic
Tayler Roland Dental Hygiene
Taylor Simon Pre-Dental Hygiene
Taylor Spencer EMT - Paramedic
Terena Martin Vascular Technology
Teresa Cobian Applied Psychology
Tessaundra Sidden Biology-Health Sciences
Thelma Schneider Dental Hygiene
Theresa May Pre-Nursing
Thomas Ziegler IT Applications Development Opt
Timothy Forste Software Engineering Tech
Timothy Schlueter Dual Compute/Software Eng Tech
Todd Hessel Software Engineering Tech
Travis Juhr EMT - Paramedic
Trevor Rogers Renewable Energy Engineering
Trinvette Wilson Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Tygh Tarlton Operations Management
Tyler Hammersmith Environmental Sciences
Tyler Moreland Software Engineering Tech
Tyler Peterson Electrical Engineering
Tyler Puzey Geomatics-option in Surveying
Tyler Rinker Software Engineering Tech
Tyler Stauss Electronics Engineering Tech
Tyson Dahl Radiologic Science
Uyen A Mgmt/Marketing Option
Van Do Dental Hygiene
Vincent Tena Biology-Health Sciences
Vindy Sermumes Nuclear Medicine Technology
Vinh Tong Mechanical Engineering Tech
Wendy Pacheco Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Whitney Hull-Pitcher Dental Hygiene
William Anderson Renewable Energy Engineering
William Rea Mechanical Engineering
William Rutledge Mgmt/Small Bus Mgmt Option
William Weaver Dual Renewable Energy/Elec Eng
Yekaterina Gensitskiy Clinical Laboratory Science
Yoshua Gombo Mechanical Engineering
Zachary Noeker Mechanical Engineering Tech
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