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School district forges partnership with Oregon Tech

Jan 22, 2014
West Linn-Wilsonville high school students stand to benefit advanced courses and sophisticated resources Oregon Tech is ready to offer them
Wilsonville Campus

WILSONVILLE, ORE. - Starting this spring, WL-WV students — mostly high-schoolers, but some advanced middle school students may apply — will be able to take courses at Oregon Tech’s Wilsonville Campus.

The first course offerings will be two “bundles” focused on science and technology, starting with introduction to engineering and health sciences. Students who enroll will earn dual credit, meaning that the course will appear on both their high school and college transcripts.

Lita Colligan, associate vice president at Oregon Tech, said that the dual credit model is a proven approach to promote student success in both high school and college.

“Oregon Tech is convening the South Metro-Salem STEM Partnership, which is working with West Linn-Wilsonville and 14 other school districts to increase the access, excitement and engagement of students in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math),” Colligan said. “The South-Metro Salem STEM Partnership is also hosting a STEM teacher learning community and reaching out to business and community partners to help our schools provide more hands-on STEM learning experience for students in and outside the classroom.”

To read more about this dual credit model, visit http://portlandtribune.com/wlt/109-education/207712-64273-new-tech-resources-for-wl-wv-students.

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