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Oregon Tech Students Contribute to Clean Technology Innovation

Feb 26, 2014
The Renewable Energy and Engineering Master’s Program (MSREE) receives $20,000 to conduct research to reduce carbon emissions from automobiles

WILSONVILLE, ORE. - Graduate students Jeremiah Deboever and Matthias Dean-Carpentier from Oregon Tech’s Renewable Energy Engineering Master’s Program will research solutions for cleaner running cars through a grant from the National Institute for Transportation and Communities (NTIC) and the Oregon Transportation Research and Education Center (OTREC).

One research path will seek to optimize the life of lithium-air batteries in electric vehicles so they can go further on one charge. Jeremiah Deboever, master’s candidate in MSREE, said, “Although challenging, lithium-air batteries have a great promise to increase the range of battery powered vehicles. I am really excited to be part of the foundation of a new laboratory at Oregon Tech Wilsonville with research geared towards long-term actions to improve the electrical vehicle industry.”

The other funded research path seeks to find methods to increase efficiency in automobiles that consume gasoline. “This project aims to identify a method for low-cost modification of used automobiles to obtain higher gas mileage,” said Matthias Dean-Carpentier, master’s candidate in MSREE. The research will focus on maximizing efficiencies in fuel/air mixture injected into the engine during operation, injection timing, ignition timing, valve timing, and compression.

This grant will allow the purchase of new equipment which will expand Oregon Tech’s energy storage laboratory. The new equipment increases Oregon Tech’s capacity for its Center for Excellence in renewable energy storage solutions.

Once this research is completed by Deboever and Dean-Carpentier in March of 2014, they will have an opportunity to show progress and apply for more funding to continue their research.

About Oregon Tech’s Renewable Energy and Engineering Program
In September 2012, Oregon Tech began the first Master of Science focusing on Renewable Energy Engineering (MSREE) in the United States. The MSREE program accommodates both full-time students and working professionals. The MSREE program is designed to prepare graduates to be energy engineering professionals who have advanced knowledge and skills that enable them to assume a broad range of technical leadership roles.

The MSREE curriculum is built upon core tracks in research methods, innovation, and advanced energy systems engineering. These courses provide the foundation for three required specialized course sequences in renewable energy technologies and nine credits of thesis or graduate R&D project work.

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