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Governor makes nomination appointments for 9 members of Oregon Tech’s new governing board

Aug 25, 2014
Governor Kitzhaber nominates 9 members for appointment of the university’s 15-member Board of Trustees

Today marked the beginning of a new era of governance and organization for the Oregon Institute of Technology (Oregon Tech) with Governor Kitzhaber’s nominations for appointment of 9 members of the university’s 15-member Board of Trustees.

With their official terms beginning immediately upon confirmation by the Oregon Senate, the Trustees will assume governance of Oregon Tech on July 1, 2015 from the State Board of Higher Education, whose structure sunsets on June 30, 2015. The Senate will consider confirmations of the Governor’s nominees in September. Later this year the Governor is expected to appoint the remaining members of the Oregon Tech Board of Trustees.

Higher education reform over the last year in Oregon has transformed the 7-member Oregon University System governed by the State Board of Higher Education to a decentralized set of public universities, each with its own governing board. System decentralization has been a staged process, with the larger institutions (by student population) launching their boards on July 1, 2014, and the technical and regional universities, including Oregon Tech, beginning single-campus governance on July 1, 2015.

Oregon Tech President Chris Maples said, “We appreciate the Governor’s historic nominations for appointment of Oregon Tech’s first Board of Trustees, and the Senate’s confirmation consideration next month. This is a stellar group of people who represent this university’s diverse stakeholders, and who understand and value our unique polytechnic mission. I know their commitment will advance Oregon Tech’s focus on student success and workforce needs, and enrich our advocacy for college access and public support for higher education for Oregonians. This is an important step in helping Oregon Tech increase the recognition and flexibility we need to help meet the Governor’s and Legislature’s 40-40-20* education attainment goal.”

The nine members who will be considered for confirmation by the Oregon Senate in September, include:

  • Dr. Jeremy Brown, President, Portland Community College, Portland
  • Melissa Ceron, Student, Business Management/Accounting, Oregon Tech, Klamath Falls
  • Dr. Lisa Graham, CEO, Black Canyon Woodworks (who is currently serving a partial term on the State Board of Higher Education), Bend
  • Dana Henry, Student Support Services, Oregon Tech, Klamath Falls (Non-Faculty Staff member)
  • Kathleen Hill, Writer/Consultant and elected Member of the Klamath Tribal Council, Chiloquin
  • Kelley Minty Morris, Klamath County Commissioner, Klamath Falls
  • Celia Núñez, Agency Training Specialist, State Farm Insurance Company, Wilsonville
  • Dr. Dan W. Peterson, Associate Professor of Communication, Oregon Tech, Klamath Falls (Faculty member)
  • Dr. Steve Sliwa, Founder and CEO, Seeq, Portland and Seattle

As president, Dr. Maples will serve as a non-voting, ex-officio member of the Board.

Each of the public university boards in Oregon includes up to 15 trustees, with 11 members at large, the institution’s president, one faculty member, one non-faculty staff member, and one student. Members will serve terms of 2 or 4 years. For more information on the Board nominees, including bios, go to www.oit.edu/trustees.

*40% with a bachelor’s degree or higher; 40% with an associate’s degree or meaningful certificate; and all students in the state with a high school diploma.

About Oregon Tech
Founded in Klamath Falls in 1947, Oregon Institute of Technology is the only public 4-year institute of technology in the Pacific Northwest. Oregon Tech provides degree programs in engineering and health technologies, management, communication, and applied sciences that prepare students to be effective participants in their professional, public, and international communities through hands-on learning. Oregon Tech has a full-service, residential campus in Klamath Falls and an urban, industry-focused campus in Wilsonville. Visit www.oit.edu to learn more about Oregon Tech.

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