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Oregon Senate Confirms Oregon Tech Governing Board Member

Apr 01, 2015
Gary Johnston of Boise, Idaho confirmed to Oregon Tech’s new governing board

Salem, OR – The Oregon Senate today officially confirmed an additional member of Oregon Tech’s new governing board who was appointed in November, Gary Johnston of Boise, Idaho. Oregon Tech announced in September and November the initial trustees appointed by the Governor and confirmed by the Senate as part of this historic change in higher education governance in Oregon.

With their official terms beginning immediately upon confirmation, all of the Trustees will assume governance of Oregon Tech on July 1, 2015 from the State Board of Higher Education, whose structure sunsets on June 30, 2015. University presidents, including Oregon Tech’s Chris Maples, serve as ex-officio members of their respective Boards.

Gary Johnston, founder and CEO of 7L Investments LLC, Boise, Idaho, was confirmed at the earliest opportunity this year as he was unable to attend confirmations in December.

Trustees who were already appointed and confirmed last year include:
  • Dr. Jeremy Brown, President, Portland Community College, Portland
  • Melissa Ceron, Student, Business Management/Accounting, Oregon Tech, Klamath Falls
  • Dr. Lisa Graham, CEO, Black Canyon Woodworks (currently serving a partial term on the State Board of Higher Education), Bend
  • Dana Henry, Student Support Services, Oregon Tech, Klamath Falls (Non-Faculty Staff member)
  • Kathleen Hill, Writer/Consultant and elected Member of the Klamath Tribal Council, Chiloquin
  • Kelley Minty Morris, Klamath County Commissioner, Klamath Falls (also confirmed today to a partial term on the State Board of Higher Education)
  • Celia Núñez, Agency Training Specialist, State Farm Insurance Company, Wilsonville
  • Dr. Dan W. Peterson, Associate Professor of Communication, Oregon Tech, Klamath Falls (Faculty member)
  • Dr. Steve Sliwa, Founder and CEO, Seeq, Portland and Seattle
  • Jessica Gomez, Founder, President and CEO, Rogue Valley Microdevices, Inc., Medford, OR
  • Paul Stewart, President/CEO, Sky Lakes Medical Center, Klamath Falls, OR
  • Fred Ziari, President, IRZ, ezWireless, and Zeco, Hermiston, OR

Each of the public university boards in Oregon includes up to 15 trustees, with 11 members at large, the institution’s president, one faculty member, one non-faculty staff member, and one student. For more information on Oregon Tech Board members, including bios, go to www.oit.edu/trustees.

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