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Oregon Tech Meets Students’ Needs with Expansion of Online Degree Offerings

Jul 17, 2015
Oregon Tech’s online courses recently noted as among most affordable in state
Starting this fall, students can earn one of four Oregon Tech Bachelor of Science degrees 100% online for the first time in its history. The expansion of online offerings makes the university accessible to a greater audience of first-time students, those continuing their education, or professionals looking for career advancement. 
Previously, Oregon Tech offered one associate’s degree and eight Bachelor of Science completion degrees online to students with credit or licensure transfers. Now, in addition to those options, the 4-year, Bachelor of Science degrees now available completely online include:
  • Applied Psychology - prepares graduates to start working right away in diverse fields such as therapy, education, and counseling. The last year of studies allows for practical application at an externship within their region.
  • Health Informatics - fully prepares students to assume positions in the high-paying field of information technology to enhance quality and operations for the health industry.
  • Information Technology - enables students to integrate course work in information technology, business, and a general education core, with a sequence of electives to allow students to focus on their chosen specialization.
  • Operations Management - prepares individuals for careers in many fields including production planning, inventory control, industrial engineering, production supervision and quality control.

Oregon Tech’s online education courses are currently among the most affordable in the state according to Affordable College Online, while individual online degree programs maintain various individual accolades for application and affordability. The cost for online courses are less than the average nationally for online degrees and among the lowest in Oregon.

Courses are taught by Oregon Tech faculty members through a variety of methods including pre-recorded video lectures, documentaries, online discussion groups, and real-time video in conjunction with students at physical campus locations.
“If you’re an Oregon Tech online student, you are fully online from the time you start to the time you end,” Director of Online Learning Erika Veth said. 
Further, those degrees will hold the same weight as one obtained on the brick-and-mortar campus. “The degrees are identical [to main campus degrees] in terms of all the expectations and coursework and in some programs, options for externships,” Veth said. “When you’re done, you get an Oregon Institute of Technology degree and are invited to participate in an Oregon Tech commencement ceremony with on-campus students. This year, we had 100 online students graduate and many chose to fly in from across the United States to walk at our commencement ceremony.”
For more information, contact Michelle Martin, Online Student Support Services, at 541.885.1165; michelle.martin@oit.edu.
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