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2015-2016 Winter Term President's and Dean's List

Mar 22, 2016
The following students have been named to the 2015-2016 Winter Term President's and Dean's Lists
The following students have been named to the 2015-2016 Winter Term President's and Dean's list at Oregon Institute of Technology. Please contact the Registrar's Office at 541-885-1300 with any questions.
The following students have been named to the President's list at Oregon Institute of Technology. Inclusion on the list requires a 3.70 grade-point average and above. Only full-time students (12 credit hours or more) are eligible for academic honors.

Aaron Burke Mechanical Engineering
Aaron Burrow Clinical Laboratory Science
Aaron Day Software Engineering Tech
Aaron Hoover Radiologic Science
Aaron Hreha Mechanical Engineering
Aaron Miller Environmental Sciences
Aaron Wallace Software Engineering Tech
Abbigale Eyestone Emergency Medical Services
Abdulrazaq Gadifallatah Operations Management
Adri Tyler-Hall Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Adrianna Leon Nuclear Medicine Technology
Alan Gardner Computer Engineering Tech
Alex Freiman Vascular Technology
Alex Gilpin Software Engineering Tech
Alex Houston Software Engineering Tech
Alexander Castro Software Engineering Tech
Alexander Hogen Computer Engineering Tech
Alexander Huettis Mechanical Engineering
Alexander Reese Renewable Energy Engineering
Alexander Tappin Software Engineering Tech
Alexandria O'Neal Radiologic Science
Alexia Hyatt Radiologic Science
Alexis Biddington Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Alexis Camp Electrical Engineering
Alexis Gallagher Nuclear Medicine Technology
Alexis Pickrel Echocardiography
Ali Alshalawi Renewable Energy Engineering
Alicia Casselman Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Alicia Holbrook Dental Hygiene
Alisha Shew Radiologic Science
Alison Dixon Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Alix Koontz Clinical Laboratory Science
Allen Molthan *IT Bus/Systems Analysis Opt
Allie Vinson Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Allison Cook Radiologic Science
Allison Davis Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Allison Young Biology-Health Sciences
Allister Smith Clinical Laboratory Science
Alyssa Deardorff Renewable Energy Engineering
Alyssa Grimaldi Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Alyssa Marty Nuclear Medicine Technology
Alyssa Rupp Echocardiography
Amanda Gates Dental Hygiene
Amanda Graveson EMT - Paramedic
Amanda Greene-Lewis Dental Hygiene
Amanda Krueger Respiratory Care
Amanda Valentine Dental Hygiene
Amber Chasteen Radiologic Science
Amelia Huhn Nuclear Medicine Technology
Amir Besic *IT Bus/Systems Analysis Opt
Amy Gainer Dental Hygiene
Amy Leighliter Nuclear Medicine Technology
Amy Moore Clinical Laboratory Science
Amy Oosterman Biology-Health Sciences
Amy Schell Radiologic Science
Andrea Lengel Population Health Management
Andrea Stutzman Dental Hygiene
Andrea Vilendre Clinical Laboratory Science
Andrei Simon Biology-Health Sciences
Andrew Burke *IT Bus/Systems Analysis Opt
Andrew Hansen Radiologic Science
Andrew Poeana Mechanical Engineering Tech
Andrew Rood Renewable Energy Engineering
Angela Ahrendt Respiratory Care
Annabel Grohs Mechanical Engineering
Annika Andersen Renewable Energy Engineering
Anthony Ramos Mechanical Engineering
Aquila Reed Geomatics-option in Surveying
Aram Andriesian Renewable Energy Engineering
Arlette Valencia Electrical Engineering
Ashleigh Vandenbrink Health Care Mgmt-Admin Mgmt
Ashley Gillette Radiologic Science
Ashley Henry Respiratory Care
Ashley Judd Dental Hygiene
Ashley Schnapp EMT - Paramedic
Ashley Wagner Software Engineering Tech
Ashlie Petersen Communication Studies
Aubrie Bush Nuclear Medicine Technology
Audrey Abblitt Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Austen Flint Mgmt/Small Bus Mgmt Option
Austin Bergstrom Information Technology
Austin Black Radiologic Science
Austin Deanhardt Civil Engineering
Austin Poulin Manufacturing Engineering Tech
Austin Scruggs-Holt Mechanical Engineering Tech
Austin Smith Electronics Engineering Tech
Autumn Anderson Operations Management
Autumn Wheeling Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Ayla Duyn Dental Hygiene
Bailey Parker Nuclear Medicine Technology
Bailey Tehan Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Baker McDonald Dual Renewable Energy/Env Sci
Ben McBride Radiologic Science
Benedict Fawver Electrical Engineering
Benjamin Abshier Civil Engineering
Benjamin Aday Electrical Engineering
Benjamin Grewell *IT Applications Dev Opt
Benjamin Schulz Pre-Nursing
Bentson Peng Electrical Engineering
Bernadett Tomarzalian Operations Management
Bethany Martin Population Health Management
Bibiana Guerrero Radiologic Science
Billy Rumbewas Mechanical Engineering
Bonnie Mitchell Radiologic Science
Brad Rhoades Geomatics-option in Surveying
Bradlee Huey Civil Engineering
Braedon Wrosch Mechanical Engineering
Brandi Hamamoto Respiratory Care
Brandi Mello Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Brandi Ronco Mgmt/Marketing Option
Brandon Butler Vascular Technology
Brandon Erickson Renewable Energy Engineering
Brandon Rude Information Technology
Brendan Nikola Renewable Energy Engineering
Bret Buxton Clinical Laboratory Science
Brian Chipman Operations Management
Brian Middleton Operations Management
Brian Quirk Radiologic Science
Brian Snider Software Engineering Tech
Brianna McGirr Applied Psychology
Brittanna Monroe Health Informatics
Brittany Hogenson Radiologic Science
Brittany Verigan Pre-Nursing
Brittney Barnett Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Brittney Caudill Clinical Laboratory Science
Brittney Johnston Clinical Laboratory Science
Brock Casselman Radiologic Science
Brooke Rennie Nuclear Medicine Technology
Brookelynn Fitzgerald Biology-Health Sciences
Bryan Mitchell EMT - Paramedic
Bryce Cleary Electrical Engineering
Bryce Ponder EMT - Paramedic
Caleb Ball Mgmt/Accounting Option
Caleb Sale Mechanical Engineering
Cali Ricks Clinical Laboratory Science
Calysta McCool Population Health Management
Camela Hashimoto Clinical Lab Science-Earlyadm
Cara Fery Dental Hygiene
Cara Nunemaker Dental Hygiene
Caroline Kerns Operations Management
Carrie McHill Dental Hygiene
Carson Miller *IT Bus/Systems Analysis Opt
Casey Oltman Biology-Health Sciences
Cassandra Tolman Radiologic Science
Chanelle Koster Dental Hygiene
Chanseyha Eng Mechanical Engineering
Chantelle Smith Population Health Management
Charlene Dobry Applied Psychology
Charles Rice Radiologic Science
Charles Turner Clinical Laboratory Science
Chase Davis Clinical Laboratory Science
Chelsea Langston Radiologic Science
Chelsie Denton Radiologic Science
Chester Lau Pre-Nursing
Chloe Leach Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Chloe Ross Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Christa Lusebrink Radiologic Science
Christina McGuyer Echocardiography
Christina Shevshenko Echocardiography
Christine Kennedy Dental Hygiene
Christopher Anderson Mechanical Engineering
Christopher Crockett Renewable Energy Engineering
Christopher Post Renewable Energy Engineering
Christopher Wheatley Renewable Energy Engineering
Cintya Garcia Applied Psychology
Claudia Grover Dental Hygiene
Cody Bennett Radiologic Science
Cody Wagner Mechanical Engineering
Cody Williams Mechanical Engineering
Colleen Bailey Dental Hygiene
Collette Wicke Applied Psychology
Colten Puzey Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Colton Hinricksen Mgmt/Accounting Option
Connor Devereux Radiologic Science
Connor Fitzgerald Biology-Health Sciences
Cory Barney Dual Compute/Software Eng Tech
Cory Davie Mechanical Engineering
Cory Summers Radiologic Science
Courtney Lawrence Respiratory Care
Courtney Pinkston Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Courtney Villagrana Nuclear Medicine Technology
Daisy Plascencia Radiologic Science
Dakotah Webb Mechanical Engineering
Daniel Carter Biology-Health Sciences
Daniel Early Software Engineering Tech
Daniel Ganger Electronics Engineering Tech
Daniel Neighbor Mechanical Engineering
Daniel Stahlnecker Clinical Lab Science-Earlyadm
Daniel Taylor Embedded Systems Eng Tech
Daniel Undell Geomatics-option in Surveying
Daniel Ward Echocardiography
Danielle De Castro Mechanical Engineering
Danielle Hassett Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Danielle Keogh Clinical Laboratory Science
Danielle Kubat Radiologic Science
Danit Hubbell Civil Engineering
Darian Grigsby Echocardiography
David Barnes Software Engineering Tech
David Bartlemay Radiologic Science
David Ketz Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
David Kirkendall Computer Engineering Tech
David Leisy Software Engineering Tech
David Murphy Mgmt/Marketing Option
David Thomas Biology-Health Sciences
David Wing Dual Embed/Software Eng Tech
Dawn Moeller Clinical Laboratory Science
Derek Tarnawa Manufacturing Engineering Tech
Derek Wiseman Biology-Health Sciences
Derik Sawyer Emergency Medical Services
Devin Baez Operations Management
Devin Guenther Electrical Engineering
Devon Andrade Dual Compute/Software Eng Tech
Diane Miller Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Dillon Wright Mechanical Engineering
Donald St John Applied Mathematics
Drake Lannon Electrical Engineering
Dustin Boehm Radiologic Science
Dylan Mizer Radiologic Science
Dylan Seay Mechanical Engineering
Edith Mendoza-Cortes Respiratory Care
Elisabeth Partridge Echocardiography
Elissa Stoltz Radiologic Science
Elizabeth Johnson Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Elliott Weinberg Dual Renewable Energy/Elec Eng
Elyse Mace Nuclear Medicine Technology
Emily Alvarez Pre-Nursing
Emily Biggs Radiologic Science
Emily Coelho Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Emily Duffy Respiratory Care
Emily Silva Mgmt/Small Bus Mgmt Option
Emily Stair Clinical Lab Science-Earlyadm
Emily Vuong Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Emma Carey Dental Hygiene
Emmy Li Dental Hygiene
Eric Ganim Respiratory Care
Eric Johnson Biology-Health Sciences
Eric Magers Software Engineering Tech
Erica Bennett Nuclear Medicine Technology
Erick Mehlhorn Sleep Health-Polysom Tech Opt
Erik Andersen Software Engineering Tech
Erin Burdick Dental Hygiene
Erin Tracy Information Technology
Ersal Wairara *IT Applications Dev Opt
Ethan Pitzer EMT - Paramedic
Evan Troxel Electrical Engineering
Evdakaya Snegireff Dental Hygiene
Evy Marie Kvammen Applied Psychology
Ezra Stockton Civil Engineering
Faith Lee Health Care Mgmt-Admin Mgmt
Francisca Porras Echocardiography
Gabrielle Basham Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Gabrielle Gundersen Radiologic Science
Gang Hua Tan Mechanical Engineering
Garnett Hubbs Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Garret Seppala Software Engineering Tech
Garrett Byrd Mgmt/Small Bus Mgmt Option
Garrett Fleischer Software Engineering Tech
Garrett Stephens Civil Engineering
Gary Bucholtz Emergency Medical Services
Gina Durando Dental Hygiene
Glenn Jennings Nuclear Medicine Technology
Grant Alexander Biology-Health Sciences
Gregory Collins Civil Engineering
Gregory Spallas Mechanical Engineering
Gunnard Lindsey Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Hailey Hoyle Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Hailey Huot Radiologic Science
Haley Colberg Dental Hygiene
Haley Crume Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Haley Egbert Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Haley Maddess Mgmt/Small Bus Mgmt Option
Hallard Bailey III Information Technology
Hannah Acre Clinical Laboratory Science
Hannah Dimich Dual Renewable Energy/Elec Eng
Hannah Pope Echocardiography
Hatim Painter Software Engineering Tech
Heather Griffith Dental Hygiene
Hector Abarca Radiologic Science
Henry Bingham Biology-Health Sciences
Holly Froelich Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Hunter Ladd Biology-Health Sciences
Ian Draney Electrical Engineering
Ian Reynolds Echocardiography
Ian Tarnovsky Biology-Health Sciences
Isaac Boyd Pre-Clinical Lab Science
Isaac Harries Software Engineering Tech
Isabella Foss Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Jacey Conklin Mgmt/Marketing Option
Jack Cleveland Mechanical Engineering
Jack Markee Mechanical Engineering
Jackson Sany Mechanical Engineering Tech
Jackson Volz Echocardiography
Jacob Adamson Embedded Systems Eng Tech
Jacob Freeman Electrical Engineering
Jacob McAvoy Biology-Health Sciences
Jacob Ovgard Communication Studies
Jacob Sinicki Pre-Clinical Lab Science
Jacob Villarreal Radiologic Science
Jacquelyn Patzke Echocardiography
Jamie Gillespie Radiologic Science
Jan Roen Ang Taguibao Mechanical Engineering Tech
Jana DuBose Applied Psychology
Janeen Kuenzi Clinical Laboratory Science
Janet Densford Echocardiography
Jared Lathon Dual Mech Eng/MFG Eng Tech
Jared Morrison Clinical Laboratory Science
Jared Nelson Radiologic Science
Jasmine Lewis Echocardiography
Jason Black Renewable Energy Engineering
Jason Givens Mgmt/Small Bus Mgmt Option
Jason Magruder Mechanical Engineering
Jazmine Hancock Electrical Engineering
Jazmine Lebsack Applied Psychology
Jeannie Staker Nuclear Medicine Technology
Jena Hoffman Clinical Laboratory Science
Jennah Stobie Biology-Health Sciences
Jennifer Aguirre Mgmt/Marketing Option
Jennifer Berdyugin Renewable Energy Engineering
Jennifer Jennings Biology-Health Sciences
Jennifer Millar Environmental Sciences
Jennifer Ramirez Radiologic Science
Jenny Kirschner Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Jerald Coleman Polysomnographic Technology
Jeremiah Lipp Dual Renewable Energy/Elec Eng
Jeremy Mons Mechanical Engineering
Jeri Wilson Respiratory Care
Jerome Selig Computer Engineering Tech
Jesse Alves Mechanical Engineering
Jesse Brummett Mechanical Engineering
Jesse Londborg Radiologic Science
Jessica Baker Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Jessica Conrad Respiratory Care
Jessica Thiel Biology-Health Sciences
Jessica West Radiologic Science
Jessica Westmoreland Health Care Mgmt-Admin Mgmt
Jessica Wiggins Dental Hygiene
Jessie Billings Nuclear Medicine Technology
Jessie Murrell Mgmt/Small Bus Mgmt Option
Jessie Reyes Radiologic Science
Jillian Redmond Clinical Laboratory Science
Jin Jie Xu Computer Engineering Tech
John Abruzzini Radiologic Science
John Belser Mechanical Engineering Tech
John Darling Mechanical Engineering
John Schulz Mechanical Engineering
Johnathan Leuthold Software Engineering Tech
Jonithan George *IT Applications Dev Opt
Jordan Preston Civil Engineering
Jordan Spangler Electrical Engineering
Jordan Townley Communication Studies
Joseph Miller Software Engineering Tech
Joshua Adams Electrical Engineering
Joshua Braunschweig Electrical Engineering
Joshua Esquivel Respiratory Care
Joshua Hall Mechanical Engineering
Joshua Ricketts Radiologic Science
Juliane Scheele Clinical Laboratory Science
Julie Zaiger Clinical Lab Science-Earlyadm
Julien Mindlin-Davidson Mechanical Engineering
Justin Fowler Environmental Sciences
Justin OBrien Software Engineering Tech
Justin Robbins Radiologic Science
Justin Willhite Environmental Sciences
Kaitlyn Collier Clinical Laboratory Science
Kaitlyn Emard Dental Hygiene
Kaitlyn Saunders Clinical Lab Science-Earlyadm
Kaleb Builta General Studies
Kaleb Kline Civil Engineering
Kami Kutsunai Renewable Energy Engineering
Kanissa Brown Radiologic Science
Karen Vazquez George Pre-Nursing
Karen Weber Applied Psychology
Karen Wickman Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Karly LeVeque Health Care Mgmt-Admin Mgmt
Kassandra Coleman Dental Hygiene
Kate Graves Radiologic Science
Katelyn Mitchell Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Katherine Collard Radiologic Science
Katherine Dunn Biology-Health Sciences
Katherine Valentine Software Engineering Tech
Kathleen Glassow Radiologic Science
Kathleen Nelson Dental Hygiene
Kathlene Hein Dental Hygiene
Kathryn McNamee Nuclear Medicine Technology
Kathy Khau Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Katie Frambes Echocardiography
Katie Iorg Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Katie Nguyen Respiratory Care
Katie Pinson Applied Psychology
Katie Virtue Radiologic Science
Katlin Darnall Radiologic Science
Katlyn Hibbs Biology-Health Sciences
Kayla Avalos Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Kayla Brown Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Kayla Hawes Echocardiography
Kayla Nelson Radiologic Science
Kayla Pershall Applied Psychology
Kayla Pinson Radiologic Science
Kaylee Scevers Pre-Nursing
Keaton Webb Mechanical Engineering Tech
Keith Armour EMT - Paramedic
Keith Omogrosso Electrical Engineering
Kelli Berg Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Kelly Coash Radiologic Science
Kelsey Leon Dental Hygiene
Kelsey Sampson Renewable Energy Engineering
Kelsey Smith Radiologic Science
Kenneth Holthus Electrical Engineering
Keoni Roberts *IT Health Informatics Opt
Kerri Mittan Mgmt/Small Bus Mgmt Option
Kevin Davis Software Engineering Tech
Kevin Juba Dual Compute/Software Eng Tech
Kim Phung Radiologic Science
Kimberly Clark Applied Psychology
Kimberly Heesacker Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Kimberly Herman Technology and Management
Kimberly Perlot Dental Hygiene
Kipp Rouse Mechanical Engineering
Kortney Dixson Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Kourtney Mootz Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Krista Galloway Dual Renewable Energy/Elec Eng
Kristin Burkholder Echocardiography
Kristin DePaoli Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Kristyn Burns Radiologic Science
Kurrisa Helgason Dental Hygiene
Kyanna Barnes Health Care Mgmt-Admin Mgmt
Kyla Marino Electrical Engineering
Kyle Sterrett Dual Mech Eng/MFG Eng Tech
Kylee Schimel Nuclear Medicine Technology
Kylee Torrico Dental Hygiene
Kylie Collom Biology-Health Sciences
Lacey Bland Communication Studies
Lander Nordal Mechanical Engineering
Landon Albertson Nuclear Medicine Technology
Laney Jensen Dental Hygiene
Laurence Lau Clinical Laboratory Science
LeAnn Valenta Radiologic Science
Leo Litowich Geomatics-option in Surveying
Leticia Alvarez Frias Clinical Laboratory Science
Leticia Sonato Dental Hygiene
Lindsay Harrison Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Lindsey Tucker Nuclear Medicine Technology
Linsey Jones Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Lisa Bailey Applied Psychology
Litonya Bergstrom Clinical Lab Science-Earlyadm
Lucas Fuller Electrical Engineering
Lucas Johnson Mechanical Engineering
Lucas Jones Software Engineering Tech
Lue Ann MacKenzie Clinical Laboratory Science
Luis Montes Mota Mechanical Engineering
Lynzee Wortman Mgmt/Marketing Option
Mackenzie Murphy Biology-Health Sciences
Malea Waldrup Communication Studies
Marcus Johnson Radiologic Science
Margaret Anderson Clinical Laboratory Science
Margaret Paul Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Marie Hult Operations Management
Mariela Quevedo Dental Hygiene
Mark Irsfeld Health Informatics
Martha Ledou Respiratory Care
Mary Matzen Dental Hygiene
Mary McEntee Information Technology
Maryann Parker Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Mathew Hymas *IT Bus/Systems Analysis Opt
Mathew Stubbs Emergency Medical Services
Matt Green Renewable Energy Engineering
Matthew Del Fante Software Engineering Tech
Matthew Eide Renewable Energy Engineering
Matthew Hsu Radiologic Science
Matthew Sai General Studies
Matthew Shimek Mechanical Engineering
Max Brandstetter Software Engineering Tech
Mckenzie Munro Echocardiography
McKenzie Shrum Echocardiography
McKenzy Leveton Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Megan Cushman Mgmt/Accounting Option
Megan Devorak Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Megan Friar Biology-Health Sciences
Megan Knowlton Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Megan Krautscheid Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Megan Soule Biology-Health Sciences
Megan Tilley Applied Psychology
Megan Whetstone Mechanical Engineering
Meriele Kwok Mechanical Engineering
Merlin Faerber Manufacturing Engineering Tech
Micah Hicks Mechanical Engineering
Micah Swartz Mechanical Engineering
Michael Burton Communication Studies
Michael Schmitt Clinical Laboratory Science
Michael Smith Operations Management
Michel Koopman Software Engineering Tech
Michelle Cottier Operations Management
Michelle Fullerton Applied Psychology
Miguel Delgado Electrical Engineering
Miranda Frost Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Mohamed Alhosani Renewable Energy Engineering
Molli Drivdahl Software Engineering Tech
Mollie Treece Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Molly Fronk Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Morgaine Riggins Environmental Sciences
Morgan Roberts Applied Psychology
Mosier Locke Geomatics-option in Surveying
Mykala Rubey Applied Psychology
Nam Mai Respiratory Care
Nancy Christensen Echocardiography
Naomi Futrell Respiratory Care
Natalie Bleibtrey Sleep Health-Polysom Tech Opt
Nathan Arteaga Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Nathan Jones Manufacturing Engineering Tech
Nathaniel Whitling Mechanical Engineering
Nicholas Griffin Software Engineering Tech
Nicholas Johnson Radiologic Science
Nicholas Moscato EMT - Paramedic
Nicole Buck Civil Engineering
Nicole Galster Mgmt/Marketing Option
Nicole Miller Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Nikki Hames Pre-Nursing
Olivia Schneidecker Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Olivia Train Dental Hygiene
Olivia Westfall Radiologic Science
Olivia Wick Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Oriane Lussier Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Paige Bruce Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Pamela Pohl Clinical Laboratory Science
Patricia Austin Biology-Health Sciences
Patrick Carlson Software Engineering Tech
Patrick Caruana Software Engineering Tech
Paul Adams Mgmt/Marketing Option
Paul Davitt Operations Management
Paul Srisarakorn Radiologic Science
Paul Wyatt Software Engineering Tech
Peter Barrett Embedded Systems Eng Tech
Petra Topete-Martinez Dental Hygiene
Philip Perkins Mechanical Engineering
Phuong Du Ngo Clinical Laboratory Science
Pulaud Mehr Dental Hygiene
Quentin Vargas Mechanical Engineering
Quim Vallve Tomas Mgmt/Marketing Option
Rachel Dana Echocardiography
Rachel Eberhard Clinical Laboratory Science
Raena Rodgers Mgmt/Marketing Option
Randi Westover Dental Hygiene
Random Davis Software Engineering Tech
Raven Jones Dental Hygiene
Rebecca Becker Polysomnographic Technology
Rebecca Crumrine Nuclear Medicine Technology
Rebekah Kaufman Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Reece Ishihara Mechanical Engineering
Riley O'Boyle Civil Engineering
Risa Van Wechel Pre-Nursing
Rob Johnson Electrical Engineering
Rochelle Banta Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Rochelle DeBlock Radiologic Science
Roderick Winters Health Care Mgmt-Admin Mgmt
Roman Heidrich Applied Psychology
Ronni Becker Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Ross Grauf Respiratory Care
Royce Taft Electrical Engineering
Ryan Fitzgerald Biology-Health Sciences
Ryan Fox Software Engineering Tech
Ryan Kennell Software Engineering Tech
Ryan Otis Mechanical Engineering
Ryken Robbins Radiologic Science
Ryley McAllister Nuclear Medicine Technology
Sadie Bollman Biology-Health Sciences
Sahalie Doe Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Sally Bradley Mgmt/Accounting Option
Samantha Bixler Biology-Health Sciences
Samantha Posch Respiratory Care
Samuel Farris Information Technology
Sara Filer Pre-Nursing
Sara Howard Radiologic Science
Sarah Adams Pre-Respiratory Care
Sarah Beutler Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Sarah McGraw Dental Hygiene
Sarah Mihulka Biology-Health Sciences
Satya Whitlock Mechanical Engineering
Savanna Nickols Biology-Health Sciences
Savannah Lebengood Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Savannah Sheehy Clinical Laboratory Science
Sean Anderson Radiologic Science
Sean McDaniel Radiologic Science
Sean Price Radiologic Science
Seth Erickson Electrical Engineering
Seth Gretz Mgmt/Small Bus Mgmt Option
Shane Broome Mechanical Engineering Tech
Shannelle Cayetano Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Shannon Gardner Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Sharayah Stone Clinical Laboratory Science
Shaun Hennings Clinical Laboratory Science
Shaun Rasmusen Dual Software Eng/Applied Math
Shaylee McGuire Radiologic Science
Sheenah Schultz Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Shelby LaTourrette Biology-Health Sciences
Shelby Thompson Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Shelly Roof Renewable Energy Engineering
Sierra Shuey Pre-Dental Hygiene
Sierra White Echocardiography
Simona Arnautov Echocardiography
Sophia Huteson Echocardiography
Sophie Tomczyk EMT - Paramedic
Sovanratha In *IT Bus/Systems Analysis Opt
Spicie Davis Clinical Laboratory Science
Stacey Bailey Applied Psychology
Stacy Cox Radiologic Science
Stacy O'Keeffe Respiratory Care
Stephanie Boerste Respiratory Care
Stephanie Chen Respiratory Care
Stephanie Clusiau Radiologic Science
Stephanie Forrester Nuclear Medicine Technology
Stephanie Samard Clinical Laboratory Science
Stephanie Vetter Software Engineering Tech
Stephen White Software Engineering Tech
Steven Bartow Electrical Engineering
Steven Hedlund Pre-Nursing
Susie Garza Applied Psychology
Sydney Nett Pre-Nursing
Sydney Waters Nuclear Medicine Technology
Tabitha Hoinowski Clinical Laboratory Science
Tammi Edge Applied Psychology
Tammy Gillespie Applied Psychology
Tana Peterson Echocardiography
Tanner Halcumb Embedded Systems Eng Tech
Taran Koch Mgmt/Marketing Option
Tarryn Miyamura Applied Psychology
Taylor Cambra Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Taylor Kroshus Radiologic Science
Taylor Nance Nuclear Medicine Technology
Tess Armstrong Biology-Health Sciences
Thao Nguyen Dental Hygiene
Thelma Schneider Dental Hygiene
Thomas Bridges Renewable Energy Engineering
Thomas Hockett Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Thomas Wells Environmental Sciences
Tiana Sellars Dental Hygiene
Tifany Lagos Renewable Energy Engineering
Timothy Cedarleaf Mechanical Engineering
Timothy McPherson Civil Engineering
Timothy Perry Applied Psychology
Tram Anh Ngo Radiologic Science
Trava Sanders Applied Psychology
Travis McKee Civil Engineering
Travis Miller Information Technology
Travis Peterson-Welch Population Health Management
Travis Wilson Radiologic Science
Tre Sullivan Newman Mgmt/Marketing Option
Trevor Williams Pre-Nursing
Troy Riblett Dual Software Eng/Applied Math
Troy Wilder Respiratory Care
Tyler Harris Population Health Management
Tyler Myers EMT - Paramedic
Tyler Pelc Radiologic Science
Tyler Peterson Electrical Engineering
Tyler Snider Mgmt/Marketing Option
Tyson Dahl Radiologic Science
Valeria Menke Communication Studies
Vanesa Salazar-Robledo Radiologic Science
Vanessa Chizum Radiologic Science
Vanessa Gardner Mgmt/Accounting Option
Veronica Norris Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Veronika Fitzgerald Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Victoria Evans-Bautista Communication Studies
Victoria McKinney-Brooks Biology-Health Sciences
Victoria Niska Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Victoria West Nuclear Medicine Technology
Vindy Sermumes Nuclear Medicine Technology
Vinh Tong Mechanical Engineering Tech
Vivienne Clemen Geomatics-option in GIS
Vy Vu *IT Bus/Systems Analysis Opt
Wanda Nussrallah Clinical Laboratory Science
Wei Chen Mechanical Engineering
Wendy Riggi Dental Hygiene
Whitney Hull-Pitcher Dental Hygiene
Whitney Lowe Radiologic Science
William Morris Clinical Laboratory Science
Xavier Keeney Dual Civil Eng/Env Sciences
Zachary Miller Echocardiography
Zaid Rashid Software Engineering Tech
Zaina Zaidan Clinical Lab Science-Earlyadm
Zainab Almualim Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Zana Mays Environmental Sciences
Zoe Winter Information Technology

The following students have been named to the Dean's list at Oregon Institute of Technology. Inclusion on the list requires a 3.30 to 3.69 grade-point average. Only full-time students (12 credit hours or more) are eligible for academic honors.

Aaron Scobert EMT - Paramedic
Aaron Zhen Dual Renewable Energy/Elec Eng
Abdalwahab Yousif Electrical Engineering
Adam Kandra Mechanical Engineering
Adam Parlato Mechanical Engineering Tech
Adam Thompson Geomatics-option in Surveying
Alejandra Delgado Dental Hygiene
Alex Bush EMT - Paramedic
Alex Gibson Renewable Energy Engineering
Alexander Carlson Software Engineering Tech
Alexander Ott Software Engineering Tech
Alexander Torres Radiologic Science
Alexandria Baldwin Mechanical Engineering
Alexis Hughes Health Care Mgmt-Admin Mgmt
Allysa Heath Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Alyssa Stewart Biology-Health Sciences
Amanda Bounnam Applied Psychology
Amanda Brooks Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Amanda Gates Mgmt/Accounting Option
Ana Radu Clinical Laboratory Science
Anastasia Dude Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Andrea Blake Radiologic Science
Andrew Weber Civil Engineering
Angela Henry Vascular Technology
Ann-Marie Guischer Radiologic Science
Anthony Nguyen Software Engineering Tech
Ashley Choate Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Ashley Doolin Clinical Lab Science-Earlyadm
Ashley Dougherty Dental Hygiene
Ashley LaBarre Pre-Nursing
Ashlie Redfox Biology-Health Sciences
Aspen Christensen Pre-Nursing
Aubreanna Stoliker Operations Management
Austin Huerta EMT - Paramedic
Austin Soper Manufacturing Engineering Tech
Austin Wold *IT Applications Dev Opt
Austin Zavala Civil Engineering
Bailey Bixler Mechanical Engineering
Bailey Nelson Pre-Respiratory Care
Bailey Whitehurst Mgmt/Small Bus Mgmt Option
Barton Plimmer Electrical Engineering
Beaudy Harrington *IT Applications Dev Opt
Benjamin Ketler Mechanical Engineering Tech
Benjamin Morse Electronics Engineering Tech
Blake Bartlett Renewable Energy Engineering
Boden Gahringer Manufacturing Engineering Tech
Bradley Hummel Renewable Energy Engineering
Brandon Schmidt Biology-Health Sciences
Brandon Walker Dual Mech Eng Tech/MFG Eng Tec
Breanna Cadola Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Brendon Flaherty Operations Management
Brian Campbell Mechanical Engineering Tech
Brian Stinchcomb Radiologic Science
Brian Wuethrich Information Technology
Briana Dominguez Radiologic Science
Brittany Bocchi Nuclear Medicine Technology
Brittany Routh Radiologic Science
Brody Hadley Communication Studies
Brogan Leconte Applied Mathematics
Brooke Ables Vascular Technology
Brooke Petaja Biology-Health Sciences
Bryan Beard Radiologic Science
Caitlin Hughes Dual Software Eng/Applied Math
Cambria Shaw Mgmt/Accounting Option
Cameron Brin Renewable Energy Engineering
Cameron Cole Environmental Sciences
Carlos Faiers Mgmt/Small Bus Mgmt Option
Carly Bull Dental Hygiene
Carolina Vicente Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Carrie Graham Echocardiography
Carson Cummins Computer Engineering Tech
Casey Stribling Mechanical Engineering
Cassandra Katski Software Engineering Tech
Charles Jost Electrical Engineering
Charlotte Williams Vascular Technology
Cheyenne Van Dine Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Chloe Smith Environmental Sciences
Chris Carlson Mechanical Engineering
Christian Ferrer Mechanical Engineering Tech
Christopher Banas EMT - Paramedic
Christopher Brown Mechanical Engineering
Christopher James Communication Studies
Christopher Souza Computer Engineering Tech
Chrysteen Hutchins Dental Hygiene
Cindy Reed Biology-Health Sciences
Cody Smith Electrical Engineering
Cody Taylor Dual Renewable Energy/Elec Eng
Cody White Radiologic Science
Collin Brooks Mechanical Engineering Tech
Colt Glenn Mgmt/Accounting Option
Colton Minton Civil Engineering
Connor Leighton Mechanical Engineering
Connor Reynolds Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Corby Richards Biology-Health Sciences
Corey Friesen Health Informatics
Corrine Long Mgmt/Small Bus Mgmt Option
Crystal Stevens Software Engineering Tech
Dale O'Neil Radiologic Science
Damon Lerma Biology-Health Sciences
Dani Sundet General Studies
Daniel Bergor Dual Embed/Software Eng Tech
Daniel Cosovan Dental Hygiene
Daniel Rhodes Applied Mathematics
Daniel Salgado Information Technology
Daniel Stelle Software Engineering Tech
Daniel Stotts Embedded Systems Eng Tech
Danielle Schmidt Biology-Health Sciences
Danielle Snider Biology-Health Sciences
Dara Whelchel Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Darian Benanua *IT Applications Dev Opt
Dawn Oliver Renewable Energy Engineering
Devan Andersen Applied Psychology
Devin Eastin Mechanical Engineering
Devin Endicott Dental Hygiene
Devon Locke Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Diamond LaDeaux Echocardiography
Diana Pena Respiratory Care
Dillion Moreland Mechanical Engineering
Dmitry Green Dual Mech Eng Tech/MFG Eng Tec
Duke York Mechanical Engineering
Dustin Ford Radiologic Science
Dustin Schneider Communication Studies
Dylan Hewitt Software Engineering Tech
Easa El Sirgany Embedded Systems Eng Tech
Edward Case V Environmental Sciences
Edward Johnston Mechanical Engineering
Edward Kennedy Radiologic Science
Edward Saliba Respiratory Care
Elaine Li Vascular Technology
Elizabeth Henderson Software Engineering Tech
Elizabeth Thurman Electrical Engineering
Elliott Fish Manufacturing Engineering Tech
Elsey Perkins Dental Hygiene
Emilie Keimig Dental Hygiene
Emily Drew Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Emily Gaffery Population Health Management
Emily Thomas Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Eric Buckland Mgmt/Accounting Option
Eric Hogstrom Manufacturing Engineering Tech
Eric Storey Electrical Engineering
Erik Rojas Dental Hygiene
Erin Nordhill Respiratory Care
Ethan Kristensen Operations Management
Faith Dunn Pre-Nursing
Forest Feltner Mechanical Engineering
Gabrielle Cornelia Pre-Nursing
Genevieve Booren Computer Engineering Tech
Genevieve Rafferty Dental Hygiene
George Hill Health Informatics
German George Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Gordon Madden Embedded Systems Eng Tech
Gregory Gitzen Radiologic Science
Gunnar Alden Dual Mech Eng/MFG Eng Tech
Hailey Munsterman Nuclear Medicine Technology
Hailey Totorica Dental Hygiene
Haley Wright Respiratory Care
Hannah Armstrong Applied Mathematics
Hannah Byers Applied Psychology
Hannah Heyob Electrical Engineering
Hannah Powell Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Hannah Wieber Dental Hygiene
Heather Miller Dental Hygiene
Heidi Froelich Communication Studies
Holli Davis Clinical Laboratory Science
Huy Le Information Technology
Ian Mercer Renewable Energy Engineering
Ismael Franco Electrical Engineering
Israel Rivas Dental Hygiene
Jack Roberts Electrical Engineering
Jacob Chan Mechanical Engineering
Jacob Chesley Software Engineering Tech
Jacob Deck Communication Studies
Jacob Ferrer Applied Psychology
Jacob Locke Software Engineering Tech
Jadyn Lenard Pre-Nursing
James Finch Renewable Energy Engineering
James Gong Mechanical Engineering
James Roberts Civil Engineering
Jared Barger Operations Management
Jaryd Atkins Mechanical Engineering
Jasmine Daniels Respiratory Care
Jeffrey Yaw Mechanical Engineering Tech
Jenessa Adams Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Jenna Seutter Radiologic Science
Jennifer Jacobsen Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Jennifer Lakin Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Jennifer May Biology-Health Sciences
Jennifer Muir Dental Hygiene
Jennifer Recore Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Jeremiah Brunkala Electrical Engineering
Jerrid Plymale Electrical Engineering
Jesse Brown Mechanical Engineering
Jessica Bonner Dental Hygiene
Jessica dela Cruz Mechanical Engineering
Jessica Hart Applied Psychology
Jessica Maxey Software Engineering Tech
Jia Zhao Clinical Laboratory Science
Jill Cuadros Technology and Management
Jill Jungwirth Dental Hygiene
Joann Winters Echocardiography
Jodie Reoch Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Joel Terhune Biology-Health Sciences
John Buchanan Echocardiography
John Huffman Mechanical Engineering
John Lopez Dental Hygiene
Joley Powell Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Jon Jastak Information Technology
Jon Kelley Embedded Systems Eng Tech
Jonathan Allen Dual Mech Eng Tech/MFG Eng Tec
Jonathan Dirksen Mechanical Engineering
Jonathan Summerlin Software Engineering Tech
Joseph Galbraith Electrical Engineering
Joseph Grier Nuclear Medicine Technology
Joseph Reed Mechanical Engineering
Joseph Schmoll Mechanical Engineering
Josh Vallely Mechanical Engineering Tech
Joshua Cragoe Mechanical Engineering
Joshua Davis Dual Elec/Renewable Energy Eng
Joshua Johnson Applied Psychology
Josie Sams Radiologic Science
Joslyn Crewse Mgmt/Marketing Option
Joven Mark Miguel Radiologic Science
Juan Gonzalez Mechanical Engineering
Juan Hernandez Clinical Laboratory Science
Julian Franco Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Julie Jarman Dental Hygiene
Justin Haddon Geomatics-option in Surveying
Justin VonTungeln Environmental Sciences
Kacy Patterson Electrical Engineering
Kaitlyn Schmadeka Vascular Technology
Kara Wood Dental Hygiene
Karena Higgins Respiratory Care
Karissa Harbick Radiologic Science
Karli Weitzman General Studies
Katherine Derby Dual Compute/Software Eng Tech
Kathleen Przybylko Vascular Technology
Kathleen Snyder Clinical Laboratory Science
Kathryn Chard Biology-Health Sciences
Kathryn Rooney Applied Mathematics
Kati Hall Pre-Dental Hygiene
Katie Ingram Mgmt/Small Bus Mgmt Option
Katy Fitzgerald Radiologic Science
Kayla Haffner Clinical Laboratory Science
Kaylee Grigsby Dental Hygiene
Kelcie Wiley Population Health Management
Kelli Ford Respiratory Care
Kelly Honsinger Embedded Systems Eng Tech
Kelly Scott Mgmt/Marketing Option
Kelly Trout Radiologic Science
Kelsee Cody Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Kelsey Maher Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Kelson Bertrand Radiologic Science
Kennan Wong Electrical Engineering
Kevin Fessler Software Engineering Tech
Kevin Johnston Civil Engineering
Kevin Varga Software Engineering Tech
Keyul Patel Software Engineering Tech
Kili Brundridge Dental Hygiene
Krista Merrow Dental Hygiene
Krista Wolfe EMT - Paramedic
Kristen Marsters Health Care Mgmt-Admin Mgmt
Kristen Mattos Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Kurtis Pipkin Civil Engineering
Kyla Patty Population Health Management
Lacey Mesia Clinical Laboratory Science
Lance Dunn Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Larissa Wingard Applied Psychology
Lauren Blaco Echocardiography
Lauren Slominski Respiratory Care
LeAnne Littleton Health Care Mgmt-Admin Mgmt
Leslie Classen Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Leta Spradley Pre-Nursing
Lev Grebennik Mechanical Engineering
Lindsey Basuel Nuclear Medicine Technology
Lindsey McClure Radiologic Science
Lisa Littlejohn Applied Psychology
Lucas Hansen Mechanical Engineering
Lucas Simmons Health Informatics
Luis Hernandez EMT - Paramedic
Lyzette Juan-Sanchez Dental Hygiene
Madelyn Kephart Dental Hygiene
Malea Morgan Applied Mathematics
Marc Heron Mgmt/Marketing Option
Marco Bellutta Mechanical Engineering
Maria Mejia Dental Hygiene
Marisan Elisabeth Dual Civil Eng/Env Sciences
Mark Johnston Electrical Engineering
Mark Messina Renewable Energy Engineering
Marq Randall Operations Management
Martin Eberle Jr Electrical Engineering
Mary Drzayich Civil Engineering
Mathew Blanco Respiratory Care
Matthew Hampton Information Technology
Matthew Scott Civil Engineering
Mayra Morales Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Maysea Young Dental Hygiene
Mayumi Markee Clinical Laboratory Science
McKenna Drake Dental Hygiene
McKenzie Anderson Dental Hygiene
Megan Holland Respiratory Care
Megan Ross Clinical Lab Science-Earlyadm
Melissa Humphrey Clinical Laboratory Science
Michael Bettis Renewable Energy Engineering
Michael Felsher Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Michael Imada Applied Psychology
Michael Kilpatrick Mechanical Engineering
Min Oo Electrical Engineering
Mitchel Daugherty Biology-Health Sciences
Miya Streuber Respiratory Care
Morgan Cole Radiologic Science
Morgan Loring Software Engineering Tech
Morgan Masley Civil Engineering
Morgan Tewes *IT Health Informatics Opt
Nasreen Taha Mgmt/Accounting Option
Natalie Ross Mgmt/Marketing Option
Natalie Stenbeck Health Informatics
Nathan Connell Biology-Health Sciences
Nathan Sheppard Applied Mathematics
Nathan Wade Mgmt/Marketing Option
Nathan Wichert Pre-Nursing
Nazareth Thibodeaux Communication Studies
Nicholas Chow Mechanical Engineering Tech
Nicholas Lavender Software Engineering Tech
Nicklas Ringler Radiologic Science
Nicole Davis Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Nicole Doner Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Nikki Henderson Dental Hygiene
Noheaililani Waiwaiole Communication Studies
Oliver Lawry Mechanical Engineering
Paige Marko Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Patrick Johnson Software Engineering Tech
Paul VanEmmerik Biology-Health Sciences
Peter Tucker Dual Elec/Renewable Energy Eng
Race Jennings Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Rachel Soderberg Software Engineering Tech
Rachel Thomas Pre-Respiratory Care
Raeanna Washington Applied Psychology
Randy Ishitani Radiologic Science
Rebekah Matteri Geomatics-option in Surveying
Rhonda Costin Applied Mathematics
Richard Mahuze Electrical Engineering
Robert Schomp Renewable Energy Engineering
Ron Hittinger Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Royce Pierce Respiratory Care
Ruby Cash Health Care Mgmt-Clinical Mgmt
Ryan Bell Software Engineering Tech
Ryan Brooks Civil Engineering
Ryan Doers Mechanical Engineering
Ryan Gill Mechanical Engineering
Ryan Grant Mechanical Engineering
Ryan Hokema Mechanical Engineering
Ryan Roberson Nuclear Medicine Technology
Sadie Birch Respiratory Care
Sage Chittick Biology-Health Sciences
Samantha Moore Dental Hygiene
Samuel Ingledew Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Sang Mai Radiologic Science
Sanjay Raman Mechanical Engineering Tech
Sara Musgrave *IT Bus/Systems Analysis Opt
Sarah Johnson Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Sarah Walker-Foster Vascular Technology
Saul Preciado Geomatics-option in Surveying
Savannah Hitchcock Radiologic Science
Savannah Poston Respiratory Care
Scott Gregg Manufacturing Engineering Tech
Scott LeRoy Biology-Health Sciences
Scott Nicholson Vascular Technology
Scott Sooter Civil Engineering
Sean Griffith Mechanical Engineering
Sean Williams Dental Hygiene
Selena Ponce Dental Hygiene
September Karrigan Dental Hygiene
Serena Evenson Respiratory Care
Sergio Marroquin Dual Renewable Energy/Elec Eng
Shahida Balaparya Vascular Technology
Shane Harris Electronics Engineering Tech
Shane Meyer Mechanical Engineering
Shanna McDonald Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Shantell Goodwin Operations Management
Sharlena Luyen Software Engineering Tech
Shaymarie Parker Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Shea Treder Software Engineering Tech
Shelby Junette Radiologic Science
Sneha Aisola EMT - Paramedic
Spencer Einhorn Electrical Engineering
Stephanie Lindley Health Care Mgmt-Clinical Mgmt
Stephen Higgins Mechanical Engineering
Steven Alspach Dual Software Eng/Applied Math
Steven Chapman EMT - Paramedic
Steven Krall Echocardiography
Steven Reed Civil Engineering
Steven White Respiratory Care
Stewart Taylor Software Engineering Tech
Sumaya Al-Rawahi Renewable Energy Engineering
Susana Panuco Operations Management
Suzanne Nelson Radiologic Science
Svetlana Stefanovich Dental Hygiene
Sydni Scott Civil Engineering
Synthia Smart Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Tamara Evans Civil Engineering
Tamara Riddle Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Tang Vang Clinical Laboratory Science
Tanner Gilliland Radiologic Science
Tanner Manselle Population Health Management
Taylor Gallery Echocardiography
Taylor Jorgensen Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Taylor Munson Dental Hygiene
Taylor Redd Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Taylor Simon Biology-Health Sciences
Taylor Vestal Dental Hygiene
Tessia Barrera Dental Hygiene
Thomas Holland *IT Bus/Systems Analysis Opt
Thomas Tappert Dual Renewable Energy/Elec Eng
Thomas Volk Civil Engineering
Tiffany Chong Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Timothy Houghton Clinical Laboratory Science
Timothy Hufford Civil Engineering
Timothy Maddox Mechanical Engineering
Travis Chagnon Respiratory Care
Trevor Lundsten Civil Engineering
Trevor Orchard Information Technology
Tristan Shea Health Informatics
Tyler Badinger Health Care Mgmt-Admin Mgmt
Tyler Lewis Mechanical Engineering
Tyler Swinton Mgmt/Accounting Option
Tyler Van Kirk Radiologic Science
Tyler VanMeter Civil Engineering
Valerie Dull Health Care Mgmt-Rad Science
Victor Salazar Applied Mathematics
Victoria Roberts Vascular Technology
Wafa Al-Obeidi Clinical Laboratory Science
Wallace Miller Renewable Energy Engineering
Wendy Pacheco Respiratory Care
Wes Loy Population Health Management
William Brannon EMT - Paramedic
William Keeran Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
William Perry Civil Engineering
William Rutledge Mgmt/Small Bus Mgmt Option
William Thode Mechanical Engineering Tech
William Weaver Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Yaser Aljuhni Electrical Engineering
Zachary Leininger Environmental Sciences
Zachary Noeker Mechanical Engineering Tech
Zachery Schmid Software Engineering Tech
Zaine Stapleton Operations Management
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