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2016-2017 Winter Term President's and Dean's List

Apr 05, 2017
The following students have been named to the 2016-2017 Winter Term President's and Dean's Lists
The following students have been named to the 201-2017 Winter Term President's and Dean's list at Oregon Institute of Technology. Only full-time undergraduate students (12 credit hours or more at Oregon Tech) are eligible for academic honors. Please contact the Registrar's Office at 541-885-1300 with any questions.
The following students have been named to the President's list at Oregon Institute of Technology. Inclusion on the list requires a 3.70 grade-point average and above.

Hailee Abraham Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Benjamin Abshier Civil Engineering
Christian Abshier Information Technology
Maci Ackerman Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Daisha Acorda Population Health Management
Jenessa Adams Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Sarah Adams Respiratory Care
Jacob Adamson Embedded Systems Eng Tech
Benjamin Aday Electrical Engineering
Alexandra Aguilar Dental Hygiene
Jennifer Aguirre Mgmt/Marketing Option
Justin Aguirre Operations Management
Shant Ahuja Software Engineering Tech
Haider Al Baderi Electrical Engineering
Sumaya Al-Rawahi Renewable Energy Engineering
Grant Alexander Biology-Health Sciences
Kawthar Alfilfel Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Mohamed Alhosani Dual Renewable Energy/Elec Eng
Yaser Aljuhni Electrical Engineering
Joshua Allan Renewable Energy Engineering
Timothy Alldrin Geomatics-option in Surveying
Saad Almana Mechanical Engineering Tech
Leonel Almaraz Renewable Energy Engineering
Hidaya Almuallim Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Saud Alsobaie Software Engineering Tech
Steven Alspach Dual Software Eng/Applied Math
Jesse Alves Mechanical Engineering
Annika Andersen Renewable Energy Engineering
Erik Andersen Software Engineering Tech
Allyson Anderson Dental Hygiene
Logan Anderson EMT - Paramedic
Devon Andrade Dual Compute/Software Eng Tech
Markayla Andre Respiratory Care
Kyle Armstrong Operations Management
Justin Arnold EMT - Paramedic
Jessica Arrington Mechanical Engineering
David Arthurs Dental Hygiene
Alicia Atchison Medical Laboratory Science
Haleigh Aubut Applied Psychology
Maria Avila-Perez Dental Hygiene
Brittney Ayles Biology-Health Sciences
Sophia Azevedo Mechanical Engineering
Tyler Badinger Health Care Mgmt-Admin Mgmt
Jamie Badker Technology and Management
Devin Baez Operations Management
Joshua Bailey Software Engineering Tech
Salome Baltensperger Pre-Medical Lab Science
Grant Banister Civil Engineering
Rochelle Banta Communication Studies
Matthew Barber Mechanical Engineering
Consuelo Barela Sleep Health-Polysom Tech Opt
Jared Barger Operations Management
Mikala Barnes Radiologic Science
Cory Barney Dual Compute/Software Eng Tech
Joshua Barott Information Technology
Tiffany Barrett Radiologic Science
David Bartlemay Radiologic Science
Gabrielle Basham Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Kamren Bates Electrical Engineering
Madison Bean Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Bryan Beard Radiologic Science
Ronni Becker Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Kasey Bekkerus Pre-Medical Lab Science
McKenzi Benedict Dental Hygiene
Erica Bennett Nuclear Medicine Technology
Bradley Bergstrom Software Engineering Tech
Litonya Bergstrom Medical Lab Science-Earlyadm
Kelson Bertrand Radiologic Science
Stacy Bicknell Dental Hygiene
Alexis Biddington Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Jessie Billings Nuclear Medicine Technology
Henry Bingham Biology-Health Sciences
Samuel Bishop Software Engineering Tech
Bailey Bixler Mechanical Engineering
Samantha Bixler Biology-Health Sciences
Autumn Bizon Operations Management
Austin Black Radiologic Science
Andrea Blake Radiologic Science
Keith Blake Embedded Systems Eng Tech
Brette Bliss Communication Studies
Sunday Bogart Pre-Dental Hygiene
Megan Bolin Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Collin Bond Electrical Engineering
Jared Bott Mechanical Engineering
James Boulter Applied Psychology
Amanda Bounnam Applied Psychology
Isaac Boyd Medical Lab Science-Earlyadm
Dylan Brandstetter Software Engineering Tech
Andrew Briscoe Information Technology
Amanda Brooks Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Taylor Brooks Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Shane Broome Mechanical Engineering Tech
Justin Broughton Information Technology
Benjamin Brown Computer Engineering Tech
Dakota Brown Population Health Management
Kanissa Brown Radiologic Science
Kiahna Brown Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Sarah Brown Radiologic Science
Jesse Brummett Mechanical Engineering
Aimee Bruner Renewable Energy Engineering
Keeley Bryant Applied Psychology
Nicole Buck Civil Engineering
Eric Buckland Mgmt/Accounting Option
Peter Bucuvalas Renewable Energy Engineering
Matthew Bunch Information Technology
Hannah Bunnell Medical Laboratory Science
Scott Burge Biology-Health Sciences
Andrew Burke *IT Bus/Systems Analysis Opt
Matt Burke Electrical Engineering
Kristin Burkholder Echocardiography
Michael Burton Communication Studies
Sandra Busch Dental Hygiene
Brandon Butler Vascular Technology
GeRysand Cabanilla Renewable Energy Engineering
Taylor Caldwell Software Engineering Tech
Osvaldo Capistran-Perez Renewable Energy Engineering
Kara Cardwell Medical Laboratory Science
Patrick Carlson Software Engineering Tech
Daniel Carter Biology-Health Sciences
Nicole Carter Biology-Health Sciences
Patrick Caruana Software Engineering Tech
Alexander Castro Dual Compute/Software Eng Tech
Craig Cedros Technology and Management
Marlee Chamberlain EMT - Paramedic
Andrew Chapman Medical Laboratory Science
Casey Chapman Mechanical Engineering Tech
Christopher Chapman Mechanical Engineering
Willow Charlton Population Health Management
Courtney Cheavtharn Dental Hygiene
Frosina Chernishov Dental Hygiene
Vanessa Chizum Radiologic Science
Trischelle Christensen Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Chelsea Christison Software Engineering Tech
Cara Christofferson Environmental Sciences
Leslie Classen Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Bryce Cleary Electrical Engineering
Kelsee Cody Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Emily Coelho Vascular Technology
Matthew Cole Software Engineering Tech
Morgan Cole Radiologic Science
Sara Cole Radiologic Science
Kylie Collom Biology-Health Sciences
Jacey Conklin Mgmt/Marketing Option
Nathan Connell Biology-Health Sciences
Leslie Contreras Dental Hygiene
Travis Cooke Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Gabrielle Cornelia Pre-Nursing
Melissa Craig Nuclear Medicine Technology
Jessica Crew Dental Hygiene
Christina Crisan Medical Laboratory Science
Rebecca Crumrine Nuclear Medicine Technology
Gavin Curtis Technology and Management
Megan Cushman Mgmt/Accounting Option
Rachel Dana Echocardiography
Brandy Dandy Information Technology
Courtney Daniels Radiologic Science
Abby Davis Respiratory Care
Allison Davis Vascular Technology
Bryce Davis Radiologic Science
Michelle Davis Applied Psychology
Trevor Davis Civil Engineering
Lynn Dawson Dental Hygiene
Aaron Day Software Engineering Tech
Kristine Day Vascular Technology
Danielle De Castro Mechanical Engineering
Kristin DePaoli Echocardiography
Mathias Dean Renewable Energy Engineering
Matthew Del Fante Software Engineering Tech
Jessica Dela Cruz Mechanical Engineering
Rachael Delamare Mgmt/Marketing Option
Alejandra Delgado Dental Hygiene
Cheyenne Delicate Biology-Health Sciences
John-Michael Denton Electrical Engineering
Kristin Denton Echocardiography
Connor Devereux Radiologic Science
Brady Dickerson Nuclear Medicine Technology
Kaela Dickey Dental Hygiene
Jonathan Dirksen Mechanical Engineering
Alison Dixon Nuclear Medicine Technology
Lillian Do Dental Hygiene
Charlene Dobry Applied Psychology
Sahalie Doe Radiologic Science
Nicole Doner Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Natalie Dove Medical Laboratory Science
McKenna Drake Dental Hygiene
Ian Draney Electrical Engineering
Lucy Drescher Dental Hygiene
Molli Drivdahl Software Engineering Tech
Kayla Duke Pre-Nursing
Rebecca Duncan Radiologic Science
Alisha Dura Population Health Management
Ayla Duyn Dental Hygiene
Devin Eastin Mechanical Engineering
Taylor Edwards Mechanical Engineering
Tamara Emard Civil Engineering
Brandon Erickson Dual Renewable Energy/Elec Eng
Noemi Ernst Computer Engineering Tech
Victoria Evans-Bautista Communication Studies
Abbigale Eyestone EMT - Paramedic
Merlin Faerber Manufacturing Engineering Tech
Hans Fagerudd Operations Management
Zachariah Fansler Respiratory Care
Samuel Farris Information Technology
Benedict Fawver Electrical Engineering
Oberon Fayland Mechanical Engineering
Nestor Fernando Campos Electronics Engineering Tech
Christian Ferrer Mechanical Engineering Tech
Nancy Ferrer Pre-Nursing
Ruth Ferrer Applied Psychology
Veronika Fitzgerald Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Matthew Flatebo Medical Laboratory Science
Garrett Fleischer Software Engineering Tech
Julie Flores Medical Laboratory Science
Mariah Foltz Health Care Mgmt-Admin Mgmt
Benjamin Ford Mechanical Engineering
Dustin Ford Radiologic Science
Stephanie Forrester Nuclear Medicine Technology
Isabella Foss Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Jill Foster Sleep Health-Polysom Tech Opt
Tyler Francois EMT - Paramedic
Alison Freeman Pre-Dental Hygiene
Amanda Freeman Pre-Nursing
Jacob Freeman Electrical Engineering
Mark French Mechanical Engineering
Megan Friar Nuclear Medicine Technology
Jennifer Friedman EMT - Paramedic
Heidi Froelich Communication Studies
Holly Froelich Pre-Nursing
Devan Fromwiller Dental Hygiene
Miranda Frost Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Lucas Fuller Electrical Engineering
Krista Galloway Dual Renewable Energy/Elec Eng
Matthew Gannon Radiologic Science
Jennifer Garabato Medical Laboratory Science
Michaela Garcelon Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Alan Gardner Computer Engineering Tech
Andreina Garibay Dental Hygiene
Amanda Gates Mgmt/Accounting Option
Macy Gescher Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Stephen Gettel Operations Management
Grant Gholston Mechanical Engineering
Alex Gibson Renewable Energy Engineering
Hanna Gil Radiologic Science
Jamie Gillespie Radiologic Science
Jacqueline Gillon Medical Laboratory Science
Gregory Gitzen Radiologic Science
Jason Givens Operations Management
Piedad Gonzalez -Diaz Pre-Nursing
Chad Goodwin Information Technology
Jared Granger Manufacturing Engineering Tech
Carissa Grant Nuclear Medicine Technology
Jessica Grapentine Dental Hygiene
Kaylee Grasle Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Matt Green Renewable Energy Engineering
Megan Green Population Health Management
Alexander Greene EMT - Paramedic
Breanna Greenlee Vascular Technology
Seth Gretz Mgmt/Small Bus Mgmt Option
Annabel Grohs Mechanical Engineering
Nicholas Grow Radiologic Science
Itati Guillen Dental Hygiene
Samuel Gulliford Electrical Engineering
Gabrielle Gundersen Radiologic Science
Emily Gustafson-Plummer Dental Hygiene
Sarah Haffly Mgmt/Accounting Option
Joshua Hall Mechanical Engineering
Brandi Hamamoto Respiratory Care
Nikki Hames Pre-Nursing
Garrett Hammock Software Engineering Tech
Jazmine Hancock Electrical Engineering
Brooks Hanson Biology-Health Sciences
Karissa Harbick Radiologic Science
Tyler Harris Population Health Management
Lindsay Harrison Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Rachel Hauser Dental Hygiene
Charles Hawkins Software Engineering Tech
Kimberly Heesacker Radiologic Science
Roman Heidrich Applied Psychology
Jonathon Heitzman Biology-Health Sciences
Tanel Helmik Software Engineering Tech
Angela Henry Vascular Technology
Dakota Hensley Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Jason Herfindahl Radiologic Science
Kristina Hertz Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Dylan Hewitt Software Engineering Tech
Katlyn Hibbs Biology-Health Sciences
Micah Hicks Mechanical Engineering
Savannah Hitchcock Radiologic Science
Ron Hittinger Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Colby Hobgood Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Brittany Hogenson Radiologic Science
Eric Hogstrom Manufacturing Engineering Tech
Alexander Holland Biology-Health Sciences
Thomas Holland Information Technology
Patrick Holmes Applied Psychology
Kelly Honsinger Embedded Systems Eng Tech
Benjamin Hood Communication Studies
Kayla de Hoop Civil Engineering
Andrew Horn Software Engineering Tech
Zachary Horton Radiologic Science
Alex Houston Software Engineering Tech
Justin Howard Software Engineering Tech
Aaron Hreha Mechanical Engineering
Steven Hubbs Medical Laboratory Science
Alexis Hughes Health Care Mgmt-Admin Mgmt
Amelia Huhn Nuclear Medicine Technology
Ashlee Marie Hulsey Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Mohamud Hussein Electrical Engineering
Julia Ingersoll Dental Hygiene
Katie Iorg Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Mark Irsfeld Health Informatics
Alicia Isenhour Applied Psychology
Reece Ishihara Mechanical Engineering
Christina Istrate Biology-Health Sciences
Pavel Ivanov Software Engineering Tech
Daniel Iwicki Civil Engineering
Ashley Jacobs Dental Hygiene
Jennifer Jacobsen Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Jennifer Jennings Biology-Health Sciences
Laney Jensen Dental Hygiene
Desiree Jess Dental Hygiene
Coryna Johnson Software Engineering Tech
Damian Johnson Communication Studies
Jessica Johnson Applied Psychology
Lucas Johnson Mechanical Engineering
Mary Johnson Radiologic Science
Patrick Johnson Software Engineering Tech
Sarah Johnson Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Brayden Jones Mechanical Engineering
Lyzette Juan-Sanchez Dental Hygiene
Corrie Judd Biology-Health Sciences
Jeremy Judson *IT Applications Dev Opt
Shelby Junette Radiologic Science
Chidi Kanu Vascular Technology
Natasha Karan Civil Engineering
Tanner Karp Mechanical Engineering
William Keeran Radiologic Science
Justin Kelly Electrical Engineering
Meghan Kelly Dental Hygiene
McKenna Kendall Radiologic Science
Christine Kennedy Dental Hygiene
Edward Kennedy Radiologic Science
Rachel Kermoyan Dental Hygiene
Jordyn Keys Radiologic Science
Jessica Kinman Mechanical Engineering
Natasha Kinsella Vascular Technology
Satomi Kiriakedis Biology-Health Sciences
David Kirkendall Electrical Engineering
Jenny Kirschner Radiologic Science
Kaleb Kline Civil Engineering
Jake Knudsen Software Engineering Tech
Michel Koopman Software Engineering Tech
Chanelle Koster Dental Hygiene
Stephanie Koza Biology-Health Sciences
Megan Krautscheid Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Gunnar Krueger Mechanical Engineering
Evy Marie Kvammen Applied Psychology
Diamond LaDeaux Echocardiography
Shelby LaTourrette Biology-Health Sciences
Tifany Lagos Renewable Energy Engineering
Maria Raquel Lagunas Garci Dental Hygiene
Mark Laird Radiologic Science
Jennifer Lakin Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Adam Langley Respiratory Care
Drake Lannon Electrical Engineering
Michael Larrabee Renewable Energy Engineering
Marlana Larrimore Radiologic Science
Huy Le Information Technology
Karly LeVeque Health Care Mgmt-Admin Mgmt
Faith Lee Health Care Mgmt-Admin Mgmt
Hannah Lee Dental Hygiene
Taylor Lee Dental Hygiene
Zachary Leininger Environmental Sciences
Adrianna Leon Nuclear Medicine Technology
Pavel Leonchik Electrical Engineering
Kurtis Lepley Electrical Engineering
Damon Lerma Biology-Health Sciences
Kacy Leuthold Dental Hygiene
Sarah Levesque Applied Psychology
McKenzy Leveton Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Jasmine Lewis Echocardiography
Tyler Lewis Mechanical Engineering
Joslyn Lindsey Mgmt/Marketing Option
Matthew Lipscomb Radiologic Science
Mosier Locke Geomatics-option in Surveying
Dana Londen Geomatics-option in Surveying
Morgan Loring Software Engineering Tech
Christopher Love Electrical Engineering
Alexa Lowry Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Trevor Lundsten Civil Engineering
Gracie Lyon Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Elyse Mace Nuclear Medicine Technology
Gordon Madden Embedded Systems Eng Tech
Haley Maddess Mgmt/Small Bus Mgmt Option
Michael Mahar EMT - Paramedic
Kelsey Maher Radiologic Science
Jayme Mahler Radiologic Science
Richard Mahuze Electrical Engineering
Sang Mai Radiologic Science
Rebecca Maier Applied Psychology
Caleb Makela Software Engineering Tech
Daniel Malriat Renewable Energy Engineering
Kevin Malstrom Electrical Engineering
Bailin Mann Applied Psychology
Bethany Martin Population Health Management
Asheley Martino Dental Hygiene
Alyssa Marty Nuclear Medicine Technology
Kristen Mattos Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Clayton Maves Mgmt/Marketing Option
Marie May Embedded Systems Eng Tech
Bryan Mayberry Geomatics-option in Surveying
Sofiya Mayevskiy Electrical Engineering
Jacob McAvoy Biology-Health Sciences
Jared McBride Mgmt/Small Bus Mgmt Option
Jena McCann Dental Hygiene
Monique McClaire Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Lindsey McClure Radiologic Science
Alyssa McCue Biology-Health Sciences
Regina McDaniel Applied Psychology
Baker McDonald Dual Renewable Energy/Env Sci
Drew McDonald Renewable Energy Engineering
Mackenzie McGuire Radiologic Science
Carly McIsaac Applied Psychology
Jessica McKelvey Medical Laboratory Science
Hannah McLane Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Kathryn McNamee Nuclear Medicine Technology
Timothy McPherson Civil Engineering
John Mccall Renewable Energy Engineering
Joanna Meas Dental Hygiene
Edward Medina Biology-Health Sciences
Alexi Meier Dental Hygiene
Lindsay Meithof Nuclear Medicine Technology
Valeria Menke Communication Studies
Matthew Merjil Biology-Health Sciences
Evan Mew Respiratory Care
Brian Middleton Operations Management
Sarah Mihulka Biology-Health Sciences
Danyle Miles Electrical Engineering
Jennifer Millar Environmental Sciences
Aaron Miller Environmental Sciences
Carrie Miller Radiologic Science
David Miller Respiratory Care
Joseph Miller Software Engineering Tech
Russell Miller Echocardiography
Travis Miller Information Technology
Julien Mindlin-Davidson Mechanical Engineering
Colton Minton Civil Engineering
Brooke Molloy Mechanical Engineering
Doug Molzahn Pre-Medical Lab Science
Angela Monroe Health Care Mgmt-Clinical Mgmt
Luis Montes Mota Mechanical Engineering
Brandon Morago Mechanical Engineering Tech
Ashlei Morgan Mechanical Engineering
Jackson Morgan Mechanical Engineering
Kayla Morgan Dental Hygiene
Malea Morgan Applied Mathematics
Travis Moriki Pre-Nursing
Brianna Mortier Medical Laboratory Science
Jennifer Muir Dental Hygiene
David Murphy Mgmt/Marketing Option
Kirsten Murren Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Sara Musgrave Information Technology
Bailey Nelson Pre-Respiratory Care
Kathleen Nelson Dental Hygiene
Marena Nelson Applied Psychology
Sara Nelson Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Michael Ness Geomatics-option in Surveying
Sydney Nett Biology-Health Sciences
Chrishtianna Newell Biology-Health Sciences
Anna Nguyen Pre-Nursing
Duy Nguyen Medical Laboratory Science
Scott Nicholson Vascular Technology
Austin Nickerson Civil Engineering
Daniel Nielson Mechanical Engineering Tech
Mark Nita Electrical Engineering
Jacob Nixon Manufacturing Engineering Tech
Kynan Nordal Mechanical Engineering
Lander Nordal Mechanical Engineering
Erin Nordhill Respiratory Care
Stacy O'Keeffe Respiratory Care
Brian Obedowski Echocardiography
Robert Ohling Renewable Energy Engineering
Arlene Olivera Pre-Respiratory Care
Juan Olmeda-Chavez Technology and Management
Casey Oltman Biology-Health Sciences
Keith Omogrosso Electrical Engineering
Trevor Orchard Information Technology
Tate Orlik Hill Electrical Engineering
Bishop Osborn General Studies
Alexander Ott Software Engineering Tech
Jeffrey Ottenad Software Engineering Tech
Justin Overton Operations Management
Jacob Ovgard Communication Studies
Shane Paap Dental Hygiene
Liliana Pang Medical Laboratory Science
Courtney Paris Dental Hygiene
Kimberly Parker Dental Hygiene
Maryann Parker Respiratory Care
Shaymarie Parker Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Miranda Parsons Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Elisabeth Partridge Echocardiography
Kyla Patty Population Health Management
Jacquelyn Patzke Echocardiography
Margaret Paul Echocardiography
Kylee Pearce Pre-Nursing
Thomas Pearce Electrical Engineering
Janeen Peil Dental Hygiene
Kayla Pershall Applied Psychology
Claire Pflieger Radiologic Science
Kurtis Pipkin Civil Engineering
Barton Plimmer Electrical Engineering
Christopher Poach Electrical Engineering
Hannah Pope Echocardiography
Benjamin Porter Mechanical Engineering
Randall Porter Information Technology
Austin Poulin Manufacturing Engineering Tech
Hannah Powell Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Joley Powell Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Lance Prange Health Informatics
Saul Preciado Geomatics-option in Surveying
Kendyl Preston Applied Psychology
Richard Putman Radiologic Science
Colten Puzey Radiologic Science
Cameron Quenzer Embedded Systems Eng Tech
Taylor Quinn Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Genevieve Rafferty Dental Hygiene
Marina Ramos Pre-Dental Hygiene
Kelsey Rank Radiologic Science
Joseph Rappaport Electronics Engineering Tech
Kathryn Rathburn Biology-Health Sciences
Jennifer Recore Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Taylor Redd Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Ashlie Redfox Biology-Health Sciences
Aquila Reed Geomatics-option in Surveying
Cindy Reed Biology-Health Sciences
Steven Reed Civil Engineering
Caleb Reister Electrical Engineering
Troy Riblett Dual Software Eng/Applied Math
Joshua Ricketts Radiologic Science
Nicklas Ringler Radiologic Science
Brianna Rios Dental Hygiene
Ryan Roberson Nuclear Medicine Technology
Keoni Roberts *IT Health Informatics Opt
Morgan Roberts Applied Psychology
Kirsten-Nikki Rochefort Dental Hygiene
Madison Rodne Pre-Nursing
Abelardo Rodriguez Zepeda Mechanical Engineering
Emily Rogers Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Kendall Rohde Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Sulina Roma Radiologic Science
Brandi Ronco Mgmt/Marketing Option
Andrew Rood Renewable Energy Engineering
Megan Ross Pre-Nursing
Brandon Rude Information Technology
Sarah Rudzik Radiologic Science
Billy Rumbewas Mechanical Engineering
Alyssa Rupp Echocardiography
Matthew Russell Radiologic Science
Alexander Ryan Information Technology
Matthew Sai Mgmt/Accounting Option
Caleb Sale Mechanical Engineering
Kelsey Sampson Renewable Energy Engineering
Josie Sams Radiologic Science
Laura Sanchez Software Engineering Tech
Lewis Sanchez Dual Software Eng/Applied Math
Kaitlyn Saunders Medical Lab Science-Earlyadm
Bogdan Savic Electrical Engineering
Chloee Sazama Dental Hygiene
Kathrina Schell Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Kylee Schimel Nuclear Medicine Technology
Ethan Schlecht Vascular Technology
Danielle Schmidt Population Health Management
Nicole Schreiber Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Benjamin Schulz Population Health Management
John Schulz Mechanical Engineering
Shelby Schulz Echocardiography
Carissa Scott Radiologic Science
Connor Scott Mgmt/Marketing Option
Kelly Scott Mgmt/Marketing Option
Neilla Semerikov Dental Hygiene
Warren Sept Mechanical Engineering
Jenna Seutter Radiologic Science
Ashley Sfetku Echocardiography
Abigail Shaw Pre-Nursing
Tristan Shea Health Informatics
Amy Shelton Dental Hygiene
Sarah Shepard Radiologic Science
Danielle Sherman Health Informatics
Sierra Shuey Dental Hygiene
Taylor Siddall Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Emily Silva Mgmt/Small Bus Mgmt Option
Andrei Simon Biology-Health Sciences
Katharine Singleton Geomatics-option in Surveying
Malori Singleton Nuclear Medicine Technology
Lorraine Skalla Operations Management
Jessica Slavit Biology-Health Sciences
Hadi Sleel Manufacturing Engineering Tech
Ashley Slinkard Medical Laboratory Science
Lauren Slominski Respiratory Care
Theresa Small-Castellanos Echocardiography
Synthia Smart Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Austin Smith Electronics Engineering Tech
Chloe Smith Environmental Sciences
Grace Smith Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Meaghan Smith Health Care Mgmt-Clinical Mgmt
Tiana Smith Dental Hygiene
Samantha Snyder Applied Psychology
Carlos Solorio Information Technology
Austin Soper Manufacturing Engineering Tech
Garrett Soper Echocardiography
Jordan Spangler Electrical Engineering
Brooke Spencer EMT - Paramedic
Leta Spradley Pre-Nursing
Donald St John Applied Mathematics
Albert Sta Cruz Software Engineering Tech
Daniel Stahlnecker Medical Laboratory Science
Emily Stair Medical Laboratory Science
Nicholas Stark Biology-Health Sciences
Anna Steademan Mechanical Engineering
Colton Steele Vascular Technology
Billy Stewart Medical Laboratory Science
James Stiefer EMT - Paramedic
Jenna Stiehr Biology-Health Sciences
Jennah Stobie Biology-Health Sciences
Aubreanna Stoliker Operations Management
Miya Streuber Respiratory Care
Micah Swartz Mechanical Engineering
Kayley Swinton Biology-Health Sciences
Courtney Tabion Biology-Health Sciences
Jarrett Taira Electrical Engineering
Taelynn Tangonan Dental Hygiene
Ian Tarnovsky Biology-Health Sciences
Jenny Tavarez Dental Hygiene
Andrew Taylor Mechanical Engineering
Chance Temple Information Technology
Joel Terhune Biology-Health Sciences
Jessica Thiel Biology-Health Sciences
Catherine Thomas Biology-Health Sciences
Emily Thomas Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Rachel Thomas Respiratory Care
Joshua Thorpe Radiologic Science
Kate Threlfall Medical Laboratory Science
Elizabeth Thurman Electrical Engineering
Cassandra Tolman Radiologic Science
Bernadett Tomarzalian Operations Management
Nathaniel Torres Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Olivia Train Dental Hygiene
Kelly Trout Radiologic Science
Emily Trushell Applied Psychology
Peter Tucker Dual Elec/Renewable Energy Eng
Alexander Turkins Pre-Nursing
Daniel Undell Geomatics-option in Surveying
Arlette Valencia Electrical Engineering
Amanda Valentine Dental Hygiene
Quim Vallve Tomas Mgmt/Marketing Option
Tyler Van Kirk Radiologic Science
Quentin Vargas Mechanical Engineering
Joshua Varland Geomatics-option in Surveying
Karen Vazquez George Pre-Nursing
Eduard Veremchuk Nuclear Medicine Technology
Brittany Verigan Pre-Nursing
Stephanie Vetter Software Engineering Tech
Suzanna Vetter Population Health Management
Emily Vincent Medical Laboratory Science
Katie Virtue Radiologic Science
Mackenzie Virtue Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Timothy Visser Health Informatics
Myles Vogler Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Justin VonTungeln Environmental Sciences
Bryan Wada Communication Studies
Peter Wade Operations Management
Ashley Wagner Software Engineering Tech
Chase Wago Civil Engineering
Daniel Ward Echocardiography
Sydney Waters Nuclear Medicine Technology
Sarah Watkins Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
William Weaver Radiologic Science
Dakotah Webb Mechanical Engineering
Keaton Webb Mechanical Engineering
Andrew Weber Civil Engineering
Alexandra Wechsler Biology-Health Sciences
Elliott Weinberg Dual Renewable Energy/Elec Eng
Marcie Wetzler Dental Hygiene
Autumn Wheeling Radiologic Science
Dara Whelchel Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Stephen White Software Engineering Tech
Bailey Whitehurst Mgmt/Small Bus Mgmt Option
Satya Whitlock Mechanical Engineering
Olivia Wick Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Karen Wickman Radiologic Science
Hannah Wieber Dental Hygiene
Jessica Wiggins Dental Hygiene
Stephanie Willis Mechanical Engineering Tech
Madison Windham Pre-Dental Hygiene
David Wing Embedded Systems Eng Tech
Roderick Winters Health Care Mgmt-Admin Mgmt
James Woitas Mechanical Engineering
Natasha Wolfe Radiologic Science
Morgan Wood Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Lynzee Wortman Mgmt/Marketing Option
James Wray Manufacturing Engineering Tech
Brianna Wright Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Dillon Wright Mechanical Engineering
Thomas Wright Renewable Energy Engineering
Timothy Wright Dual Embed/Software Eng Tech
Braedon Wrosch Mechanical Engineering
Charles Wrotenbery Electrical Engineering
Brian Wuethrich Information Technology
Jordan Yechout Dental Hygiene
Junmin Yee Dual Software Eng/Applied Math
Michael Yilek Software Engineering Tech
Duke York Mechanical Engineering
Jessica York Renewable Energy Engineering
Allison Young Biology-Health Sciences
Brooke Young Health Care Mgmt-Admin Mgmt
Edmond Yue Environmental Sciences
Alyssa Yundt Dental Hygiene
Zaina Zaidan Medical Laboratory Science
Gabriel Zeller Dual Software Eng/Applied Math
Peter Zetterlund Renewable Energy Engineering
Wei Zhao Emergency Medical Services Mgt
Aaron Zhen Dual Renewable Energy/Elec Eng
Karen Zhen Medical Laboratory Science

The following students have been named to the Dean's list at Oregon Institute of Technology. Inclusion on the list requires a 3.30 to 3.69 grade-point average.

Audrey Abblitt Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Brooke Ables Vascular Technology
Scott Acker Mechanical Engineering
Wade Ackley Mgmt/Marketing Option
Said Aden Operations Management
Blake Adkins Civil Engineering
Aaron Adkisson Mechanical Engineering
Gunnar Alden Dual Mech Eng/MFG Eng Tech
Yusuf Algoz *IT Applications Dev Opt
Cameron Allen Biology-Health Sciences
Jonathan Allen Manufacturing Engineering Tech
Melissa Allen Dental Hygiene
Zainab Almualim Nuclear Medicine Technology
Hasan Alramadan Pre-Dental Hygiene
Christopher Anderson Mechanical Engineering
Crystal Anderson Dental Hygiene
Emily Anderson Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Jacob Anderson Mechanical Engineering
McKenzie Anderson Dental Hygiene
Sean Angel Geomatics-option in Surveying
Sarah Arnold Information Technology
Adam Arrington Mechanical Engineering
James Atkinson Software Engineering Tech
Jessica Baker Echocardiography
Caleb Ball Mgmt/Accounting Option
Christopher Ballard Pre-Nursing
David Barnes Software Engineering Tech
Cameron Barnhardt Renewable Energy Engineering
Peter Barrett Embedded Systems Eng Tech
Mohammed Bawazeer Renewable Energy Engineering
Nicholas Beard Software Engineering Tech
Ryan Bell Software Engineering Tech
Daniel Bergor Dual Compute/Software Eng Tech
Brianna Bernier-Drake Pre-Nursing
Michael Bettis Renewable Energy Engineering
McKynzie Beyer Radiologic Science
Emily Biggs Radiologic Science
Sadie Birch Respiratory Care
Cassedy Biri Mgmt/Marketing Option
Jason Black Renewable Energy Engineering
Michael Blankenship Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Lodewijk Bloemzaad Mgmt/Marketing Option
Roman Bogza Electronics Engineering Tech
Vance Bolding Electrical Engineering
Jessica Bonner Dental Hygiene
Spencer Bradbrook Manufacturing Engineering Tech
Christopher Brockamp Information Technology
Jesse Brown Mechanical Engineering
Kyler Brown Health Informatics
Paige Bruce Nuclear Medicine Technology
Jared Bucklein *IT Health Informatics Opt
Joseph Budge Manufacturing Engineering Tech
Aaron Burke Mechanical Engineering
Mattie Byers Echocardiography
Garrett Byrd Applied Psychology
Desiree Cahill Diagnostic Medical Sonography
McKenzie Campbell Operations Management
David Cantrell Renewable Energy Engineering
Jacob Carpenter Communication Studies
Kristen Carr Nuclear Medicine Technology
Ryan Carr Nuclear Medicine Technology
Faryn Case Environmental Sciences
Tiffany Casey Pre-Nursing
Jose Chavolla-Garcia Mgmt/Small Bus Mgmt Option
Jacob Chesley Software Engineering Tech
Brian Chipman Operations Management
Carissa Choukalos Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Eric Cisneros Echocardiography
Dillon Claybaugh Biology-Health Sciences
Vivienne Clemen Geomatics-option in GIS
Mason Cluff Computer Engineering Tech
Sarah Cobb Biology-Health Sciences
Jill Coblentz Echocardiography
Haley Colberg Dental Hygiene
Ethan Cole Mgmt/Marketing Option
Gabriella Cook EMT - Paramedic
Nate Cook Software Engineering Tech
Daniel Cooper Mechanical Engineering
Joel Corser Applied Mathematics
Rachel Cox Biology-Health Sciences
Joshua Cragoe Mechanical Engineering
Kenneth Crawford Mechanical Engineering Tech
Savannah Crittenden Dental Hygiene
Daysha Crosier Biology-Health Sciences
Jade Crossley Dental Hygiene
Samantha Curry Dental Hygiene
Nicolas Curtin Renewable Energy Engineering
Isa Daibes Operations Management
Martha Damian Dental Hygiene
Jasmine Daniels Respiratory Care
Thuhong Dao Respiratory Care
Mitchel Daugherty Biology-Health Sciences
Helena DeCasas Pre-Nursing
Brice Delander Electrical Engineering
Chelsie Denton Radiologic Science
Erin Depew Applied Psychology
Katherine Derby Dual Compute/Software Eng Tech
Megan Devorak Radiologic Science
Chenoa Dixon Respiratory Care
Spencer Dobie Applied Psychology
Caleb Donaldson Radiologic Science
Mary Drzayich Civil Engineering
Emily Duffy Respiratory Care
Alex Duguay Mechanical Engineering
Katherine Dunn Biology-Health Sciences
Tung Duong Software Engineering Tech
Jason Elliott Civil Engineering
Seth Erickson Biology-Health Sciences
Serena Evenson Respiratory Care
Christopher Faust Biology-Health Sciences
Janelle Ferlan Mgmt/Marketing Option
Dominic Ferroggiaro Mechanical Engineering
James Finch Renewable Energy Engineering
Paul Forste Information Technology
Montana Frame Communication Studies
Amber Friedrich Biology-Health Sciences
Andrea Furbee Medical Laboratory Science
Samuel Garber Civil Engineering
Eric Garcia Echocardiography
Travis Gardner Mechanical Engineering
William Garibo Electrical Engineering
Tristan Garrick Electrical Engineering
Brennan Gazdik Electrical Engineering
Angela Gee Dental Hygiene
Melody Gee Dental Hygiene
German George Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Lauren Gerns Electrical Engineering
Ian Gesner Software Engineering Tech
Hannah Gettman Respiratory Care
Harry Gieringer Mechanical Engineering
Trystan Given Emergency Medical Services Mgt
Juan Gonzalez Mechanical Engineering
Eric Goodwin Technology and Management
Alison Graham Health Care Mgmt-Clinical Mgmt
Beau Grauf Operations Management
Kate Graves Radiologic Science
Dmitry Green Dual Mech Eng Tech/MFG Eng Tec
Scott Gregg Manufacturing Engineering Tech
Nicholas Griffin Software Engineering Tech
Sean Griffith Mechanical Engineering
Kaylee Grigsby Dental Hygiene
Brody Hadley Communication Studies
Emmett Hale Software Engineering Tech
Lucas Hale Mechanical Engineering
Michelle Hansen Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Sean Hanson Electronics Engineering Tech
Jacqualyn Hardin Population Health Management
Isaac Harries Software Engineering Tech
Beaudy Harrington Information Technology
David Harryman Mgmt/Marketing Option
Landyn Hastey Electrical Engineering
Daniel Hatfield Manufacturing Engineering Tech
Steven Hedlund Biology-Health Sciences
Tyler Heesacker Mechanical Engineering
Celeste Hernandez Dental Hygiene
Quinlin Herndon Dual Mech Eng/MFG Eng Tech
Jasmindar Herrian Respiratory Care
Fain Hickerson Computer Engineering Tech
Nyssa Hicks Medical Laboratory Science
Ronya Hicks Respiratory Care
Michael Higginbotham Software Engineering Tech
Marika Hinton Dental Hygiene
Nhu Hoang Dental Hygiene
Thomas Hockett Radiologic Science
Joshua Hofmann Mechanical Engineering Tech
Zachary Hofmann Electrical Engineering
Cassidy Hoglund Radiologic Science
David Holloway Renewable Energy Engineering
William Holman Applied Mathematics
Gage Hooker Civil Engineering
Britney Hoover Sleep Health-Polysom Tech Opt
Zachary Horner Medical Laboratory Science
Jessica Hotaling Dental Hygiene
Daniele Howard Respiratory Care
Garnett Hubbs Nuclear Medicine Technology
Caitlin Hughes Dual Software Eng/Applied Math
Alexsis Hundley-Kennaday Operations Management
Douglas Huni Software Engineering Tech
Skyler Hunt Biology-Health Sciences
Nathan Hunter Mgmt/Accounting Option
Hailey Huot Radiologic Science
Chrysteen Hutchins Dental Hygiene
Donneal Hyde Applied Psychology
Khalid Ibrahim Operations Management
Sheri Ikea Applied Psychology
Sovanratha In *IT Bus/Systems Analysis Opt
Katie Ingram Mgmt/Small Bus Mgmt Option
Nadia Inselman Medical Laboratory Science
Bayley Jensen Pre-Dental Hygiene
Devin Johnson Nuclear Medicine Technology
Erik Johnson Civil Engineering
Jacob Johnson Civil Engineering
Jessica Johnson Medical Laboratory Science
Nicholas Johnson Radiologic Science
Daniel Jones Health Informatics
Raven Jones Dental Hygiene
Shane Jones Applied Psychology
Hannah Jordan Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Kevin Juba Dual Compute/Software Eng Tech
Rachel Jungling Biology-Health Sciences
Adam Kandra Mechanical Engineering
Caleb Kauffman Software Engineering Tech
Shannon Keane Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Jason Keating Radiologic Science
Nicole Kem Dental Hygiene
Kirsten Kepler Mechanical Engineering
Zane Kerns Dual Mech Eng/MFG Eng Tech
Jeffrey King Renewable Energy Engineering
Kayla King-Kuhn Pre-Medical Lab Science
Candace Kline Nuclear Medicine Technology
Lauren Knotz-Martin Nuclear Medicine Technology
Amy Kostovny Echocardiography
Ibrahim Kremid Electrical Engineering
Taylor Kroshus Radiologic Science
Kami Kutsunai Renewable Energy Engineering
Hannah Lagler Dental Hygiene
Heaven Lane Pre-Nursing
Courtney Lawrence Respiratory Care
Chloe Leach Nuclear Medicine Technology
Henri Lehtonen Civil Engineering
Ty Lesch Mechanical Engineering Tech
Justin Lichty EMT - Paramedic
Bartholomew Lindberg Renewable Energy Engineering
Bethany Listen Environmental Sciences
LeAnne Littleton Health Care Mgmt-Admin Mgmt
Rye Livingston Manufacturing Engineering Tech
Tristan Loomis Software Engineering Tech
Monica Lopez Biology-Health Sciences
Levi Lostritto Medical Laboratory Science
Cheyenne Low Radiologic Science
Austyn Lowder Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Abigail Lowe Pre-Nursing
Heylea Lowell Pre-Respiratory Care
Logan Lueck Electrical Engineering
Molly Mangual Dental Hygiene
Hayden Manning Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Kristen Marsters Health Care Mgmt-Admin Mgmt
Anthony Marty Emergency Medical Services Mgt
Morgan Masley Civil Engineering
Travis Mason Information Technology
Damian Matzen Civil Engineering
Ben McBride Radiologic Science
Karah McCulley Civil Engineering
Shanna McDonald Radiologic Science
Mary McEntee Information Technology
Jenny McKeen Dental Hygiene
Bryce McKinney Environmental Sciences
Bradley McNeel Electrical Engineering
Dominic Meads Mechanical Engineering
Ashley Meek Dental Hygiene
Brandi Mello Echocardiography
Shaelah Menke Mgmt/Accounting Option
Shane Meyer Mechanical Engineering
Nathan Miller Mechanical Engineering
Nicole Miller Diagnostic Medical Sonography
David Minar Mechanical Engineering
William Minton Operations Management
Enna Mirza Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Bonnie Mitchell Radiologic Science
MaKenna Mittnacht Respiratory Care
Tarryn Miyamura Applied Psychology
Jordan Monroe Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Lavar Moore Communication Studies
Mariah Moore Respiratory Care
Emilio Morales Mechanical Engineering
Cody Moreno Embedded Systems Eng Tech
Megan Morris Communication Studies
Conner Mullin Civil Engineering
Taylor Munson Dental Hygiene
Kathryn Mura Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Nicole Murray Biology-Health Sciences
Zachariah Myers Biology-Health Sciences
Clayton Nagel Operations Management
Yusuke Nakae Medical Laboratory Science
Rashi Narayanan Mechanical Engineering
Suzanne Nelson Radiologic Science
Cindy Nguyen Biology-Health Sciences
Kien Nguyen Information Technology
Thu Nguyen Medical Laboratory Science
Noah Nieman Civil Engineering
Jenna Nilsen Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Jessica Noseff Renewable Energy Engineering
Carson Okonek Applied Psychology
Andrew Olson Information Technology
Molly Orr Dental Hygiene
Randi Lee Oxentine Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Eric Pahl Mechanical Engineering
Devan Patel Information Technology
Meera Patel Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
James Pearson Applied Psychology
William Pearson Electronics Engineering Tech
Elsey Perkins Dental Hygiene
Timothy Perry Applied Psychology
Daisy Plascencia Radiologic Science
Penhbochan Po Mechanical Engineering
Levi Pomeroy Software Engineering Tech
Joseph Porrazzo Mechanical Engineering
Christopher Post Renewable Energy Engineering
Sanjay Raman Mechanical Engineering Tech
Anthony Ramos Mechanical Engineering
Marq Randall Operations Management
Katie Randolph Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Chad Rasmussen Electrical Engineering
Meghann Rasmussen Medical Laboratory Science
Dakota Reyes-Holloway Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Emily Reynolds Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Tiffany Rhodes Medical Laboratory Science
Madison Rice Pre-Nursing
David Richards Information Technology
Rachelle Ridao Medical Laboratory Science
Tamara Riddle Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Danielle Riepma Dental Hygiene
Morgaine Riggins Environmental Sciences
Kelcey Ritter Nuclear Medicine Technology
Justin Robbins Radiologic Science
Jack Roberts Electrical Engineering
Stephan Roberts Mechanical Engineering
Alissa Rodriguez Information Technology
Jonathan Rogers Mechanical Engineering Tech
Brandon Rolston Electrical Engineering
Cecilia Rosas Biology-Health Sciences
Riley Roslund Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Chloe Ross Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Megan Ross Medical Laboratory Science
David Rotaru Medical Laboratory Science
Jose Ruiz Dual Mech Eng Tech/MFG Eng Tec
Edward Saliba Respiratory Care
Kyle Sallak Electrical Engineering
Maria Sanchez Dental Hygiene
Jackson Sany Mechanical Engineering Tech
Madilyn Sattler Mgmt/Small Bus Mgmt Option
Antoine Savelli Mechanical Engineering
Kaitlyn Schmadeka Vascular Technology
Zachery Schmid Software Engineering Tech
Brandon Schmidt Biology-Health Sciences
Austin Schoenmann Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Brion Scott Civil Engineering
Matthew Scott Civil Engineering
Steffen Scott Information Technology
Richard Shea Mgmt/Marketing Option
Keegan Shepard Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Joslynn Silvers Applied Psychology
Julia Sinex Renewable Energy Engineering
Jennifer Sisco Medical Laboratory Science
Nathan Skelton Echocardiography
Connor Skudlarek Mechanical Engineering
Haley Smith Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Noah Smith Electrical Engineering
William Smith IV Mechanical Engineering Tech
Leticia Sonato Dental Hygiene
Chris Sotura Vascular Technology
Samuel Sowanick Biology-Health Sciences
Gregory Spallas Mechanical Engineering
Jane Sparkes Applied Psychology
Jordan Sprunger Mechanical Engineering
Wyatt St Marie Vascular Technology
Matthew Stansbury Electrical Engineering
Alexandrya Steller Echocardiography
Natalie Stenbeck Health Informatics
Taylor Stephens Mechanical Engineering
Crystal Stevens Software Engineering Tech
Jamie Storer Operations Management
Daniel Stotts Embedded Systems Eng Tech
Casey Stribling Mechanical Engineering
Skyler Swenson Software Engineering Tech
Samantha Szachara Environmental Sciences
Krystle Takasane EMT - Paramedic
Gang Hua Tan Mechanical Engineering
Miles Taylor Mechanical Engineering
Jesse Terrel-Perez Electrical Engineering
Nazareth Thibodeaux Communication Studies
Adam Thompson Geomatics-option in Surveying
Eric Tipler Renewable Energy Engineering
Matthew Tisler Renewable Energy Engineering
Brittany Tomjack Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Baylee Toney Applied Psychology
Jordan Townley Communication Studies
Erin Tracy Information Technology
Paul Trebizo Mgmt/Small Bus Mgmt Option
Brandon Trimnell *IT Health Informatics Opt
Michael Trofimchik Dental Hygiene
Crystal Trumpower Health Informatics
Oleksandr Tyshevskyi Technology and Management
Richard Tyska Technology and Management
Christian Uemura Civil Engineering
Xochitl Urbieta Dental Hygiene
Megan Usui Biology-Health Sciences
Angel Valdez Applied Psychology
Tyler VanMeter Civil Engineering
Ashleigh Vandenbrink Health Care Mgmt-Admin Mgmt
Taylor Vestal Dental Hygiene
Patricia Villagomez Dental Hygiene
Allie Vinson Nuclear Medicine Technology
Amber Von Essen Health Care Mgmt-Admin Mgmt
Madeline Von Flue Pre-Nursing
Noheaililani Waiwaiole Communication Studies
Malea Waldrup Communication Studies
Alexander Walker Electrical Engineering
Brandon Walker Dual Mech Eng Tech/MFG Eng Tec
Whitney Webster Biology-Health Sciences
Zachary Wentworth Software Engineering Tech
Amber Wharton Applied Psychology
Joe Wheeler Environmental Sciences
Joshua Whitley Mgmt/Small Bus Mgmt Option
Nathaniel Whitling Mechanical Engineering
Daniel Williams Respiratory Care
Loryn Williams Pre-Nursing
DeWayne Wilson Operations Management
Jeremy Wilson Software Engineering Tech
Trinvette Wilson Nuclear Medicine Technology
Jackson Wold Biology-Health Sciences
David Wolf Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Louis Wolf Mechanical Engineering
Kennan Wong Electrical Engineering
Kara Wood Dental Hygiene
Walker Woodman Environmental Sciences
Haley Wright Respiratory Care
Paul Wyatt Software Engineering Tech
Ehlana-Raye Wyman Biology-Health Sciences
Jin Jie Xu Software Engineering Tech
Mafdey Yacoup Mechanical Engineering
Shauna Yelton Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Collin Yoshinaga Mechanical Engineering
Brittany Young Civil Engineering
Abdalwahab Yousif Electrical Engineering
Sarah Zacharias Pre-Dental Hygiene
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