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2018-2019 Winter Term President's and Dean's List

Apr 01, 2019
The following students have been named to the 2018-2019 Winter Term President's and Dean's list at Oregon Institute of Technology
The following students have been named to the 2018-2019 Winter Term President's and Dean's list at Oregon Institute of Technology. Only full-time undergraduate students (12 credit hours or more at Oregon Tech) are eligible for academic honors. Please contact the Registrar's Office at 541-885-1300 with any questions.

The following students have been named to the President's list at Oregon Institute of Technology. Inclusion on the list requires a 3.70 grade-point average and above.

David Abaroa Embedded Systems Eng Tech
Audrey Abblitt Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Hailee Abraham Echocardiography
Benjamin Abshier Civil Engineering
Christian Abshier Information Technology
Adrianne Accuardi Dental Hygiene
Alyssa-Marie Acidera Biology-Health Sciences
Scott Acker Mechanical Engineering
Wade Ackley Business Marketing Option
Paul Adams Information Technology
Sarah Adams Respiratory Care
Benjamin Aday Electrical Engineering
Aaron Adkisson Mechanical Engineering
Haider Al Baderi Electrical Engineering
Ghossi Al Qafshat Information Technology
Chancellor Alford Mechanical Engineering
Abdulelah Alkhattab Renewable Energy Engineering
Timothy Alldrin Geomatics-option in Surveying
Garrett Allen Mechanical Engineering
Ethan Allgood Software Engineering Tech
Terrik Allman Communication Studies
Zainab Almualim Nuclear Med Molecular Imaging
Hidaya Almuallim Nuclear Med Molecular Imaging
Mohammed Alqafshat Information Technology
Annika Andersen Dual Renewable Energy/Elec Eng
Kayley Andersen Pre-Nursing Gen Study
Christopher Anderson Mechanical Engineering
Crystal Anderson Dental Hygiene
Kourtney Anderson Echocardiography
Reid Anderson Applied Mathematics
McKenna Armantrout Environmental Sciences
Jessica Arrington Mechanical Engineering
Jessica Ashley Echocardiography
Shane Ashton Radiologic Science
Awab Attieh Renewable Energy Engineering
Christopher Austin Information Technology
Sophia Azevedo Mechanical Engineering
Allison Babbage Biology-Health Sciences
Joshua Bailey Software Engineering Tech
Lisa Balint Dental Hygiene
Cody Balle Polysomnographic Technology
Micah Baltensperger Pre-Medical Imaging
Grant Banister Civil Engineering
Elisa Barajas Respiratory Care
Allison Barger EMT - Paramedic
Kiersten Barham Pre-Nursing Gen Study
Kyanna Barnes Health Care Mgmt-Admin Mgmt
Cameron Barnhardt Renewable Energy Engineering
Tiffany Barrett Radiologic Science
Paul Barron Embedded Systems Eng Tech
Kymberly Bastian Radiologic Science
Alexander Batazhan Information Technology
Kyle Bates Software Engineering Tech
Richard Bates Nuclear Med Molecular Imaging
Mohammed Bawazeer Renewable Energy Engineering
Jacqueline Beadle Sleep Health-Polysom Tech Opt
David Beal Mechanical Engineering
Collin Beam Biology-Health Sciences
Madison Bean Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Joel Beard Pre-Medical Imaging Gen Study
Patricia Bedwell Applied Psychology
Issaic Belden Software Engineering Tech
Ireland Bell Biology-Health Sciences
Kayti Bell Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Andrew Bellos Electrical Engineering
Christina Bennett Applied Psychology
Taylor Bennett Dental Hygiene
Daniel Bergor Computer Engineering Tech
Cameron Berreman Dual Renewable Energy/Elec Eng
McKynzie Beyer Radiologic Science
Stacy Bicknell Dental Hygiene
Alexis Biddington Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Luke Bigham Renewable Energy Engineering
Samantha Bixler Biology-Health Sciences
Michael Blankenship Radiologic Science
Brette Bliss Professional Writing
Hannah Bliss Applied Psychology
Austris Bloms Information Technology
Jared Bott Dual Mech Eng/MFG Eng Tech
James Boulter Applied Psychology
Courtney Bourn Echocardiography
Spencer Bradbrook Biology-Health Sciences
Dylan Brandstetter Software Engineering Tech
Calen Brandt Medical Lab Science
Aidan Bremont Pre-Medical Imaging
Andrew Briscoe Information Technology
Emily Brown Respiratory Care
Kiahna Brown Nuclear Med Molecular Imaging
Paige Bruce Nuclear Med Molecular Imaging
Aimee Bruner Renewable Energy Engineering
Eli Builta Civil Engineering
Evan Burgeson Echocardiography
Katie Burkhart Radiologic Science
Desiree Cahill Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Jake Cahill EMT - Paramedic
Brandon Camp Mechanical Engineering
Payton Canon Health Care Mgmt-Admin Mgmt
Timothy Capehart Software Engineering Tech
Kristen Carr Nuclear Med Molecular Imaging
Nicole Carter Biology-Health Sciences
Alexander Castro Dual Compute/Software Eng Tech
Allyah Cates Pre-Medical Imaging
Timothy Cedarleaf Mechanical Engineering
Kara Chapline Pre-Nursing Gen Study
Christopher Chapman Mechanical Engineering
Michael Chard Pre-Nursing Gen Study
Willow Charlton Population Health Management
Elmar Charoensaengsanga Electrical Engineering
Hannah Chase Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Nishi Chase Pre-Nursing Gen Study
Courtney Cheavtharn Dental Hygiene
Frosina Chernishov Dental Hygiene
Jacob Chesley Software Engineering Tech
Kylie Chong Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Carissa Choukalos Radiologic Science
Braden Christensen Renewable Energy Engineering
Jordan Clark Software Engineering Tech
Nathaniel Clemen Civil Engineering
Vivienne Clemen Geomatics-option in GIS
Erin Clifford Medical Laboratory Science
Mason Cluff Computer Engineering Tech
Anna Co Dental Hygiene
Kelsee Cody Nuclear Med Molecular Imaging
Emily Coelho Vascular Technology
Rhian Coffey Software Engineering Tech
Alexander Cole Information Technology
Kylie Collom Biology-Health Sciences
Jacey Conklin Business Marketing Option
Nathan Connell Biology-Health Sciences
Cory Cook Operations Management
Dallis Cook Radiologic Science
Nate Cook Software Engineering Tech
Tanja Coomes Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Daniel Cooper Mechanical Engineering
Alondra Cordova Applied Psychology
Ben Cornwell Operations Management
Savanah Cosand Business Accounting Option
Melissa Craig Nuclear Med Molecular Imaging
Blaed Creighton Information Technology
Kaleb Crimp Vascular Technology
Jonah Cross Dual Compute/Software Eng Tech
Nicholas Crossett Civil Engineering
Cody Crowston Radiologic Science
Richard Cruickshank Information Technology
Deici Cruz De Paz Applied Psychology
Jeremy Cummings Mechanical Engineering
Laura Curiel Pre-Medical Imaging
Charles Curl Software Engineering Tech
Samantha Curry Dental Hygiene
Nicolas Curtin Operations Management
Ryann Cuthbertson Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Patricia Cynor Information Technology
Tayler Dahl Applied Psychology
Damien Dahm Nuclear Med Molecular Imaging
Andrew Dall Information Technology
Martha Damian Dental Hygiene
Quinn Damitio Operations Management
Nikolai Danko Embedded Systems Eng Tech
Quan Dao Pre-Medical Lab Sci
Allison Davis Vascular Technology
Bryce Davis Radiologic Science
Nicole Davis Echocardiography
Kelsi Day Pre-Medical Imaging
Ian Dayton Medical Laboratory Science
Danielle De Castro Mechanical Engineering
Jaedyn De Forrest Biology-Health Sciences
Kayla deHoop Civil Engineering
Kristin DePaoli Echocardiography
Jade Deck Communication Studies
Drew Deems Mechanical Engineering
Daniel Delancey Mechanical Engineering
Kori Delgado Biology-Health Sciences
Andrew Deraita Embedded Systems Eng Tech
Megan Devorak Radiologic Science
Stephen Diaz-Rodriguez Dual Compute/Software Eng Tech
Delani Dietrich Biology-Health Sciences
Kaylee Dilworth Pre-Medical Imaging
Alison Dixon Nuclear Med Molecular Imaging
Lillian Do Dental Hygiene
Sahalie Doe Radiologic Science
Hayley Dolan Pre-Nursing
Daniel Doroteo-Mejia Medical Laboratory Science
Andrew Doser Software Engineering Tech
Mathew Dougan Dual Civil Eng/Env Sciences
Maxwell Douglas EMT - Paramedic
Jasmine DuBose Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Cody Dubray Mechanical Engineering
Natalie Dumble Dual Renewable Energy/Elec Eng
Rebecca Duncan Radiologic Science
Dylan Dunn Pre-Dental Hygiene
Rachel Duren Applied Psychology
Devin Eastin Mechanical Engineering
Emilee Eastman Echocardiography
Justin Echternacht Civil Engineering
Kevin Eddy Respiratory Care
Jacob Edgerly Technology and Management
Michael Edwards Mechanical Engineering
Aaron El-Dinary Applied Psychology
Kyle Elsey Information Technology
Nicholas Engberg Radiologic Science
Jessica Engeln Biology-Health Sciences
Benjiman Enlow Mechanical Engineering
Brandon Erickson Dual Renewable Energy/Elec Eng
Jaime Evers Biology-Health Sciences
Merlin Faerber Manufacturing Engineering Tech
Zachariah Fansler Respiratory Care
Toby Farkas Electrical Engineering
Kristin Farrell Biology-Health Sciences
Michael Felsher Radiologic Science
Marla Ferguson Health Care Mgmt-Clinical Mgmt
Ryan Fitzgerald Nuclear Med Molecular Imaging
Lauren Flack Radiologic Science
Adam Flaigg-Fairless Information Technology
Kristin Flanagan EMT - Paramedic
David Fleming-Jones Communication Studies
Kailey Flockoi Dental Hygiene
Simeon Florea Software Engineering Tech
Anahi Flores Applied Psychology
Dylan Flores Manufacturing Engineering Tech
Janelle Fong Biology-Health Sciences
Tristen Fout Electrical Engineering
Hannah Fowler Dental Hygiene
Nikolas Fox Respiratory Care
Sarah Franklin Pre-Medical Imaging
Alison Freeman Dental Hygiene
Mark French Mechanical Engineering
Megan Friar Nuclear Med Molecular Imaging
Kyle Frischman Embedded Systems Eng Tech
Devan Fromwiller Dental Hygiene
Lauren Frost Communication Studies
Casey Gallagher Respiratory Care
Elizabeth Gallagher Applied Psychology
Michaela Garcelon Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Austin Garcia Mechanical Engineering
Freddy Garcia Echocardiography
Taylor Garcia-Perreira Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Alan Gardner Computer Engineering Tech
Katelyn Gardner Biology-Health Sciences
Tristan Garrick Electrical Engineering
Cody Garvin Software Engineering Tech
Susie Garza Communication Studies
Samuel Gaumer Renewable Energy Engineering
Samantha Geske Technology and Management
Hannah Gettman Respiratory Care
Matthew Gettman Applied Mathematics
Bailey Gilfillan Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Isaac Gilmer Mechanical Engineering
Christian Gomez Biology-Health Sciences
Morgan Greaney Dental Hygiene
Rachel Griggs Information Technology
Norman Guerrero Respiratory Care
Itati Guillen Dental Hygiene
Izabel Hageman Medical Lab Science
Yulia Haley Dental Hygiene
Kira Hall Medical Laboratory Science
Madalynn Hall Pre-Medical Imaging Gen Study
Sylvester Hall Applied Psychology
Amber Halse Medical Laboratory Science
Garret Halvorson Operations Management
Chasen Hanashiro Civil Engineering
Joshua Hand Radiologic Science
Lauren Haney Radiologic Science
Jane Hang Pre-Nursing Gen Study
Jaycob Hardin Technology and Management
Adrian Hardt Information Technology
David Haren Echocardiography
Alexis Harris Applied Mathematics
James Harris Dual Mech Eng/MFG Eng Tech
Sean Harrison Mechanical Engineering
Cassidy Hass Pre-Medical Imaging Gen Study
Sayed Hassany Information Technology
Timothy Hasty Mechanical Engineering
Rachel Hauser Dental Hygiene
Sierra Hazlett Biology-Health Sciences
Allysa Heath Radiologic Science
Kimberly Heesacker Radiologic Science
Destiny Hendrick Applied Psychology
Kiahloni Henry Business Accounting Option
Dakota Hensley Nuclear Med Molecular Imaging
Abigail Herbert Pre-Medical Imaging Gen Study
Courtney Herick Health Care Mgmt-Admin Mgmt
Karoline Herkamp Civil Engineering
Jorge Hernandez Computer Engineering Tech
Junior Hernandez Cobian Mechanical Engineering
Kira Hess Applied Mathematics
April Hester Dental Hygiene
Ronya Hicks Respiratory Care
Jesse Higgins Biology-Health Sciences
Stephen Higgins Mechanical Engineering
Ashlee Hill Medical Lab Science
Emily Hillestad Radiologic Science
Colby Hobgood Radiologic Science
Thomas Hockett Radiologic Science
Mark Hodge Biology-Health Sciences
Jaime Hoefer Dental Hygiene
Zachary Hofmann Electrical Engineering
Joshua Hoge Information Technology
Michael Hoie Civil Engineering
Katrina Holcomb Medical Laboratory Science
Alexander Holland Biology-Health Sciences
Alexander Holland Civil Engineering
Jorden Holland Information Technology
Benjamin Hood Communication Studies
Ethan Hormann Emergency Medical Services Mgt
Andrew Horn Software Engineering Tech
Heidi Horton Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Jessica Hotaling Dental Hygiene
Haylie Hough Dental Hygiene
Cameron Howard Pre-Medical Imaging Gen Study
Garnett Hubbs Nuclear Med Molecular Imaging
Grace Hull Pre-Nursing Gen Study
Skyler Hunt Dental Hygiene
Kathleen Hunter Pre-Medical Imaging Gen Study
Sheri Ikea Applied Psychology
Nathan Ikola Software Engineering Tech
Samuel Ingledew Nuclear Med Molecular Imaging
Yekaterina Izgina Radiologic Science
McKenzie Jacoby Pre-Medical Imaging Gen Study
Molly Jaeger Pre-Medical Imaging Gen Study
Jonathan James EMT - Paramedic
Jon Jastak Information Technology
Lauren Jaworski Radiologic Science
Kyle Jenkins Renewable Energy Engineering
Bayley Jensen Dental Hygiene
Desiree Jess Dental Hygiene
Micah Jio Civil Engineering
Christopher Johnson Information Technology
Devin Johnson Nuclear Med Molecular Imaging
Garrett Johnson Nuclear Med Molecular Imaging
John Johnson Pre-Medical Imaging Gen Study
Mary Johnson Radiologic Science
Matthew Johnson Information Technology
Patrick Johnson Software Engineering Tech
Andrew Jonak Polysomnographic Technology
Hunter Jones Mechanical Engineering
Tristan Jones Mechanical Engineering
Jenny Judd Dental Hygiene
Rachel Jungling Applied Psychology
Lauren Kaemingk Medical Laboratory Science
Kyle Kammer Dual Compute/Software Eng Tech
Natasha Karan Civil Engineering
Brittany Karp Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Tanner Karp Business Marketing Option
Cassandra Katski Information Technology
Shannon Keane Environmental Sciences
William Kearney Mechanical Engineering
Jason Keating Radiologic Science
William Keeran Radiologic Science
Hannah Keesey Renewable Energy Engineering
Meghan Kelly Dental Hygiene
Nicole Kem Dental Hygiene
McKenna Kendall Radiologic Science
Eleanor Kenyon Environmental Sciences
Jordyn Keys Radiologic Science
Kathy Khau Echocardiography
Jeffrey King Electrical Engineering
Satomi Kiriakedis Biology-Health Sciences
David Kirkendall Electrical Engineering
Jenny Kirschner Radiologic Science
Adam Kladiva Electrical Engineering
Megan Knowlton Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Jake Knudsen Software Engineering Tech
Jaymes Kodak Biology-Health Sciences
Ashkan Kordmahaleh Information Technology
Marie Kostakos Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Stephanie Koza Biology-Health Sciences
Kaitlyn Krautscheid Pre-Medical Imaging Gen Study
Abigail Kreiser Communication Studies
Heather Kristoff Pre-Medical Imaging Gen Study
Gunnar Krueger Mechanical Engineering
Kyle Kukkola Software Engineering Tech
Tyler Kukkola Software Engineering Tech
Anfia Kulikov Dental Hygiene
David Kunda Pre-Medical Imaging Gen Study
Kami Kutsunai Dual Renewable Energy/Elec Eng
Shelby LaTourrette Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Cheyanne Laber Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Mark Laird Radiologic Science
Brienna Landis Civil Engineering
Zachary Landry Business Marketing Option
Drake Lannon Electrical Engineering
Peter Lashley Information Technology
Justin Laughlin Electrical Engineering
Branden Launius Biology-Health Sciences
Lily Lavine Pre-Medical Imaging Gen Study
Drew Lawrie Manufacturing Engineering Tech
Scott LeRoy Biology-Health Sciences
Faith Lee Health Care Mgmt-Admin Mgmt
Nicole Leighton Applied Psychology
Kurtis Lepley Electrical Engineering
Kacy Leuthold Dental Hygiene
Amanda Levey Environmental Sciences
Michael Lincoln Mechanical Engineering
Bartholomew Lindberg Renewable Energy Engineering
Emily Lindemann Pre-Medical Imaging Gen Study
Bethany Listen Environmental Sciences
Cole Little Mechanical Engineering
Jamie Littlejohn Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Brian Locke Software Engineering Tech
Devon Locke Nuclear Med Molecular Imaging
Angela Lockwood Radiologic Science
Dana Londen Geomatics-option in Surveying
Morgan Loring Software Engineering Tech
Abigail Lowe Biology-Health Sciences
Cindy Lowe Technology and Management
Alton Lozier Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Sean Lucas Information Technology
Andrey Lungu Dental Hygiene
Judy Lupercio Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Cassidy Lusson Pre-Nursing Gen Study
Kelsey Maher Radiologic Science
Jayme Mahler Radiologic Science
Molly Mangual Dental Hygiene
Bailin Mann Applied Psychology
Courtney Mansell Radiologic Science
Nathan Margoshes Renewable Energy Engineering
Jack Markee Mechanical Engineering
Tyler Marsters Radiologic Science
Ian Martin Mechanical Engineering Tech
Julio Martinez Civil Engineering
Kate Martinez Dental Hygiene
Jessica Masangya Medical Laboratory Science
Dayna Matsuo Biology-Health Sciences
Breanna Mattox Nuclear Med Molecular Imaging
Clayton Maves Business Marketing Option
Nicolas Maxwell Nuclear Med Molecular Imaging
Emily May Pre-Nursing Gen Study
Marie May Embedded Systems Eng Tech
Jared McBride Business Management Option
Monique McClaire Radiologic Science
Shelby McCoy Respiratory Care
Connor McCrite Dual Embed/Software Eng Tech
Kalei McDonald Health Care Mgmt-Admin Mgmt
Shanna McDonald Radiologic Science
Myles McElroy Dual Renewable Energy/Elec Eng
Abigayle McFetridge Civil Engineering
Marissa McGinnis Biology-Health Sciences
Mackenzie McGuire Radiologic Science
Michaela McKelvie Pre-Nursing Gen Study
Samantha McLean Communication Studies
Nicholas McMillen Biology-Health Sciences
Kerri McNally Medical Laboratory Science
Timothy McPherson Operations Management
Brandon McUne Software Engineering Tech
Edward Medina Biology-Health Sciences
Ashley Meek Dental Hygiene
Brandi Mello Echocardiography
Andrew Mengershausen Applied Mathematics
Sarah Meyer Information Technology
Fabian Meza Software Engineering Tech
Aaron Miller Environmental Sciences
Amber Miller Biology-Health Sciences
Ashley Miller Respiratory Care
Carrie Miller Radiologic Science
Nicole Miller Diagnostic Medical Sonography
David Minar Mechanical Engineering
Julien Mindlin-Davidson Mechanical Engineering
Jake Mitchell Mechanical Engineering
MaKenna Mittnacht Respiratory Care
Emily Mix Radiologic Science
Taylee Miyamura Applied Psychology
Doug Molzahn Medical Laboratory Science
Yeimi Montano Dental Hygiene
Luis Montes Mota Mechanical Engineering
Jackson Morgan Mechanical Engineering
Kayla Morgan Dental Hygiene
Shelby Morgan Radiologic Science
Amy Morikawa Biology-Health Sciences
Chad Morishige Electrical Engineering
Gina Moua Dental Hygiene
Michael Mounts Mechanical Engineering
Kyra Mull Biology-Health Sciences
Jared Muralt Software Engineering Tech
Michael Murphy Sleep Health-Polysom Tech Opt
Morris Muthubi Health Informatics
Rhett Myers Manufacturing Engineering Tech
Jeff Nagel Mechanical Engineering
Lesia Nagorniak Medical Laboratory Science
Veronica Najar Communication Studies
Jodi Nantharaj Information Technology
Richelle Mae Narag Vascular Technology
Samantha Nash Pre-Medical Imaging Gen Study
Kedrick Nelson Electrical Engineering
Marena Nelson Applied Psychology
Serena Nelson Radiologic Science
Rafael Neri Lopez Pre-Medical Imaging Gen Study
Cindy Nguyen Biology-Health Sciences
Johnathan Nguyen Information Technology
Kien Nguyen Information Technology
Kimberly Nguyen Nuclear Med Molecular Imaging
Loan Nguyen Electrical Engineering
Asher Nieman Communication Studies
Jenna Nilsen Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Victoria Niska Echocardiography
Emma Niskanen Medical Laboratory Science
Halleigh Noga Pre-Medical Imaging Gen Study
Kynan Nordal Mechanical Engineering
Veronica Norris Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Zachari O'Neill Echocardiography
Robert Ohling Renewable Energy Engineering
Carson Okonek Applied Psychology
Elliott Olson EMT - Paramedic
Ava Oredson Pre-Medical Imaging Gen Study
Alexander Osbon Information Technology
Bishop Osborn Applied Psychology
Celeste Ossowski Pre-Medical Imaging Gen Study
Hannah Ostrom Pre-Dental Hygiene Gen Study
Randi Lee Oxentine Radiologic Science
Shane Paap Dental Hygiene
Tyler Page Software Engineering Tech
Courtney Paris Dental Hygiene
Kimberly Parker Dental Hygiene
Maryann Parker Respiratory Care
Kevin Parks Information Technology
Adisen Parsons Pre-Medical Imaging Gen Study
Skyler Parthemore Pre-Nursing Gen Study
Donnie Pate Civil Engineering
Devan Patel Information Technology
Margaret Paul Echocardiography
Rachael Paul-Wilson Environmental Sciences
Garrison Peacock Embedded Systems Eng Tech
Colin Pedersen Information Technology
Janeen Peil Dental Hygiene
Dulce Perez Arredondo Pre-Dental Hygiene Gen Study
Samantha Pershin Dental Hygiene
Ian Peters Mechanical Engineering
Jason Peters Dual Mech Eng Tech/MFG Eng Tec
Jillian Petersen Communication Studies
Kory Petersen Radiologic Science
Nicholas Pettit Software Engineering Tech
Kevin Pham Information Technology
Aja Phelps Pre-Nursing Gen Study
Holly Phelps Radiologic Science
Delanie Phillips Radiologic Science
Kurtis Pipkin Civil Engineering
D'Anna Plass Applied Psychology
Emma Plass Business Accounting Option
Olisa Pleshakov EMT - Paramedic
Jerrid Plymale Electrical Engineering
Levi Pomeroy Software Engineering Tech
Rachel Pomeroy Population Health Management
Jaime Poore Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Benjamin Porter Mechanical Engineering
Carson Porter Business Management Option
Lacie Posterick Medical Laboratory Science
Amanda Powley Pre-Nursing Gen Study
Saul Preciado Geomatics-option in Surveying
Rebecca Press Applied Psychology
Anne Pulley Dental Hygiene
Colten Puzey Radiologic Science
Ellie Quercia Environmental Sciences
Esteban Quiles Information Technology
Daniel Quon Mechanical Engineering
Sana Rahmani Biology-Health Sciences
Jordan Rains Medical Laboratory Science
Anthony Ramos Mechanical Engineering
Marina Ramos Dental Hygiene
Katie Randolph Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Shaun Rasmusen Software Engineering Tech
Sean Rawson EMT - Paramedic
Angela Reed Business Accounting Option
Jessica Reed Pre-Respiratory Care Gen Study
Chelsea Reeder Biology-Health Sciences
Kylee Reinwald Dental Hygiene
Caleb Reister Electrical Engineering
Jodie Reoch Echocardiography
Nicole Reyes Mechanical Engineering
Catherine Reynolds Dental Hygiene
Connor Reynolds Radiologic Science
Samantha Reynolds Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Christian Rhodes Software Engineering Tech
Corby Richards Applied Psychology
Elina Rieznik Information Technology
Rebecca Rios Radiologic Science
Kelcey Ritter Nuclear Med Molecular Imaging
Mayra Rocha Ramos Dental Hygiene
Kirsten-Nikki Rochefort Dental Hygiene
Emmalyn Rocheleau Pre-Nursing Gen Study
Alana Rodriguez Business Accounting Option
Alex Roetman Information Technology
Alora Rogers Medical Laboratory Science
Brittni Rogers Dental Hygiene
Devin Rojas Biology-Health Sciences
Neal Rose Civil Engineering
Matthew Rosenfeld Dental Hygiene
Riley Roslund Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Camille Ross Environmental Sciences
Mikeila Ruotsala Pre-Nursing Gen Study
Nathan Ruscheinsky Information Technology
David Russell Software Engineering Tech
Matthew Russell Radiologic Science
Natasha Rutnam Medical Laboratory Science
Etan Ryan-Mapolski Health Informatics
Kyle Safko Emergency Medical Services Mgt
Gagneet Sahota Information Technology
Wasseem Salame Software Engineering Tech
Felix Salas Technology and Management
Ethan Salathe Pre-Medical Imaging Gen Study
Mariana Salcido Medical Lab Science
Kyle Sallak Electrical Engineering
Zackery Salzwedel Software Engineering Tech
Lindsey Sampson Environmental Sciences
Kyle Sanchez Electrical Engineering
Laura Sanchez Dual Embed/Software Eng Tech
Maria Sanchez Gutierrez Dental Hygiene
Miriam Sanchez Ramirez Medical Laboratory Science
Tyler Sanderson Medical Laboratory Science
Gabrielle Santiago Business Marketing Option
Lidia Santos Egoavil Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Jackson Sany Mechanical Engineering Tech
Joseph Saxon Electrical Engineering
Chloee Sazama Dental Hygiene
Ben Schechtman Manufacturing Engineering Tech
Maxwell Schmidt Renewable Energy Engineering
Olivia Schneidecker Echocardiography
Barret Schneider Vascular Technology
Ryan Schofield Renewable Energy Engineering
Nicole Schreiber Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Sheenah Schultz Echocardiography
Mikaela Schuman Radiologic Science
Adrian Schwarz Software Engineering Tech
Anna Scolatti Vascular Technology
Brittany Scott Radiologic Science
Carissa Scott Radiologic Science
Connor Scott Business Marketing Option
Kayla Scott Nuclear Med Molecular Imaging
Mariano Segura Mechanical Engineering
Amanda Seward Dental Hygiene
Taylor Shannon Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Tristan Shea Health Informatics
Daniel Shenk Civil Engineering
Isaac Shepard Mechanical Engineering
Matthew Sherland Renewable Energy Engineering
Madalyn Sherley Applied Psychology
Danielle Sherman Health Informatics
Graham Shively Software Engineering Tech
Noah Shorter Software Engineering Tech
Sierra Shuey Dental Hygiene
Taylor Siddall Radiologic Science
Chaniya Silva Biology-Health Sciences
Hope Simons Radiologic Science
Baylee Simonsen Radiologic Science
Olivia Simpson Radiologic Science
Brian Sinclair Electrical Engineering
Apoorva Singh Biology-Health Sciences
Desiree Sinn Dental Hygiene
Samantha Sinn Dental Hygiene
Stephanie Slagle Dental Hygiene
Devon Smith Pre-Medical Imaging Gen Study
Ellie Smith Pre-Medical Imaging Gen Study
Makayla Smith Biology-Health Sciences
Theresa Smith-Castellanos Echocardiography
John Songponnopachon Medical Laboratory Science
Megan Soule Radiologic Science
Bryan Sowell Pre-Medical Imaging Gen Study
Weston Spencer Radiologic Science
Paul Spillan Mechanical Engineering
Katarina Spitz Nuclear Med Molecular Imaging
Nathaniel Stack Software Engineering Tech
Nicholas Stafford EMT - Paramedic
Shayly Stanton Pre-Medical Imaging Gen Study
Christine Stark Geomatics-option in Surveying
Nicholas Stark Biology-Health Sciences
Kevin Steerman Renewable Energy Engineering
Aidan Stenkamp Business Accounting Option
Alyssa Stewart Radiologic Science
Jenna Stiehr Biology-Health Sciences
Jennah Stobie Biology-Health Sciences
Nicholas Stone Renewable Energy Engineering
Rachel Stone Dental Hygiene
Mathew Stubbs Operations Management
Sally Sutton Pre-Nursing Gen Study
Kayley Swinton Biology-Health Sciences
KaeLee Syring Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Ramiro Tapia Echocardiography
Andrew Taylor Mechanical Engineering
Cody Taylor Renewable Energy Engineering
Jack Taylor Mechanical Engineering
Jessica Thiel Biology-Health Sciences
Catherine Thomas Biology-Health Sciences
Rachel Thomas Respiratory Care
Sky Thomas Radiologic Science
Hannah Thompson Population Health Management
Tanisha Thrapp Biology-Health Sciences
Drew Thrasher Mechanical Engineering
Zin Thu Medical Laboratory Science
Pearl Ting Medical Laboratory Science
Kyle Tinnell Respiratory Care
Lindsay Tinnell Operations Management
Jaime Toedtemeier Nuclear Med Molecular Imaging
Chase Tolonen Pre-Medical Imaging Gen Study
Castalia Torralba Pre-Medical Imaging Gen Study
Eloy Torres Radiologic Science
Nathaniel Torres Radiologic Science
Nicole Towers Radiologic Science
Erin Tracy Operations Management
Kaelyn Trader Dental Hygiene
Emmalee Traeger Pre-Nursing Gen Study
Kha Tran Health Informatics
My Tran Dental Hygiene
Roselily Trang Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Michael Trofimchik Dental Hygiene
Darby Twight Mechanical Engineering
Oleksandr Tyshevskyi Technology and Management
Christian Uemura Civil Engineering
Brenton Unger Software Engineering Tech
Xochitl Urbieta Dental Hygiene
Angel Valdez Applied Psychology
Stefan Valenzuela Electrical Engineering
Quim Vallve Tomas Business Marketing Option
Josiah Van Hattem Mechanical Engineering
Jessie VanBlaricum Medical Lab Science
Jacob Vanderkarr Dual Embed/Software Eng Tech
Jenny Vardanega Medical Laboratory Science
Quentin Vargas Mechanical Engineering
Jessica Verdeyen Dental Hygiene
Keegan Verdin Applied Psychology
Carolina Vicente Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Allie Vinson Nuclear Med Molecular Imaging
Alexis Virtue Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Mackenzie Virtue Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Myles Vogler Nuclear Med Molecular Imaging
Matthew Volpe Dual Embed/Software Eng Tech
Emily Vuong Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Bayli Waddington Dental Hygiene
Paul Walborn Geomatics-option in GIS
Dillon Wall Software Engineering Tech
Icek Warnecke Renewable Energy Engineering
Jack Warner Biology-Health Sciences
William Weaver Radiologic Science
Keaton Webb Mechanical Engineering
Karli Weitzman Biology-Health Sciences
Baelie Werner Civil Engineering
Tyler Westfall Mechanical Engineering
Marcie Wetzler Dental Hygiene
Autumn Wheeling Radiologic Science
William Wherley EMT - Paramedic
Aaron Whistler Software Engineering Tech
Bailey Whitehurst Business Management Option
Mason Wichmann Embedded Systems Eng Tech
Karen Wickman Radiologic Science
Faith Widman Applied Psychology
McKenzie Wiebelhaus Radiologic Science
Daniel Williams Respiratory Care
Chris Wilson Environmental Sciences
Connor Wilson Renewable Energy Engineering
Kenden Wilson Mechanical Engineering
William Wilson Mechanical Engineering
Madison Windham Dental Hygiene
Codey Winslow Software Engineering Tech
Andrew Winters Information Technology
Haley Wolff Medical Lab Science
Payton Woodworth Pre-Medical Imaging Gen Study
McKenna Woolley Pre-Medical Imaging Gen Study
Fuller Worman Information Technology
Seth Worthylake Embedded Systems Eng Tech
Brandon Wright Communication Studies
Cody Wright Radiologic Science
Darren Wright Applied Mathematics
Dillon Wright Mechanical Engineering
Rachel Wright Radiologic Science
Richard Wright Communication Studies
Timothy Wright Dual Embed/Software Eng Tech
Charles Wrotenbery Electrical Engineering
Jin Jie Xu Software Engineering Tech
Jordan Yechout Dental Hygiene
Junmin Yee Dual Software Eng/Applied Math
Shauna Yelton Health Care Mgmt-Admin Mgmt
Michael Yilek Professional Writing
Walker York Business Marketing Option
Allison Young Biology-Health Sciences
Jessica Zavala Respiratory Care
Alexander Zendejas Mechanical Engineering
Jacob Zenger Software Engineering Tech
Ashley Zhu Renewable Energy Engineering
Eli Zielsdorff Mechanical Engineering

The following students have been named to the Dean's list at Oregon Institute of Technology. Inclusion on the list requires a 3.30 to 3.69 grade-point average.

Majed Abunayyan Renewable Energy Engineering
Maci Ackerman Radiologic Science
Mohamed AlSurair Electrical Engineering
Mohammed Albaqshi Electrical Engineering
Sarah Alderman Applied Psychology
Kawthar Alfilfel Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Hasan Alramadan Dental Hygiene
Moaid Alsalman Electrical Engineering
Raed Alturaif Electrical Engineering
Storm Alvis Business Management Option
Ali Alyousef Mechanical Engineering
Rose Anderson Communication Studies
Jacob Andrews Geomatics-option in Surveying
Dylan Anspach Civil Engineering
Justin Archer Civil Engineering
Alejandro Armijo Business Marketing Option
Dylan Armstrong Information Technology
Nathaniel Arnold Software Engineering Tech
Chad Arnoldy Mechanical Engineering Tech
Tony Augustine Renewable Energy Engineering
Brittney Ayles Biology-Health Sciences
Emily Bacewich Pre-Nursing Gen Study
Carolyn Baker Nuclear Med Molecular Imaging
Kyle Baker Pre-Nursing Gen Study
Sean Balignasay Mechanical Engineering
Timothy Barnett Computer Engineering Tech
Kenia Basilio Vascular Technology
Juliana Bateman Operations Management
Kamren Bates Electrical Engineering
Aimee Battaglia Biology-Health Sciences
Dakota Becker Business Marketing Option
James Bedortha Environmental Sciences
Isaac Beery Information Technology
Beau Bell Software Engineering Tech
Marco Bellutta Mechanical Engineering
Heather Bemis Mechanical Engineering
Sarah Bentz Radiologic Science
Aleah Berger Respiratory Care
Allan Bixby-Perry Nuclear Med Molecular Imaging
Micah Blakely Vascular Technology
Anh Bliss Medical Laboratory Science
Lodewijk Bloemzaad Business Marketing Option
Cassandra Blum Dental Hygiene
Rachael Blumenshine Echocardiography
Brennen Boese Software Engineering Tech
Brenna Bogle Population Health Management
Megan Bolin Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Abigail Boozer Echocardiography
Robert Bosch Software Engineering Tech
Sarah Bostard Dental Hygiene
Isaac Boyd Medical Laboratory Science
Andrew Breedlove Mechanical Engineering
Adam Brock Medical Laboratory Science
William Brooks Dual Mech Eng/MFG Eng Tech
Benjamin Brown Computer Engineering Tech
Kaelie Bryson Pre-Medical Imaging Gen Study
Zachary Budnick Mechanical Engineering
Derrick Cadle Mechanical Engineering
Makhala Caldwell-Falwell Dual Mech Eng/MFG Eng Tech
Cassie Canfield Information Technology
Iris Cardenas Dental Hygiene
Matthew Cardiel Information Technology
Hannah Carey Biology-Health Sciences
Jacob Carpenter Communication Studies
Ma Kaye Carson Pre-Nursing Gen Study
Guilherme Carvalho Information Technology
Nicolas Cassaday Mechanical Engineering
Caleb Castleman Renewable Energy Engineering
Jose Chavez Mechanical Engineering
Ann Chemmachel Medical Laboratory Science
Darin Chitwood Electrical Engineering
Jessyca Chosy Dual Civil Eng/Env Sciences
Sasha Christophersen Applied Psychology
Arthur Clark Software Engineering Tech
Dillon Claybaugh Biology-Health Sciences
Karina Cobian Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Kean Colosimo Mechanical Engineering
Jonathan Connor Civil Engineering
Amanda Constant Civil Engineering
Leslie Contreras Dental Hygiene
Juan Contreras Sanchez Radiologic Science
Travis Cooke Echocardiography
Taylor Cooley Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Jennifer Coons Pre-Medical Imaging Gen Study
Nicholas Cooper Software Engineering Tech
Patrick Cornwall Electrical Engineering
Joshua Cosby Electrical Engineering
Kayla Courtney Pre-Medical Imaging Gen Study
Rachel Cox Biology-Health Sciences
Chad Cramer Renewable Energy Engineering
Noelle Crocetti Pre-Medical Imaging Gen Study
Daysha Crosier Biology-Health Sciences
Handoko Cuaca Health Informatics
McKenna Culpepper Applied Psychology
Abigail Curtis Business Management Option
Taylor Daniel Pre-Dental Hygiene Gen Study
Benjamin Davidson Business Marketing Option
Conner Davidson Dual Renewable Energy/Elec Eng
Christianna Davis Operations Management
Joshua Davis Dual Renewable Energy/Elec Eng
Trevor Davis Civil Engineering
Laurel Dawson Dental Hygiene
Brice Delander Electrical Engineering
Esther Delavan Medical Laboratory Science
Rianna Delgado Software Engineering Tech
Rebecca Dill Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Morgan Distler Renewable Energy Engineering
Ryan Doers Mechanical Engineering
Tiana Dolson EMT - Paramedic
Kieran Dong Medical Laboratory Science
Aboubacar Doucoure Renewable Energy Engineering
Jordan Drog Pre-Medical Imaging Gen Study
Christopher Duran Civil Engineering
Erica Durand Radiologic Science
Nicolas Edera Applied Psychology
Jacob Edmondson Civil Engineering
Michael Edwards Environmental Sciences
Megan Eichenberger Medical Laboratory Science
Jason Elliott Civil Engineering
Shayla Engelbrecht Dental Hygiene
Santiago Estrada Computer Engineering Tech
Cody Faber Civil Engineering
Kaison Faust Communication Studies
Troy Ferguson Electrical Engineering
Brandon Ferington Medical Laboratory Science
Arnold Fernandez Electrical Engineering
Mitchell Fink Communication Studies
Natalia Fitzhugh Business Marketing Option
Brandon Fletcher Embedded Systems Eng Tech
Austin Florez Applied Psychology
Katelyn Florez Business Management Option
Brandon Foose Mechanical Engineering
Cody Fort Pre-Nursing Gen Study
Isabella Foss Nuclear Med Molecular Imaging
Melanie Fournet Dental Hygiene
Michael Frank Mechanical Engineering
Dionna Frazier Echocardiography
Nathan Fuller Mechanical Engineering
Hannah Gafter Mechanical Engineering
Josephine Ganas Dental Hygiene
Danielle Garcia Medical Laboratory Science
Bryan Garcia Gomez Mechanical Engineering
Hailey Gardner Dental Hygiene
Travis Gardner Mechanical Engineering
Gabrielle Garrett Dental Hygiene
German George Respiratory Care
Shawn Gibbons Software Engineering Tech
Haislee Gillette EMT - Paramedic
Bailey Goins Dual Software Eng/Applied Math
Kathleen Gordy Medical Laboratory Science
Alison Graham Radiologic Science
Sean Griffith Mechanical Engineering
Tatyana Grigoryeva Medical Laboratory Science
Milo Gullickson Mechanical Engineering
Juan Guzman Civil Engineering
Josie Hanel Pre-Medical Imaging Gen Study
Lauren Harding Radiologic Science
Matthew Harrington Biology-Health Sciences
Landyn Hastey Electrical Engineering
Trevor Hatley Information Technology
William Haught Information Technology
Kevin Henderson Dual Elec/Renewable Energy Eng
Chelsea Henslee Biology-Health Sciences
Michael Her Radiologic Science
Ernesto Hernandez Applied Psychology
Michael Hernandez Electrical Engineering
Jacob Hertel Manufacturing Engineering Tech
Michael Higginbotham Software Engineering Tech
Hayley Hinrichs Medical Laboratory Science
Christopher Hintz Software Engineering Tech
Samantha Hixon Pre-Medical Lab Sci Gen Study
Nhu Hoang Dental Hygiene
Jason Hobbs Electrical Engineering
Karey Hoke Echocardiography
Susan Holmes Medical Laboratory Science
Joel Hottman Mechanical Engineering
Faith Houck-Wylie Applied Psychology
Asha Huffman Applied Psychology
Faith Hull Pre-Medical Imaging Gen Study
Hayden Hutsell Computer Engineering Tech
Nicole Huynh Medical Laboratory Science
Schon Hybertsen Electrical Engineering
Shayna Ige Applied Psychology
Beatriz Iniguez Pre-Medical Lab Sci Gen Study
Daniel Iwicki Civil Engineering
Katie Jack EMT - Paramedic
Abigail Jackson Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Jasmine James Civil Engineering
Ty James Dual Elec/Renewable Energy Eng
Haley Janky Radiologic Science
Davis Jantzi Radiologic Science
Kevin Jeffrey Information Technology
Kyle Jenson Mechanical Engineering
Mitchell Jillson Applied Mathematics
Brittney Johansen Environmental Sciences
Camryn Johnson Pre-Respiratory Care Gen Study
Thawng Kap Information Technology
Bryce Kauffman Health Informatics
Kirsten Kepler Mechanical Engineering
Jedediah Kimbrough Electrical Engineering
Curry King Technology and Management
Melinda Kirstein Applied Psychology
Marin Kleihauer Dental Hygiene
Brian Knopf Information Technology
Carter Knutson Software Engineering Tech
John Kronenberger Dual Mech Eng/MFG Eng Tech
Marcus Kuchle Renewable Energy Engineering
Hanna Kuykendall Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Kathryn LaFrance Software Engineering Tech
Emma Lagorio Pre-Medical Imaging Gen Study
Elizabeth Lander Pre-Medical Imaging Gen Study
Sean Lange Geomatics-option in Surveying
Adam Langley Respiratory Care
Stephen Lankford Dual Embed/Software Eng Tech
Matthew Larraneta Geomatics-option in Surveying
MaryAnne Laxamana Mechanical Engineering Tech
Ian LeCavalier Embedded Systems Eng Tech
Piper Lee Pre-Medical Imaging Gen Study
Connor Leighton Mechanical Engineering
JayCe Leonard Software Engineering Tech
Levi Leuthold Software Engineering Tech
Aleksey Likhtenberg Mechanical Engineering
Matthew Lindemann Biology-Health Sciences
Shelby Loader Communication Studies
Mosier Locke Geomatics-option in Surveying
Regin Loftin Pre-Medical Imaging Gen Study
Dustin Londen Mechanical Engineering
Jakob Lovern Dual Software Eng/Applied Math
Austyn Lowder Radiologic Science
Carl Lowther Software Engineering Tech
Aaron Lukosh Electrical Engineering
Colin Lundquist Computer Engineering Tech
Trevor Lundsten Civil Engineering
Devin Lutz Dual Software Eng/Applied Math
Rebecca Maier Applied Psychology
Alex Malcolm Pre-Respiratory Care Gen Study
Daniel Malriat Dual Renewable Energy/Env Sci
Jordan Manton Mechanical Engineering
Simon Marble Information Technology
Justin Markoya EMT - Paramedic
Whitney Marks Radiologic Science
Benjamin Matthews Operations Management
Lindsey Mauch Dental Hygiene
Nicholas Maurer Biology-Health Sciences
Andrew McCool Information Technology
Jason McCoomb Electrical Engineering
Karah McCulley Civil Engineering
Avery McMillan Mechanical Engineering
Cade McNiven Software Engineering Tech
Kylie Meadows Communication Studies
Joy Menguita Technology and Management
Stephen Metsig Applied Psychology
Victor Meyer Pre-Medical Imaging Gen Study
Christian Meyers Business Marketing Option
Louis Michelon Biology-Health Sciences
Donovan Miller Information Technology
Hayley Mintz Pre-Medical Imaging Gen Study
Christopher Mitchell Electrical Engineering
Scott Morris Renewable Energy Engineering
Conner Mullin Civil Engineering
Kathryn Mura Echocardiography
Holly Murga Radiologic Science
Kathryn Murphy Radiologic Science
Katie Murphy Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Alexander Mygrant Software Engineering Tech
Caleb Nagel Mechanical Engineering Tech
Megan Nakai Radiologic Science
Mark Nation Dual Compute/Software Eng Tech
Tanya Navarro Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Alexander Nelson EMT - Paramedic
Bailey Nelson Respiratory Care
Gus Nelson Operations Management
Jace Nelson Nuclear Med Molecular Imaging
Lars Nelte Electrical Engineering
Aldrich Ng Medical Laboratory Science
Tony Ngninlabhe Computer Engineering Tech
Can Nguyen Information Technology
James Nordquist Software Engineering Tech
John Nunnelee Electrical Engineering
Jounoa Olivares Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Zakery Olson Mechanical Engineering
Nicholas Orlik Electrical Engineering
Marco Ortega Software Engineering Tech
Trenton Oswald Electrical Engineering
Jeffrey Ottenad Software Engineering Tech
Ian Pargeter Civil Engineering
Rowan Parker Software Engineering Tech
Steven Parker Embedded Systems Eng Tech
Meera Patel Radiologic Science
Yvette Perry Applied Psychology
Jordan Phillips Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Chad Pietrok Civil Engineering
Daniela Pimentel Biology-Health Sciences
Joseph Porrazzo Mechanical Engineering
Toribio Quinones Geomatics-option in Surveying
Anna Ramet Renewable Energy Engineering
Seth Ray Software Engineering Tech
Ronnie Red Electrical Engineering
Taylor Redman Biology-Health Sciences
Cindy Reed Biology-Health Sciences
Kirsten Reed Pre-Nursing Gen Study
Jordyn Reeser Applied Psychology
Kelly Reeves Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Dakota Reyes-Holloway Radiologic Science
Makayla Rice Vascular Technology
Ian Riley Dual Renewable Energy/Elec Eng
Traeson Rinell Electrical Engineering
Kelsey Robbins Dental Hygiene
Claire Robert Biology-Health Sciences
Brooke Robinson Dental Hygiene
Britney Rodriguez Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Edilet Rodriguez Dental Hygiene
Kendall Rohde Vascular Technology
Cecilia Rosas Biology-Health Sciences
Tashina Ruppert Radiologic Science
Alexander Ryan Information Technology
Matthew Sai Business Accounting Option
Timothy Santangelo Information Technology
Madilyn Sattler Business Management Option
Hailey Satyna Biology-Health Sciences
Scott Sauerwein Electrical Engineering
Brad Schiffner Operations Management
Sierra Schipper Dental Hygiene
Madison Schnoor Biology-Health Sciences
Caleb Schott Renewable Energy Engineering
Abigail Schubert Pre-Medical Imaging Gen Study
John Schulz Mechanical Engineering
Caroline Schulze Civil Engineering
Brittany Scott Vascular Technology
Shawn Scott Embedded Systems Eng Tech
Warren Sept Mechanical Engineering
Amy Servid Medical Laboratory Science
William Sharkey Mechanical Engineering Tech
Keegan Shepard Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Justin Shirley Geomatics-option in Surveying
Kristina Shone Echocardiography
Mikaela Shumaker Respiratory Care
Jonathon Sieber Mechanical Engineering Tech
Alexis Sigmund Vascular Technology
Erika Simpson Pre-Medical Imaging Gen Study
Kevin Sisavic Mechanical Engineering Tech
Haley Skeeters Pre-Nursing Gen Study
James Skinner Environmental Sciences
Connor Skudlarek Mechanical Engineering
Nicholas Slaughter Software Engineering Tech
Sarah Smith Pre-Respiratory Care Gen Study
Zibunysa Smith Information Technology
Christopher Souza Computer Engineering Tech
Amanda Stafford Medical Laboratory Science
Brittany Starheim Pre-Nursing Gen Study
Kelcey Stauffer Software Engineering Tech
Anna Steademan Mechanical Engineering
Laurana Steele Biology-Health Sciences
Aubrey Stewart Pre-Nursing Gen Study
Kol Stewart Mechanical Engineering
Megan Stiles Mechanical Engineering
Sant Strassheim Biology-Health Sciences
Cal Stueve Operations Management
Max Stuntzner-Gibson Mechanical Engineering
Daniel Sturm Technology and Management
Cheyne Sueyoshi Business Marketing Option
Emily Sweet Dental Hygiene
Logan Sweet Business Management Option
Gabriel Swindlehurst Mechanical Engineering
Maxwell Swope Information Technology
Brock Tacata Civil Engineering
Jarrett Taira Electrical Engineering
Thomas Tappert Dual Renewable Energy/Elec Eng
Michael Tarakhchyan Pre-Respiratory Care Gen Study
Lance Taylor Civil Engineering
Chance Temple Information Technology
William Thode Manufacturing Engineering Tech
Bailey Thorn Health Care Mgmt-Admin Mgmt
Brandon Toledo Software Engineering Tech
Natalie Toledo Pre-Medical Imaging Gen Study
Sarah Tolton Radiologic Science
Olivia Torres Stagner Civil Engineering
Devin Torrey Business Management Option
Crystal Trumpower Health Informatics
Matthew Van Tassell Civil Engineering
Brooke Vaughan Applied Psychology
Wayne Vaughan Mechanical Engineering
Henry Verey Technology and Management
Sandy Villa-Reyes Pre-Medical Imaging Gen Study
Justin Villers Renewable Energy Engineering
Jaime Viramontes Biology-Health Sciences
Logan Wagner Electrical Engineering
Ryan Waldahl Radiologic Science
Mallory Ward Civil Engineering
Nevan Watanabe Population Health Management
Sarah Watkins Vascular Technology
Emma Watson Dental Hygiene
Jacob Weinhardt Communication Studies
Joseph Welch Environmental Sciences
Nicolas Welty Software Engineering Tech
Maverick Whetstone Dual Software Eng/Applied Math
Nathaniel Whitling Mechanical Engineering
Rachel Whitney Dental Hygiene
Gabriel Wiegan Applied Mathematics
Loryn Williams Respiratory Care
Zackary Williams Dual Renewable Energy/Elec Eng
Kirsten Willis Business Accounting Option
DeWayne Wilson Operations Management
Jeffrey Wiser Electrical Engineering
Hanna Wolf Dual Renewable Energy/Env Sci
Chance Wonser Biology-Health Sciences
Abigail Wood Dual Elec/Renewable Energy Eng
Allison Wood Dental Hygiene
Walker Woodman Environmental Sciences
Jacob Workinger Biology-Health Sciences
Juliana Wright Electrical Engineering
Paul Wyatt Software Engineering Tech
Ehlana-Raye Wyman Biology-Health Sciences
Baylee Wyscaver Applied Psychology
Timofey Yefimchuk Mechanical Engineering
Pamela Young Medical Laboratory Science
Sarah Zacharias Dental Hygiene
Austin Zavala Civil Engineering
Gabriel Zeller Dual Software Eng/Applied Math

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