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Self-Evaluation of Personal Readiness

Survey Questions

This survey is designed to assist you in rating your current readiness to pursue online education courses. The feedback from this survey may assist you in the areas where you need to focus prior to enrolling in an online degree program. Answer honestly by rating your agreement with each statement.

Click the box that best matches your feelings.

Rarely Sometimes Most of the Time All of the Time
1. I am able to easily access the Internet as needed for my studies.
2. I am comfortable communicating with others over the Internet.
3. I am willing to communicate actively with my classmates and instructors electronically.
4. I am willing to set aside an amount of time each week to effectively engage in study.
5. I feel that online learning is of at least equal quality to traditional classroom learning.
6. I feel that using my background and experience in my studies will be beneficial to new learning.
7. I am comfortable with written communication.
8. When it comes to learning and studying, I am a self-directed person.
9. Reviewing what I have learned in a course helps me with new learning.
10. In my studies I am self-disciplined and find it easy to set aside reading and homework time.
11. I am able to manage my study time effectively and easily complete assignments on time.
12. As a student, I enjoy working by myself with minimal support or interaction.
13. In my studies I set goals and have a high degree of initiative.
14. I believe I am the only one responsible for my learning.