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Canvas learning management system

As of Summer term 2019, Canvas is the learning management software used by Oregon Tech to offer courses via the internet and to supplement in-class material. The selection of Canvas was made after a detailed review process was conducted over the prior year.  Faculty, students and staff were involved throughout the process to assist with making this decision. 

This webpage will be your "go-to" location for Canvas faculty help material. Note that there are links to various web pages on this page that contain helpful information.  This page will be updated as needed to provide more information.

The migration of Blackboard classes to Canvas will continue throughout the 2019- 2020 academic year.

For technical assistance when using Canvas, please call Canvas Support at 541-205-9323.  To check the general status of Canvas, please check this website.


When are classes being offered in Canvas?

Oregon Tech started using Canvas for the Summer 2019 classes. 

How was the decision made to move to Canvas?

It had been seven years since Oregon Tech Online had done a formal review of the learning management systems (LMS) available.  We posted a Request for Proposal and received proposals. 

We involved faculty and students in various ways: on a Needs Analysis group, as LMS testers, as Review Committee members and on OLAC.  On-site presentations for faculty and students to attend were held by the LMS companies in October 2018. 

After a year-long process, Canvas was voted as the program Oregon Tech would use starting in Summer 2019.

What is the plan and timeline for migration from Blackboard?

Old Blackboard classes will be migrated over to Canvas for faculty.  The Oregon Tech Online staff will clean up the classes and train all faculty. 

Will I need to migrate my Blackboard classes/material to Canvas?

No.  The Oregon Tech Online staff is moving the Blackboard classes into Canvas prior to each term. 

Be sure to respond to emails asking what old classes you need from Blackboard.  The emails are sent a couple of months before the next term starts.

Will my old Blackboard material be available?

Yes.  Your Blackboard classes will be migrated to Canvas.  The Oregon Tech Online staff will clean up your classes for you, so you'll only need to make changes in your classes to take advantage of the new tools/options available to you in Canvas.

Do I have to copy my material into my classes?

No.  The Oregon Tech Online staff will copy your old material for you into your Canvas classes based on what you say you want to use in each class.  Be sure to reply to the messages sent asking you want you want. 

You will still have the ability to copy your material for yourself in Canvas like you have now in Blackboard, but you won't have to do that process during this migration period.

Will my winter and spring classes also be migrated?

Yes.  We'll first migrate summer and fall classes from Blackboard to Canvas.  Then we'll migrate winter and spring classes. 

What about my Kaltura videos? Do I have to record them again?

No. You don't have to record them again.  We set up the integration between Kaltura and Canvas. So once you open a class in Canvas, all of your old videos will be listed in your individual My Media area.

As part of the clean up process that Oregon Tech Online staff is doing, they will re-link your videos within the course modules area in Canvas classes.  You still should verify that all videos are displaying in your class in case one gets missed. 

Can I start with a blank class in Canvas?

Yes.  Please just respond to the email sent prior to each term that you want a blank class. 

This is actually a better way to start using a new learning management system. It allows you to think about how best to organize your class using the new tools and layout available to you.

Will I need to clean up my migrated classes?

Yes.  The Oregon Tech Online staff will do some initial cleaning up for you.  But then you should look through all of your classes and make any other necessary changes.  There will be new options available in Canvas that you might want to implement in your classes right away. 

When switching to a new program, some faculty find it is better to start with a blank class and bring old material is as needed.  But if you carefully look through your old material, you can make your class look and work even nicer in Canvas.

Will training be offered?

Yes, every faculty member has been added to a Canvas Faculty Training class that was developed by the Oregon Tech Online staff.  It has videos, documents and simulations for you to use. You will have access to it as long as you teach classes at Oregon Tech.

During Fall Convocation, there will be a session on Canvas.  We also will have a Canvas trainer on campus on September 24 to provide training sessions to faculty.  Watch your email for details.

I have questions about using Canvas. Who should I contact?

You can contact your Instructional Designer at Oregon Tech. For the School of ETM, that is Carrie Dickson.  For the School of HAS, that is Christine Ward.  Their contact information is listed on this webpage.  They can help you with pedagogy questions or assist you with items that you can't find in the Canvas guides, which are also listed on this webpage.

Oregon Tech also purchased faculty and student support from Canvas.  Faculty and students can contact them directly by email, phone, or chat 24/7/365.  They are experts in using Canvas and will be able to quickly answer any technical questions at all hours of the day/night.

I'd like to learn about Canvas on my own. Where do I find information?

Included on this webpage under the Canvas Guides heading, you can access the Canvas provided help documentation.  There is a link for the Faculty Guide, the Student Guide, and a page that gives video versions of the help documentation.

What about SafeAssign? Will it still be available?

No. SafeAssign was a Blackboard only tool. 

We have replaced it with Turnitin, which is the similar plagiarism tool that works within Canvas. 

What about other third party integrations, such as Zoom, publisher content, etc?

The Oregon Tech Online staff integrated the common third party integrations that were used in Blackboard into Canvas also.  So Zoom, Panopto, Portfolium, Pearson's, Cengage and others have been integrated and are available for faculty to use.

As more programs are discovered that faculty need to use, they can be integrated as well.
Carrie Dickson

Carrie Dickson, Instructional Designer - School of ETM

Christine Ward

Christine Ward, Instructional Designer - School of HAS