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Faculty Recording Studio

Recording room desktop computer

The Oregon Tech Online department has a digital recording studio for faculty and staff to use for recording lectures. We recommend using this room to prepare material for the fully online or blended classes at Oregon Tech. 

  • The recording studio is quieter than using your own office
  • It has a variety of high-end recording equipment
  • Equipment can be signed out to record in various locations
  • Recorded lectures and materials can be viewed at any time by students
  • Allows distant students to better attend and participate in live classes
  • We can help you learn how to use the equipment and upload the final material to your Blackboard class

If you are interested, send an email to Janelle Knaggs ( to reserve either the studio room or a piece of equipment. 

The main purpose for setting up this room was to allow faculty who are teaching either fully online classes or blended classes at Oregon Tech to have more support and resources available to them to prepare material for their classes. However any faculty member who is teaching an on-campus class or any staff member is welcome to reserve the room as well. 

It has already been used by some on-campus faculty members who were going to be out of town during one or more of their scheduled on-campus classes. They recorded lectures for the class so the students could view them at any time and keep the class on schedule. We also have some equipment for faculty to check out and use outside of the recording room.


Equipment available in studio room For use in Room  Can Check out to use elsewhere 
Dual boot Computer with large monitor (can use Windows or Mac)  
High-end camcorder with lavalier microphone (lapel mic)  
Document camera (good for recording objects or record yourself writing on a piece of paper)  
Headset with microphone  
GoPro camera (hands-free action videos, can be used underwater)  
Basic camcorder  
iPad tablets  
Surface Pro tablet  
Kubi robot devices (used in classrooms to allow distant students to attend live classes)  
Smartpen (saves a digital copy of whatever you write on a piece of paper)  

For more info, contact

Janelle Knaggs

OfficePV 294

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