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This page is designed to assist both current Oregon Tech online students and future online students.

The Annual Planning Schedule will help you see which classes are offered each term during the entire school year so you can plan your future class schedule.  The Class Schedule link takes you to the page where you can view all the classes offered for a particular term.  The Bookstore link will take you directly to the Oregon Tech bookstore where you can purchase textbooks and more.  The Self Assessment for Online Classes takes you to a page that has a survey you can take to see if you're ready to take online classes.

The BIO 231, 232, 233 link gives details on one of our popular set of classes - Human Anatomy & Physiology.  Check out this page before enrolling in one of these online classes.

The DHE 100, MIT 103, and REE 201 links each take you to a page that describe the process to take one of these prerequisite classes that must be completed to be eligible for admission to each of these programs.