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REE 201 Introduction to Renewable Energy


Spring Term Begins

Introduction to Renewable Energy is the perfect stepping stone for students interested in enrolling in the Renewable Energy Engineering program at Oregon Tech.

Note: This course is one of only two courses in the Renewable Energy Engineering program that are offered online. The program is an on-campus program only offered in Klamath Falls and Portland-Metro. Learn more about the Renewable Energy Engineering program.

Please note this course has a prerequisite of MATH 111 College Algebra. If you have taken MATH 111 College Algebra at another college or university please email a copy of your unofficial transcript showing College Algebra to The attachment must clearly show your name, the name of the college, and the class and grade received along with a note stating this is for REE 201. MATH 111 must be completed prior to beginning REE 201, if you are in the course now simply send a copy of your class schedule. We would need an unofficial transcript once MATH 111 was finished and before REE 201 started.

Oregon Tech Online offers REE 201, Introduction to Renewable Energy, as an online course to students at a distance who are interested in the emerging field of renewable energy. An introduction to renewable energy that covers topics such as photovoltaics, solar thermal systems, green building, fuel-cells, hydrogen, wind power, waste heat, biofuels, wave power, tidal power and hydroelectricity. Discussions of economic, environmental, political and social policy are integral components of this course.

Application Process

Full admission to Oregon Tech is not required to complete REE 201. Financial aid is not offered to non-degree seeking students but a payment plan is available. Follow the steps below to get started:

  1. Submit the Non-Degree Seeking Application. Select General Studies Online as your major.
  2. Watch for an email from the Online Education office about registration.
  3. Register yourself for classes when registration opens.

Non-degree seeking students do not pay application fees since they are not attending a degree program and are limited to 8 credits per term.

Once registered you are responsible for the tuition and fees. The payment and refund schedule, along with the payment plan application, is located on the Cashier’s Office website. The Academic Calendar details important registration dates and withdraw deadlines.

Spring Term Begins

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