Maurice Najjar

Maurice Najjar

Alumnus, Class of 2017
Major(s): Applied Psychology
Hometown: Monrovia, Liberia

Why did you choose Oregon Tech Online?

My journey at Oregon Tech Online began 4 years ago. I was considering changing careers, and decided to look at accredited online programs nationwide. Of the 25+ schools I came across online, I chose Oregon Tech Online because they were not pushy. In fact, the program director made me shadow a professional to make sure that I was really interested in the program - before accepting my application.

What did you like best about your major?

My favorite part about my major was the discussions. The discussions were unlike any I had been a part of. they were engaging, and at times felt like I was in a real life therapy session. There were arguments, but none led to anything serious.

What has been the greatest aspect of completing your degree online?

I feel like a counselor. I used to have difficulties dealing with some patients at work, but not anymore. The applied psychology program taught me how to encourage my patients and make them happy. A key note I learned from the program was that everyone was different, so as a healthcare professional, you had to work your hardest to accommodate everyone. The program also helped me to become a better father and husband. I have 4 daughters.

Do you have any advice for incoming students?

Oregon Tech Online is the best out there. It's the best because the majority of the professors have a PhD. You have to work hard but it pays off in the end. That's because you graduate with experience, and companies out there are aware of the high standard education and/or training we receive. That's why graduates of Oregon Tech are not only in demand, they are offered the best.

Have you found employment? How long after graduation did it take?

The applied psychology degree is my third from Oregon Tech. My first was a certification in polysomnography. As cheese as this may sound, I was offered a position before I graduated. I did not accept that position as I wanted to focus on my studies. It took only two weeks after applying for positions to sign a lucrative offer. And I was working within a month. With my recently acquired degrees in applied psychology and polysomnography, I will be seeking a consulting position in sleep medicine. One thing I have to say is that it has been too easy to find jobs, and I think that part of that is because of my alma matter. So, thank you Oregon Tech!