The following courses, certificate program, and degree completion courses are not available until further notice:

          ·        MIT 341 Magnetic Resonance Imaging

          ·        MIT 342 Magnetic Resonance Imaging II

          ·        MIT 365 - Mag. Resonance Imaging Review

          ·        Radiologic Science and Nuclear Medicine degree completion programs must waive any and all MRI courses

Are you a registered radiologic technologist looking to advance your career?

At Oregon Tech, registered radiologic technologists have two online degree options to advance their careers.

  1. Bachelor of Science in Radiologic Science - integrates credits granted for registry with coursework in MRI, CT, Mammography, and CIT with business applications and a general education core
  2. Bachelor of Science in Health Care Management - integrates credits granted for registry with coursework in management and a general education core

About the Online Radiology Degree Program


radiologic science

The online radiology degree program integrates basic medical science with radiology courses and a general education core. Our online programs offer continuing education in your profession or coursework in management, advancement or new options in your career, and the bachelor's degree required for entry into master's degree programs. Many of our students go on to advanced degrees in business, education and more. Students are never required to come to the campus. We hope students will come for our graduation ceremony, but there is no requirement to do so.

You will begin the program with a foundation for degree completion built upon two sources: credit you complete at another college and transfer to Oregon Tech and credit granted for professional registries. For example, 89 credits are granted to registered technologists in good standing.

Once you are admitted to the radiology program, our staff will conduct a transfer evaluation of your prior coursework to see which classes are applicable toward your bachelor’s degree. After the evaluation is complete, we will contact you with an advising guide showing your transfer credits, registry credits, and future classes needed for completion. You may view the curriculum, including courses granted for registry, under Curriculum - Radiologic Science and under Curriculum - Health Care Management.

Who is Eligible?

  1. You must be a Registered Radiologic Technologist through the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT).
  2. You must be employed in or have access to a full-service, properly equipped radiology laboratory to complete the clinical didactic courses and be eligible for clinical externship credit.**
  3. You must meet the Oregon Tech admissions criteria. Special admissions arrangements are also available.

**Please note: The Radiologic Science Degree Completion Program is built around a core of courses in the advanced modalities of CT, Cardiovascular Interventional Technology, and/or Mammography. These courses are intended to provide the two-year college or hospital trained technologist with knowledge and limited but practical experience in the advanced modalities. They are followed by the 15 credit clinical "externship." This in-depth experience is completed in a modality or modalities of the student's choice, to facilitate changing to or supervising in these areas, and as a stepping-stone to promotion.

The courses have a lab requirement, and the externship is 95% clinical practice. Prospective students need to know that an imaging site will be available and cooperative to fulfill the clinical requirements. Experience has shown that most facilities are anxious to contribute to the continuing education of technologists, especially those they employ, but occasionally a student may have difficulty securing cooperation, usually due to legal or HIPAA concerns. It is important to assure the availability and cooperation of a clinical site before applying to the program.

Bachelor of Science


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