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Tools for Registration Planning


Online students have four primary tools to use while planning course selections and completing program requirements.

  1. Your personalized "Advising, Transfer Evaluation and Graduation Checksheet"
  2. The Annual Planning Schedule
  3. Schedule of Classes for the upcoming term
  4. Quarterly Planner

Advising, Transfer Evaluation and Graduation Checksheet

Your primary tool for keeping track of your program requirements is your personalized "Advising, Transfer Evaluation and Graduation Checksheet." Oregon Tech Online sends this checksheet to you during your admissions process. It shows which courses have been granted by registry or licensure, transfer credits, course substitutions, and remaining requirements (see File Downloads on right).

During advising discussions, both you and your advisor should refer to the checksheet together. If you have any questions regarding what courses satisfy your requirements, make sure you discuss these questions with your advisor and that Oregon Tech Online notes approved choices on your checksheet.

One of the most useful tools for students in conjunction with the Annual Planning Schedule, is the Quarterly Planner. With this tool and the Annual Planning Schedule (updated each spring term for the following year) you can plan out your schedule for an entire year (see File Downloads on right).

After each term the Online office will post your course grades and can send you an updated checksheet upon request. You can also do this informally as you work through your program. Two terms before you expect to graduate, you will submit this checksheet as your graduation petition. The Registrar's Office will then do a final degree check.

A sample checksheet is attached in PDF format.

Annual Planning Schedule

The Annual Planning Schedule shows what online courses we offer this academic year and when they are offered. The departments offering these courses have committed to offering them during the terms listed. This schedule is updated annually for the upcoming year in spring.

Schedule of Classes

The list of online classes that are offered for the upcoming term can best be viewed in two places:

  1. The most comprehensive Online course listing can be found in Web for Student under the Student Registration/Online Classes menu. You must log in to view this menu.
  2. You can also view a public (no login required) list of online courses by clicking on this Class Schedule link, or by going to the Oregon Tech home page at and clicking on Academics, then click on Course Search.