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Blackboard is the course management software used by Oregon Tech to offer courses via the internet. You will login to a secure web site and find instructions, syllabus, course content, email and discussion tools, and any exams, activities, or assignments your instructor has set up for the course. Our online courses are not self-paced; they include structure and deadlines to keep you on track. Some courses require a proctor for test taking. Each course usually includes a separate textbook, which you can purchase online at the Oregon Tech Bookstore.

This webpage will be your "go-to" location for all Blackboard Learn 9.1 help material. Please save this address in your favorite browser. Note that there are links to various web pages on the right side of this page that contain helpful information. Some will be helpful for anyone at Oregon Tech, while other pages are directed specifically to either faculty or students.

mobile-devicesBlackboard Mobile is available!

Oregon Tech pays for access to Blackboard Mobile for all devices, so you'll be able to download an app for your Android device, iPhone, iPad or BlackBerry.

The directions for installing the app are listed in a link on the right side of this page.

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