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NREL Task Ordering Agreement No. KLDJ-5- 55052-00

Examples of Past Federally-Funded Technical Assistance Reports:

Task Order Number KLDJ-5-55052-01 - Feasibility Studies and Life-Cycle Cost Analysis

  1. Task 1: Nez Perce Geothermal Heat Pump Feasibility Study Report
  2. Task 2: Winnebago Life Cycle Cost Analysis Report
  3. Task 3: Geothermal Energy Utilization in Ethanol Production Report

Task Order Number KLDJ-5-55052-02 - Technical Assistance with Direct Use Projects in Oregon and Nevada

  1. Task 1: The Herald and News Building
  2. Task 2: Geothermal Industrial Park - Elko, NV Report

Task Order Number KLDJ-5-55052-03 - Myrtle Tree Geothermal Development Project

  1. Task 1: Myrtle Tree Geothermal Development Project

Task Order Number KLDJ-5-55052-04 - Project Support and Ad-Hoc Technical Assistance

  1. Task 1: Technical Assistance Expert for GPW and State Working Group Meetings
  2. Task 2: USDA Farm Bill Section 9006, Energy Efficiency Improvements Template for Geothermal Heat Pump Applications Report
  3. Task 3: Heating System Replacement for Mt. Grant General Hospital, Hawthorne, NV Report
  4. Task 4: Feasibility Study of Direct Use Enterprises in the County of Hawaii

Task Order Number KLDJ-5-55052-05 - Feasibility Studies on Projects in Utah, Nevada and Oregon (2)

  1. Task 1: Technical Assistance in Matching Greenhouse Expansion Plans with Geothermal Resource, Garden Valley, ID Report
  2. Task 2: Geothermal Heating Feasibility Study of Utah Transit Authority, Salt Lake City, UT Report
  3. Task 3: Ground Source Heat Pump System Design for Coeur d'Alene Tribe Cultural Center, Plummer, Idaho Report
  4. Task 4: Feasibility Study of Geothermal Resources for GRID, Fernley, NV Report

Task Order Number KLDJ-5-55052-06 - Assessment of Downhole Heat Exchangers in Existing Wells in Puna County of Hawaii

  1. Task 1: Assessment of Downhole Heat Exchangers in Existing Wells in Puna County of Hawaii

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