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Community Care / MIH Program

Sign Up Now! Registration is open for the Winter/Spring Community Care - Mobile Integrated Heath Care Series. 

Community Care Paramedic / Mobile Integrated Healthcare

Community Care Paramedic / Mobile Integrated Healthcare is a fast-growing career advancement opportunity within emergency medical services. Prehospital providers are being called on by hospitals, accountable care organizations, and communities to help improve the health of individuals. The new role of the paramedic focuses on creating opportunities for individuals to improve their health through disease education, medication reconciliation, client and community resource connection, and healthcare system navigation. Providers in this space are increasing community capacity by fully investing in populations.

Community Care Course Overview

The Online Community Care course through Oregon Tech / Oregon Health & Sciences University helps to educate current and future community care providers in preventative outreach and chronic disease management. The interactive online course structure offers students education and experience in public and community health; diving deep into the issues facing the community they live and work. Through exploration and connection with resources within their community, students will gain tools necessary to link patients to the right level of care at the right time.

"I am learning more in the Community Paramedicine program about the world I’ve been navigating as a paramedic for 39 years. I’m being given tools, insights and new concepts that enrich me personally and help me develop professionally. Being in this program enriches each shift that I work in my current job, and fills me with optimism about my — and my career’s — future." ~ Janina Kerr-Bryant, Oregon Tech student

The Community Care course is divided into two terms of intensive study into the issues facing the community in which they live and work. Coursework is structured to allow working students the flexibility to maintain work and family obligations while pursuing higher education. The Community Care course is 1 of 2 available educational tracts toward obtaining a Bachelor's of Science in Emergency Medical Services Management.

Each term of study is 6 credits and the program is a total of 12 credits.


Students will attend roughly 60-hours (over the course of two terms) in clinical experiences. Clinical experiences include:
patient and medic


Cost for the course is based on the per credit cost for Oregon Tech. Current per credit cost is $158. College fees and textbooks are not included. Textbooks cost approximately $100 per term.


National or state paramedic certification. Other medical professionals accepted with permission from the instructor.

Registration Timeline:

  • 1. INQUIRY

    Before October

    Email program representative, Deb.Disko@oit.edu and express interest.

  • 2. APPLY

    3rd week of October

    Apply to Oregon Tech (if not already done):

    1. General Admissions – Begin application by third week of October.
    2. Non-Degree Seeking Student – Early November (deadline 1 week prior to the start of classes).


    Upon acceptance, email course instructor for registration permission: Christopher.Hamper@oit.edu


    3rd week of November

    Register for classes – Registration opens 3rd week of November (deadline 1st day of class). Classes fill fast and space is limited. Spots are filled on a first come first serve basis.



    Textbooks can be purchased online through the Oregon Tech Bookstore.

  • 6. ATTEND


    Attend your classes at Oregon Tech.

community paramedic national curriculum

The Community Care course is based on the Community Paramedic national curriculum. We have made several changes to ensure that our program fits the needs of local movements as well as the evolving career field.

How to Register

To register as a degree-seeking student, visit Oregon Tech Admissions.

To take the course as a non-degree seeking student, visit Oregon Tech admissions for non-degree seeking students.

Instructor permission is required to register. After you register for Oregon Tech (degree or non-degree), you must email instructor to be granted permission.


How long is the program?

The program is two terms in length.

When are the classes held?

Didactic courses are offered online. Clinicals are held in the Portland area and scheduled in collaboration with the student.

Where are the classes conducted?

All didactic coursework is offered online. Clinicals are in-person in the Portland area.

Who teaches the course?

The community care program is heavily supported by faculty through Oregon Tech's Department of EMS who bring in subject matter experts to provide lectures. Guest lecturers come from various agencies around the Portland area including, Care Oregon, OHSU, Providence St. Vincent's, Multnomah County Health Department, Tuality Hospital, and various local non-profit organizations.

Can I continue to work through school?

The community care course is designed to fit around a working paramedic's schedule. We make a considerable effort to minimize the amount of time you need to take time off / get trades.

Can I complete coursework on shift?

It is up to your individual department to allow schoolwork on shift. All didactic course material is available online and can be done according to the students schedule.

Will this program certify me as a community care provider?

The course is designed to prepare you to take the IBSC Community Paramedic Exam. (Link: https://www.ibscertifications.org/certifications)


Chris Hamper, Faculty Instructor

For course-specific questions

Deb Disko, Program Representative

For special cases and transcript review