The first consideration application window to the professional phase of the 2018-19 paramedic program is closed.  If you are interested in submitting an application to our alternate pool, please contact 

EMS Program Courses

Courses offered by the EMS department require general admission to Oregon Tech with one exception: the second year of the paramedic program. Due to the large number of applications and relatively limited number of student positions, the second year of the paramedic degree requires a separate admissions process.  

New and transfer students interested in taking their first year prerequisites with Oregon Tech, including Human Anatomy & Physiology, Intro to EMS  and the EMT courses should follow the online application instructions for general admission.  Students interested in the upper level bachelor degree coursework should also follow these instructions.   

  •  Apply Online
  • Select 'BEMS' for your major.
  • Complete all portions of the Oregon Tech online application and follow instructions regarding official transcripts and additional required documents.  
  • Pay the $50.00 non-refundable application fee at the end of the online application.  

Paramedic Education Program Admissions

Students interested pursuing a Paramedic Education degree from Oregon Tech and have completed most of the first year prerequisites, may apply to the professional program. The professional program is the second year of the A.A.S. Paramedic degree.  
Prerequisites need to be completed by the start date of the program.

Applying to the Oregon Tech/OHSU Paramedic Education Program is a two-step processYou will need to apply to Oregon Tech through general admissions as well as apply directly to the Paramedic program. Detailed instructions and documents are located to the right. When applying to general admissions select 'Pre PEP' as your major.

Potential applicants must complete their Oregon EMT Basic Certification by the beginning of the professional year of the program and general education and science coursework. 

Please look over the attached documents and become familiar with the prerequisites, application instructions, application and recommendation forms.


There are a limited number of seats available for this program. The admissions committee will review all application packets and select qualified applicants for an interview. Interviews take place in the spring and notifications of acceptance will take place in June. Consideration for admissions is from January 1 through April 30. If space is available we will continue to accept applications through August 31st for the remainder of the seats. Space is limited; we encourage you to submit your application early.

Your Paramedic Education Program application will not be considered if you do not have an Oregon Tech admissions application on file. Please note that full admission status is required for entry into the program. For general admission questions, please contact the Oregon Tech Admissions Office.

Please note that general admission to Oregon Tech does not mean that you are admitted to the professional year or second year of the Paramedic Education Program.