Emergency Medical Technician

Begin your EMT education at a university program with abundant medical and educational resources from the OHSU School of Medicine and Oregon Institute of Technology. Our challenging EMT educational program is conducted over two terms covering all classroom and hands-on experience needed to be a successful entry-level pre-hospital field provider.


We believe strongly that your education should be as close to real-life as possible which is why we incorporate human cadavers (ratio of 1 cadaver to 5 students!), high-fidelity simulation training with and without Paramedic team members.

We maintain strong relationships with progressive clinical rotation sites. Our clinical sites include a 12 hour shift with a metropolitan fire department and a 12 hour shift with a Multnomah county 911 ambulance. During these rotations students will have the opportunity to interact with patients and perform skills under the supervision of a preceptor. To prepare students for their clinical rotations we place students in the paramedic simulation course.

Course Information

  • Our course is two academic quarter terms long.
  • This takes place over fall and winter terms, beginning late September.
  • Each term is a six credits.
  • We meet on Monday,Tuesday and Wednesday evenings.
  • At the end of the course you will be able to sit for the state EMT exam.

Goal Oriented

We have designed our EMT education to make sure you’ll be well prepared for two critical goals: handling the state exam with relative ease and being able to perform successfully in the real world as an entry level EMT pre-hospital provider.

Opportunity for Real-Life Experience

We understand it can be difficult to find front-line work as an EMT so we started an EMT internship course that places you as a team member on a 911 ambulance for the summer.

Comprehensive EMS Education

We have the options and resources to expand your career from EMT coursework, a paramedic program and onto a bachelor's degree in EMS Management.

Student Positions are Limited!

Please consider joining us for your EMT education - but hurry we’ve limited our class size to 20 students.

Hands-on education for real-world achievement.

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