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Philosophy and Background

About the Paramedic Education Program


The Paramedic Education Program is an integral part of OHSU's Department of Emergency Medicine, EMS Section. Staff physicians provide medical direction to the majority of EMS agencies in Multnomah and Clackamas Counties, portions of Washington County and Tualatin Valley Fire and Rescue. The Department of Emergency Medicine manages the emergency department at OHSU, an emergency medicine residency program, an EMS fellowship, the Oregon Poison Center, and a research section.

Graduates of the Paramedic Education Program have completed a competency-based educational program consisting of didactic, clinical, and field internship phases, and are designated entry level Emergency Medical Technician Paramedics (EMT-P's). It is important to emphasize the entry-level designation of our graduates, so as to not create unrealistic expectations of the program by future employers or the graduates themselves. Medicine is as much art as science, and the art of pre-hospital care is developed through clinical practice and an individual's commitment to lifelong learning.


Our students are our customers, and are treated as such. We respect individuality and have respect for individuals' value systems. We accommodate students to the greatest degree possible, and guarantee fairness. In order to meet the expectations we have of students, we provide assistance to meet those expectations. We value suggestions and recommendations for improvement. 

The faculty at OHSU / Oregon Tech recognizes that they do not 'make' anyone anything: an individual is not "made" into an excellent paramedic - rather, the Program provides a wealth of educational opportunities and role models to help participants gain the requisite knowledge, skills, and attitude. We expect our students to be active learners, to question and challenge if necessary.

Lastly, we value the fun of learning and the free exchange of ideas and opinions. We hope to create a stimulating educational environment that students reflect on positively for the duration of their careers.

Our students work hard and learn a tremendous amount in a very short time. As a graduate, you will feel the long standing reputation of this Program. Graduates are held with high regard as members of a small EMS community.