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Optical Engineering Lab

Lasers, Optics, Light, and Electronics. The Optical Engineering Laboratory is for hands-on experience manipulating light.  You will  calibrate photodetectors and learn quantitative radiometry.  Later on, you will align lasers, grind mirrors, and splice fiber optics. By building your own spectroradiometers, microscopes, and interferometers from basic components, you'll acquire the critical skills needed to join one of more than 80 Oregon companies employing optoelectronics engineers.

Scott Prahl Instructing

Scott Prahl’s Optical Engineering Laboratory is one of the more complex areas on the Portland-Metro campus. By using lasers, mirrors, and lenses, students can study the optical properties of light and test optical properties of student projects. This lab is equipped with a number of unique tools that are used in the optical engineering track. This lab is not open to student use unless under the supervision of Professor Prahl. Please make sure to contact him if you are interested in optical engineering.

Optical Equipment


Students learning
Optical Engineering Lab


Scott Prahl, Professor