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Optics Lab Development

Upcoming tasks

  • Final installation of compressed air systems.
  • Purchase and install power strips on tables.
  • Appropriate scopes and DMMs for last three tables.
  • Paint and re-assemble shelves under white board.
  • Design and build frame for shelf over 4' by 10' optical table.
  • 240 Volt, 30 amp box for the argon laser

Floating Tables, 29 Jan 2013

The last missing pressure valve was installed. All the tables are now floating.

Shelves Installed on Frames, 18 Jan 2013

Received the hardware to mount the shelves to the frames. We drilled through the frame and screwed the frames to the plywood from underneath. We used thick washers between the frame and the shelf to create a gap that accommodated for the thickness of the welding beads. This ensured that we did not lose any strength by grinding the top welds off.

LED lighting strips were mounted under all the shelves so that each group will have independent lighting. Incidentally, these RGB lights are a great deal (at $20 each) because you can select your illumination color and intensity so as to not interfere with your measurements. For example, if you're doing experiments at say, 630\,nm, then you illuminate with blue light and block this same light with a blue filter. Alternatively, if you're doing blue-light curing of dental composite experiments, then you can use the red diodes as a safe-light.

First Student Laboratory, 12 Jan 2013

Everything is not quite done, but more than sufficient to accommodate the first lab. The students are still getting used to working with tables that hiss at you every time you lean on the table. On the other hand, having all the optics gear in a dedicated tool chest ensures seems to be working very well.

Shelves Finished, 14 Jan 2013

The shelves are 0.75" plywood covered with flat black laminate on top and bottom. The edges are covered with black PVC edge banding. Form & Structure did an excellent job.

Frames back from Painting, 10 Jan 2013

Frames are back from Portland Powder Coating and they look great. They have all been assembled over the optical tables.

Prototype Frame for Optic Shelf, 10 Dec 2012

To save a pile of money (about $3000 for all six, instead of $2000 each), the shelves over the optical tables were designed and fabricated by ourselves. The shelves allow us to keep all the electronics gear off the optical tables. Based on the first frame, we redesigned the top halo to use 1" closed box steel instead of U-Channel. Otherwise, the frame is rigid and perfectly suited for our small 3' by 5' tables.

Tool Chests, 5 Dec 2012

The black tool chests were purchased with a grant from the Oregon Tech Resource Budget Council. Each one holds all the optics for that particular table. These were assembled and just after Thanksgiving 2012.

Optics Equipment from Klamath Falls, 30 Nov 2012

Second trip to bring stuff from Klamath Falls to Wilsonville by Matt Gildehaus. This time there was a lot of small stuff - optics, mirrors, posts, and the interferometer kits.

Black-out Curtains, 15 Nov 2012

We were able to re-use the black-out curtains that were saved from the original building (before remodeling). Despite the lack of sunshine in Portland, these are absolutely needed when low light experiments are being performed. The curtains were re-installed by the original drapery vendor, 12.500 Commercial Window Coverings.

Wilsonville Grand Opening, 17 Oct 2012

Everything unpacked and mostly put away. Today we had displays from three local companies: FLIR, Rockwell-Collins, and Coherent showing cool optoelectronics technology in the Wilsonville area. Attendance was somewhat tempered by the closure of all lanes southbound on I-5 just north of Wilsonville (by a overturned semi containing salmon).

Optics Equipment from Klamath Falls, 11 Oct 2012

First transfer of optical equipment from down south. Matt Gildehaus packed up and moved six 3' by 5' tables. Most of these were installed and floated today. It is starting to look like a real teaching laboratory.

Optics Equipment from Oregon Medical Laser Center, 17 July 2012

Material transfer agreements all signed with Providence and the biomedical optics equipment accumulated over twenty years was moved today. Besides a number of lasers, carts, and detectors, riggers moved one large 4' by 10' table another 3' by 6' optical table. All the boxes are in the center of the room and it is going to take weeks to unpack and put away.

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