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High-Fidelity EMS Simulation Labs

EMT and Paramedic students engage in real-to-life, high-fidelity simulations that use the expertise of medically trained actors, high-fidelity simulation mannequins within austere environments. Learners are encouraged to make mistakes and feel the emotional weight of medical error. After the event, learners collaborate with experienced faculty to identify communication, leadership and CRM errors that led to poor patient outcomes, and identify strategies to mitigate risks and avoid error on future similar situations.

EMS Simulation Labs

Emergency medical services providers are a vital aspect of healthcare and public safety teams. EMS providers are called to care for vulnerable and critically ill patients wherever they may be found. EMT, Paramedic, Community Paramedic and Critical Care Paramedic students all spend time in the EMS Simulation Lab learning effective crew resource management techniques and team leadership skills, practicing technical skills and engaging in real-to-life trainings and debriefings.

EMS Student Simulation

Learners in the EMS Simulation Labs undergo stress inoculation in a safe and productive environment for the improvement of care delivered to patients under all circumstances.  

EMS Simulation Mannequin


Jamie Kennel, Associate Professor - Program Director

 Portland-Metro 442

Deb Disko, Program Representative

 Portland-Metro 441A