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Rapid Prototyping Lab

The Rapid Prototyping Lab is a student run lab open to all students regardless of their degree track. The lab is an open, creative environment for students to bring their ideas to life. This is the place where you want to make your mistakes and refine, refine, refine!

3-D Printers
Outside of Rapid Prototyping Lab
Rapid Prototyping Lab

Never used a 3D printer before? Don’t worry, just ask the lab monitors to show you how to do it, and they will be happy to help. This lab is not only a place for experienced inventors to turn ideas into reality, it is also a place for newcomers to learn and expand their skills as well. The lab also serves as a hub for creativity and a place to hang out. 

The lab has a total of 7 FDM 3D printers for use. Five single 1.75mm extruders, 1 multi material 1.75mm extruder, and 1 large format 3mm printer. The lab also has a SLA resin printer, laser cutter, soldering workstations and electronic analysis stations.

Tools on Wall


Richard Ellis, Instrument Technologist - Mechanical

 Portland-Metro 253

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Skinny Bob Alien

If you want to take a break from the rigor of the term, we also have an arcade station and Skinny Bob. Who's skinny Bob you ask? Well, he's a life size version of the game operation. Come see Bob!

Rapid Prototyping Work Stations