Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Prospective Students

How do I apply for admission?

  1. Complete an online application from our website
  2. Pay the $50 application fee.
  3. Submit official college transcripts from all colleges attended.

Once we have received all of the items listed above, the Admissions Office will determine the total number of transferable college credits, the cumulative GPA in the transferable work, and which general-education requirements have been fulfilled. If the evaluation of the college transcripts shows less than 36 hours of transferable work, or the math and writing course requirements are not complete, you will need to submit an official high-school transcript or GED scores for evaluation. More information about our Admissions requirements can be found on our Admissions webpage.

Oregon Tech offers rolling admissions throughout the year, but you should observe our application deadlines for each term. If you plan to apply for financial aid and scholarships, Oregon Tech's priority deadline is March 1st.

Are there any important deadlines?

Though Oregon Tech does have rolling admission, there are application deadlines for each term. Students, who wish to apply for financial aid and scholarships, should observe the March 1st priority deadline for filing a FAFSA and having a complete application on file with Oregon Tech.

What are Oregon Tech's transfer requirements?

Transfer student requirements for general admission include a 2.25 grade point average (GPA), 36 quarter (24 semester) hours of transferable college credit, and the equivalent of Intermediate Algebra (MTH 95 or higher) and Introduction to Writing (WR 115 or higher). Contact Admissions for course equivalencies at out-of-state institutions. An official transcript from every college attended should be sent to the Admissions Office. Students that graduated from high school in or after 1997 must also provide copies of their official high-school transcripts for evaluation, unless they have completed two or more terms of college-level coursework in a second language at an accredited institution. If you have less than 36 quarter hours of transferable college-level credit, you will need to submit an official high-school transcript or GED and test scores (SAT or ACT) for evaluation. More information about our Admissions requirements can be found on our Admissions webpage.

How do I apply for admission if I am an international student?

Prior to applying for admission, international students should review the information on the International webpage carefully.

What application do I complete if I’m an Oregon Tech community college partner transfer student or plan to attend the Portland-Metro Campus and take some courses at an Oregon Tech community college partner institution?

You can complete the dual enrollment application for the Oregon Tech community college partner by selecting that college from the application drop down menu. You will find the applications on the dual enrollment page.

Who should I contact if I am a Veteran interested in attending Oregon Tech?

Anne Malinowski (503.821.1251) is the VA Certifying Official for Oregon Tech Portland-Metro. Forms and general information about Veteran’s Affairs can be found on the Financial Aid website.

Can I pay my application fee with a credit card?

At the end of the online application, it will request you pay your application fee. This can be paid with a credit card or echeck from your checking account. If you need to pay by check, mail the payment to Cashiers Office; Oregon Institute of Technology; 3201 Campus Dr; Klamath Falls, OR 97601.

Do I need to provide standardized test scores?

You do not need to submit SAT or ACT scores for transfer admission unless you have completed fewer than 36 hours of transferable college credit and graduated from high school within the past five years.

Will all my college credits count?

A Transfer Evaluation Report acknowledging the courses accepted by Oregon Tech will be made available on Web for Student after your admission status has been confirmed. Vocational or technical courses may also be accepted, if your major department determines that they satisfy particular bachelor's degree requirements. In all cases, course and/or department prerequisites will be enforced. As a general rule, only credits from regionally accredited institutions can be accepted.

What if I already have an associate degree?

Transfer students with an associate degree will be granted junior standing for registration purposes, but may still be required to take prerequisites and remedial courses before taking upper-division courses.

Is financial aid available to transfer students? What about scholarships?

All students, including transfers, enrolled at least half time (6 units per quarter) are eligible for financial aid. To apply for federal and state aid, you must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and list Oregon Tech's school code (003211). The priority deadline for filing your FAFSA is March 1. Students who file after that date are still eligible for aid, but will find that most of the funds have been expended.

Is there housing available at the Oregon Tech Portland-Metro campus?

The Oregon Tech Portland-Metro campus does not offer on-campus housing at this time. There are apartments and other housing options located near the campus. For more information about Portland-Metro and the surrounding area, please contact us at 503.821.1250 or

What if I applied to Oregon Tech and was admitted but decided to start later than I expected?

Students who have applied for admission to Oregon Tech in the last two years, but have never taken a class from Oregon Tech as a fully admitted student should fill out a new application at If you have only taken classes as a non-degree student, you will need to fill out a full online application.

Students who have enrolled at Oregon Tech but have not taken a class from Oregon Tech for more than four terms should fill out the Re-Enrolling Application.

If you use the same Login and PIN as before, it is a simple process, please call 541.885.1150 or 1.800.422.2017 ext. 1 if you need help or more information.

Current Students

I'm a new student, how do I register for classes?

Once you have been admitted and receive your acceptance letter with ID#, you should be able to register for classes. Students can find the procedures to register for classes using WebReg in the Registration Guide on the Class Schedule page. If there are any items missing from your application, then you may have a hold on your account and be unable to register until these items have been completed. If you have any questions about this process please contact Anne Malinowski.

What should I do if I am blocked from registering for a class by a prerequisite?

Students who receive this message can be blocked for a few different reasons; including transcripts have not been received. The student should review the information at If you have submitted your transcripts and have taken the prerequisite for the course; then you should complete the Prerequisite Form Email and send it to your Program Advisor.

Where do I buy my textbooks?

All textbooks can be purchased online through the Oregon Tech Bookstore at Select your campus/term, department, course and section to find out which books are required for the course. To receive FREE shipping, write "Wilsonville Student free shipping" in the comments section when you place your order.

How do I pay my tuition bill?

Your tuition bill can be paid online through CASHNet®. See the Cashier's Office webpage for more information on how to use CASHNet®. Tuition payment by credit card is available online only. We cannot accept credit card payments at the Oregon Tech Portland-Metro Campus. Tuition is due in full by 5pm on Friday of the second week of the term.

How do I make an appointment with my advisor?

To make an appointment with your program advisor contact the mainline at 503.821.1250, or send an email to

Where can I find the Transfer Evaluation Report of my transcripts?

After you have been admitted to Oregon Tech, the Registrar's Office will do an official review of your transcripts to determine all transfer equivalencies. Once your transcripts have been evaluated, your Transfer Evaluation Report will be available 24/7 on Web for Student under the Student Records menu.

How do I request my transcripts?

Current students can view their unofficial transcripts on Web for Student.

Oregon Tech students and alumni can request their official transcripts online through Web for Student. If you no longer have your ID number or PIN, please contact the Registrar's Office 541.885.1305 to receive that information. The other option is to complete the Transcript Request Form on the Registrar's web page and email it to or mail it to Oregon Institute of Technology; Registrar's Office; 3201 Campus Dr; Klamath Falls, OR 97601. (Students that attended Oregon Tech prior to 1990 will need to use this method.)

*Transcript requests can't be taken over the phone.