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Transferring Credit

Oregon Institute of Technology works with applicants wishing to transfer coursework. The following links will help you understand which courses may transfer into Oregon Tech. It is always encouraged, after admission, to work with your specific program advisor to make sure that the credit you are looking at transferring will do so for your program.

Useful Links

Transfer Course Equivalencies

Provides a general list of courses considered equivalent to Oregon Tech courses.

Articulation Agreements

Provides a list of courses approved from another school's particular program to one of Oregon Tech's degree programs.

Transfer Credit Policy

Oregon Tech makes every effort to give maximum consideration to the transfer work presented by students coming to Oregon Tech. In order to ensure that the student has the requisite knowledge in Oregon Tech's subject areas, Oregon Tech follows these policies in determining credit:

Accreditation Status of Institution

The institution where the transfer credit was earned must be accredited by an accrediting body that is recognized by the Council for Higher Education (CHEA).  Students transferring work from an institution that is not accredited by a CHEA-recognized accrediting body may receive transfer credit by 1) demonstrating prior experiential learning with a portfolio, 2) applying for credit after demonstrating competencies in advanced course work in the same subject area, or 3) challenging courses by exam.

International Institutions

Students seeking transfer credit from international institutions must provide Oregon Tech with a credential evaluation from an OIT-approved credential evaluation service. Credential evaluation applications may be obtained from the Director of International Student Services or the Registrar. The credential evaluation must include course titles, credits, and grades. There are several such services that are acceptable, including:
  1. World Education Services
  3. Educational Credential Evaluators, Inc.
  4. Josef Silny & Associates
  5. International Education Research Foundation

Students must also provide course descriptions in English from the foreign institution.

Official Transcripts

Prior to the formal awarding of transfer credit, the transfer student must provide an official transcript of course work completed at all other higher education institutions. Failure to list all colleges attended on the Application for Admission may result in denial of admission or transfer credit. Admitted transfer students must submit official transcripts at least one term prior to enrollment to ensure timely evaluation of transfer credits.

Determination of Transfer Credit

The Oregon Tech Registrar's Office determines the transfer equivalency of general education courses using articulation agreements, course descriptions, course outlines, class syllabi, ACE guides for military credit, and faculty recommendations. The student's major department determines the transfer equivalency for technical or major courses using similar resources.

Applicability of Transfer Credit

Once admitted, the Registrar's Office in Klamath Falls will complete a Transfer Evaluation Report, which will include the number of transferable college credits, your cumulative GPA in the transferable work, and which general-education requirements you have fulfilled. This will be made available to you on Web for Student. The evaluation delineates the transfer credit on a course-by-course basis and specifies direct course equivalencies, courses which may be used towards general education requirements, elective credits, and courses which do not receive credit.  At the time of admission, Oregon Tech's Transfer Evaluation Report may include elective credits that do not apply towards a specific degree. These credits will be recorded as transfer credit for registration purposes, allowing the student an earlier registration appointment based on total earned credit hours.  Some transfer work, which may not be directly equivalent to Oregon Tech courses, may be appropriately substituted to meet Oregon Tech requirements. If you find one of your courses didn’t transfer in as a prerequisite, and you believe it is equivalent, please consult your advisor to find out if a Course Substitution form is appropriate. You must have a course description from your previous college.

Minimum Grade Standards

Oregon Tech considers for transfer those courses that carry a grade of D or better from an accredited institution. However, many Oregon Tech departments require C or better course grades for prerequisite and graduation purposes.

Pre-College Level Transfer Credit

Oregon Tech does not accept for transfer credit courses that are considered pre-college or vocational. Oregon Tech determines the level and nature of the course by examining the catalog description and course numbering system of the students prior college.

Catalog of Graduation

The student must meet all degree requirements from one Oregon Tech catalog. The catalog may be chosen from the year the student is first admitted and enrolled at Oregon Tech or from any subsequent year. However, at the time of graduation all students, including transfer students, must use a catalog that is not more than seven years old. Transfer students may select their catalog of graduation prior to full admission to Oregon Tech by obtaining written approval from their Oregon Tech major department and the Registrar. The agreed-upon catalog will be the one a student uses when he/she transfers to Oregon Tech. Students must enroll at Oregon Tech within two years of this approval.  Departments periodically review their curriculum for technical currency. As a result, significant program changes may occur. Courses previously required in the curriculum may no longer be offered. The major department will provide a transition plan for students to fulfill degree requirements.  Programs discontinued by the college may have specific entrance and graduation limits that override this policy.

Baccalaureate Upper Division Credit Requirement

Baccalaureate students must complete a minimum of 60 credits of upper-division work before a degree will be awarded. Upper-division work is defined as 300- and 400-level classes at a bachelor's degree granting institution.

College Level Examination Programs

Oregon Tech will award credit for several college-level examination programs. These examinations must be completed with a satisfactory score and an original copy of test results must be forwarded to the Registrars Office from the testing service. In order to receive such credit, the student must be admitted to an Oregon Tech degree program and registered for classes during the quarter in which the request is made. A maximum of 25 percent of the credits used toward the degree may be CLEP and AP.  Students who complete college-level work in high school under the Advanced Placement (AP) program must achieve a minimum score of three to be granted credit on their Oregon Tech transcript. Information on AP course equivalencies may be obtained from the Oregon Tech Registrar's Office.  Oregon Tech awards credit for College-Level Examination Program (CLEP) subject examinations, but not for CLEP general examinations. Information on CLEP course equivalencies and minimum scores may be obtained from the Oregon Tech Registrar's Office.

Credit for Prior Learning

Oregon Tech awards credit for educational accomplishments attained outside of accredited postsecondary institutions. For further information regarding this type of credit, students may consult Oregon Tech's Credit by Examination policy or its Credit for Prior Learning policy, both of which may be obtained from the Oregon Tech Registrar's Office.

2018-19 Admission Deadlines

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September 3, 2018: Fall term 2018 admissions deadline
September 24, 2018: Fall term 2018 begins

**If you are an international student, see deadlines here.

A complete application must be in the Admissions Office by these deadlines. A complete application includes official copies of transcripts, test scores, and other items depending on your status. The Priority Deadline for Admissions Scholarships for students entering in the Fall Term is March 1 of each year. View all deadlines

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