Club Classification

Club Classifications

A club is defined as a group of students, faculty, and staff who collaborate to address a need on campus. There are different requirements for each classification of club/organization, detailed in the table below.

Campus Club

Associate Club

5 members

3 members

1 advisor

1 advisor

Attend 2 general ASOITW meeting per term

Attend 1 general ASOITW meeting per term

Attend 1 executive ASOITW meeting for club recognition

Attend 1 executive ASOITW meeting for club recognition

50 hours of community service

25 hours of community service

Must submit an annual budget request to ASOIT

Not required to submit a budget request (no money will be allocated)

Eligible for $1500 annually ($100 per term maximum in first year)

Not eligible for funding from ASOITW

Have a representative at least 1 ASOITW General Meeting per month

Welcome to attend ASOITW General Meetings, no voting privileges

In order to be officially recognized, a club must meet the following requirements:

  • A minimum of five members who are currently registered students (3 members for Associate Clubs).

  • At least one advisor who is a full-time Oregon Tech faculty or unclassified staff member.

  • Clubs are responsible for establishing and enforcing the eligibility requirements of their officers.

Official membership to Oregon Tech clubs is open ONLY to currently registered students. Community members and Oregon Tech employees are welcome to participate in club events and functions, but may not have official member status.


Changing your Club Classification

For a group to switch between associate club and campus club status, they need to attend a club classification hearing at an ASOITW Executive Meeting. A change of club classification hearing can be initiated by the club or recommended by ASOITW.

At this hearing, the president or a club representative must be prepared to answer the following questions:

  • Why do you want to change the classification of your club?

  • How do you foresee this change affecting your membership?

  • How do you foresee this change affecting your club’s plan to better Oregon Tech and the community?

  • How do you foresee this change affecting how much funding the club need and why? (For Campus Clubs only; Associate Clubs are not eligible for funding from ASOITW.)

Depending on when a group elects to change from an associate club status to a campus club status, this will vary how much funding the group will be eligible to receive. A club within their first academic year will follow the new campus club procedures and be eligible for up to $300. An associate club that has been active for a year or more may be eligible for up to $500 per term in the remainder of the academic year pending a budget submission and review by ASOITW.