Club Recognition

Benefits of Club Recognition

Benefits of recognized club status at Oregon Tech include:

  • The use of the Oregon Tech name and logo for marketing and promotion of the club and its functions

  • The ability to hold meetings and social functions on campus in accordance with Oregon Tech scheduling policies.

  • The ability to sponsor revenue-producing functions in accordance with established Oregon Tech policies.

  • For Campus Clubs, the ability to apply for annual funding $1,500 per year. Associate Clubs are not eligible for funding.

  • The ability to have electronic document storage on the ASOIT-W SharePoint site.

  • Dedicated email hosting on the Oregon Institute of Technology server.

Maintaining Club Recognition

In order for Campus Clubs and Associate Clubs to remain in good standing at Oregon Tech, they must re-register annually and meet the ongoing requirements of recognized clubs, including:

  • Submit a Student Organization Registration Form online at the beginning of each school year, as well as anytime there is a change in club officers (form submitted electronically online).

  • Email a proposed constitution for the organization to

  • Attend a 1-hour training for student organizations At the training you attend, you must submit the Student Organization Agreement Form (which includes signatures from the club president and advisor) indicating that your organization is aware of and agrees to the rules and regulations by which all recognized student organizations must abide.

  • Host a membership meeting at least twice per term.

  • Complete at least 50 hours of community service per year as an organization (25 hours for Associate Clubs), and submit the Community Service Tracking Form (found here) via the ASOIT-W email.

  • Adhere to the rules and regulations set forth by ASOITW, Student Services, the Business Affairs Office and Oregon Tech.

  • Submit a budget request to the ASOITW Administrative Officer during the winter quarter allocation process by the deadlines provided (Campus Clubs only).

  • A Campus Club representative must attend at least two ASOITW General Meeting per term and Associate Clubs must attend at least one per term. If a representative cannot make it to any of the scheduled general meetings for the term, they must notify ASOIT-W. ASOIT-W will determine a course of action the club can take to maintain recognition. See the meeting schedule on the ASOITW SharePoint calendar.

  • Each club representative:

    • Must be an Oregon Tech student.

    • Can only represent one club at each meeting.

    • Should take presented information from the general meeting back to their club members.

    • May not be an ASOITW officer.

Loss of Club Recognition

A club will lose recognition if they miss three General Meetings out of the six required, fail to turn in an updated officer roster, or fail to adhere to the club rules and regulations. Before this takes place, an warning email will be sent to the club president and the advisor giving them a reasonable amount of time to comply. A club that loses official recognition may be denied funding, access to meeting/event space on campus, and use of the Oregon Tech name/logo. If a club disbands, or is no longer recognized, the club’s remaining funds will be frozen for the period of one year. If the club is not formed or re-recognized after one year, the funds will be zeroed out.

Re-Recognition of a Club

If a club loses recognition, they have the right to apply for re-recognition. To do this, the club needs to follow the same steps as if it were applying for recognition of a new club and will be required to attend an ASOITW Executive Meeting at which a re-recognition hearing will take place.

In the case of a club applying for re-recognition, ASOITW will consider the following information:

  • The club’s General Meeting attendance history

  • Activity and community service hours

  • The potential benefit to the campus as a whole

Once a club has been re-recognized they must abide by the conditions set by ASOITW at the time of re-recognition. If the club fails to follow these conditions, ASOITW reserves the right to re-evaluate recognition of that club.