Club Travel

For student travel not related to academics (e.g., campus club, ASOITW), assistance is available in the Department of Student Services (1st floor, Main Office) for making travel arrangements and payment. If student travel is international in nature, please contact Risk Management for more information and instruction.

Before traveling, a representative of the club/group must complete the following forms, which can be found in this folder.

All forms must be submitted and approved prior to departure. There are 4 main parts of travel planning:

  • Student Travel Approval Form
  • Student Travel Itinerary/Emergency Contact Waiver Form
  • Driver Certification Form and Driver’s Waiver of Liability along with the correct signatures and a copy of your driver’s license.
    • There must be at least two approved drivers per vehicle on trips exceeding 300 miles per day.
    • There should be at least one certified driver in each car for local trips (more than 20 miles away).
    • All drivers must be age 18 or older.
    • Once approved, certification is good for the remainder of the academic year.
  • Reservations & Payments

A copy of the Travel Itinerary, Occupant List and Liability Waivers should remain in the vehicle at all times. If multiple vehicles are traveling together, keep corresponding lists in the vehicles that the travelers occupy.

Student Travel Approval Form

Please complete and submit the Student Travel Form at least 10 Days Prior to Travel. Form is located in this folder.

Once the Budget Authority signatures are on the form, your group may begin making reservations and paying registration fees as necessary. The Department of Student Services has Budget Authority and the Associate Dean of Students will review and sign approval for the trip.

Student Travel Itinerary/Emergency Contact Waiver Form

Please complete and submit the Student Travel Itinerary/Emergency Contact Waiver Form at least 10 Days Prior to Travel.  Form is located in this folder.

Please include a travel route via Google Map, include rest stops and overnight stops. If traveling by plane, please include a print-out of flight information. If traveling by other means of transportation, please provide details.  Please keep in mind that students may only drive a maximum of 7-passenger vehicles and only 300 miles per driver per day.

Driver Certification Form

Each Driver must complete a Driver’s Certification Form. This is annual form (September – August) that must be submitted yearly.  Form is located in this folder.

Reservations & Payments

If an advisor will not be traveling with the group, then expenses must be paid for in advance or as reimbursement upon return from the trip. See below for details on specific allowances related to these expenses. 

Hotel, Rental Car, Flight and Registration Fees must be arranged and paid for prior to travel. To learn more please click the Reservations & Payments link under More Resources.