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Community Service Requirements

Clubs are required to complete a minimum number of hours of community service per year (50 hours for Campus Clubs and 25 hours for Associate Clubs). Many opportunities exist for community service activities both on and off-campus. For assistance in finding suitable volunteer opportunities for your club, contact the ASOIT-W Campus Clubs Officer.

Completing Community Service Hours

  • Current Oregon Tech students who are participating in a community service activities may have their hours reflect toward whatever club they choose.
  • Hours served by non-students (including alumni and employees) may NOT be counted toward the club’s community service hours requirement, with the exception of the club advisor’s participation with the club members in a service activity.
  • No service hours outside of a club service event by the club advisor may be counted toward the club’s community service requirement.
  • Activities must be approved by the Associate Dean of Students to count toward the community service requirement. If you are unsure if a particular activity is suitable for the requirement, please check with the Associate Dean of Students prior to completing the activity.
  • Please note that the intent of the community service requirement is to encourage our students and student organizations to reach out and assist our campus and local community, and to represent Oregon Tech in a positive and productive manner. Decisions to approve activities toward the community service requirement will reflect those goals.

Uncompleted Community Service Hours

  • If a club has not completed the previous year’s community service hours, their account for the current year will be frozen until the number of required community service hours has been fulfilled.
  • If a club feels that they have extenuating circumstances for why they did not complete their previous years community service hours they may petition ASOIT for a community service hours pardon.
  • An ASOIT community service hours pardon consists of either reducing the amount of hours needed to unfreeze a club account or relieving the club of their previous years’ community service hour requirement.
  • In the case that the club has not completed their community service hours for a second academic year, they will have to provide ASOIT with a community services plan to show that they will complete their community service hours before they can be renewed as a club.