Event Planning

Any event, activity or purchase that will affect an organization’s budget (income or expenditure) must be approved in advance via the Event Approval Form. This form must be filled out completely, then signed by the group’s advisor to indicate his/her awareness and approval of the event and related costs. After the form is signed by the advisor, it must be submitted to Student Services for approval, and will then be forwarded to the VP for Student Affairs for final approval. You can find the form in this folder.

When a club or program plans an event, they are completely responsible for every aspect of that event. These responsibilities will likely include set-up, gathering equipment, and clean up. An event open to the general public may require that organization members to act as security personnel. All organizations are financially responsible for their event, and if damages occur they will be responsible for those as well.

As an officially recognized club or program at Oregon Tech, your group has the ability to reserve rooms for meetings or events. Please fill out the Room Reservation Request Form. You can find the form here.

Co-sponsorship and collaboration on events provides groups with greater resources for funding, planning and implementation of events. If your group is interested in pursuing options for co-sponsorship, please contact the Associate Dean of Students for assistance.

Groups that need assistance in learning the process of bringing entertainment acts or speakers to campus should contact Student Services or ASOITW to set up an appointment.

Costs for Non-Students at Ticketed/Fee Events

By law, Student Fees may not be used to benefit non-students. With that in mind, it is important to understand how to charge non-student participants at events and programs. Student organizations may hold an event at which community and Oregon Tech employees are invited to participate, but if there is a per-person cost associated with participation in that event, any non-student participants must be charged accordingly.

The only benefit that may be allowed for non-student participants in an event is if a group discount is assigned for an event.  For example, if the Outdoor Club sponsors a ski trip to Mt. Bachelor:

  • The typical cost for an individual lift-ticket may be $100 for the day, but since the Outdoor Club is sponsoring and guaranteeing at least 20 participants, the lift-ticket cost goes down to $80.
  • Since the Student Fees were not used to get that group discount, any non-student participant in the ski trip could benefit from the discounted rate and only have to pay $80.
  • The Outdoor Club may decide to further discount the rate for students by using some of their allocated budget for the year to pay part of that cost, so they may give currently registered students a rate of $40 for their participation in the trip. Non-students may NOT utilize that discount, as they did not pay student fees and cannot benefit from discounts gained through use of those fees.

Serving Food at Events

Food may be served at two recruitment events and one end-of-year event per academic year. An exception to this rule is when an organization hosts a campus-wide event for which they have prepared a poster, flyer, advertisement, or other evidence that shows that all Oregon Tech students were invited to participate.

An Event Approval Form must be completed for every event where food is served, both on and off campus (this includes events, programs, and meetings).  This form must be completed two weeks prior to the event. You can find the form in this folder.

Upon completion of the event, the group must submit the event paperwork to the Student Services office, including itemized receipts for purchases, an attendance sign-in sheet, a meeting/program agenda and any supporting information.  Please answer the questions: who, what, when, where and why.

Alcohol at Oregon Tech Events

While it is possible to plan an event that includes the service of alcoholic beverages, student organizations are encouraged to consider the purpose and goals of the planned event and whether the presence of alcohol would be appropriate and/or beneficial to those goals.

When a club/program wishes to serve alcohol at an event, the Alcohol Approval Form must be completed and submitted to the Associate Dean of Students.  You can find the form in this folder

Risk & Waiver of Liability

Some events hosted by student organizations have an inherent risk of injury due to the nature of the activity in which students are participating. When receiving approval for an event via the Event Approval Form, you may be notified by Student Services that your event requires the use of the Risk & Waiver of Liability Form.You can find the form in this folder

A form is required for participation in Oregon Tech organized activities (including student clubs and groups) where there is a reasonable chance of bodily injury, property damage, permanent disability, paralysis or death to the participants.

These risks may result from the participation in the activity, the acts of others, or the unavailability of emergency medical care or immediate staff response.

If you have questions about the use of the form or how to protect your organization and event participants, please contact the Associate Dean of Students.