How to Start a New Club

How to Start a New Club

Students wishing to have a new Club officially recognized must complete the following steps (all materials/links may be found in this folder):

  1. Complete an online Student Organization Registration Form;

  2. Submit a proposed constitution for the organization (email to;  You may find a Sample Constitution in this folder.

  3. Submit the Student Organization Agreement Form (which includes signatures from the club president and advisor) to This form indicates that your club is aware of and agrees to the rules and regulations by which all recognized student organizations must abide. The form located in this folder.

  4. Attend a 1-hour training with the Associate Dean of Students.

  5. Attend a General ASOITW meeting where the president or club representative must be prepared to answer the following questions:

    • What is the purpose of the club?

    • What does the club plan to do to better Oregon Tech and the community?

    • Who can be a member of the club?

    • How much funding will the club need and why? (For Campus Clubs only; Associate Clubs are not eligible for funding from ASOITW.)

      • Startup funding for new clubs provided from ASOITW is typically $100 per term for the club’s first year of recognition

        • $300 for clubs recognized during Fall

        • $200 for clubs recognized during Winter

        • $100 for clubs recognized during Spring

  6. ASOITW will vote following the recognition hearing and decide whether to approve or deny recognition to the club. Recognition will always be denied if there is a conflict with:
    • The educational processes of Oregon Tech.

    • The purpose or activities of an already recognized campus club.

    • The regular and orderly operation of Oregon Tech.

    • The academic pursuits of teaching, learning, and other campus activities.

    • The rules and regulations of Oregon Tech and the policies of the Oregon State Board of Higher Education.

    • The laws or public policies of the State of Oregon and the United States.