Publicity & Advertising

Flyers and Posters

  • Clubs can create flyers or posters to post around campus
  • All flyers/posters must be approved by ASOITW or Student Services
  • Send flyers to Student Services Department or in advance for approval.
  • All posters should include contact information. Leave room for the approval stamp in a lower corner.
  • Each Club has been set up with a Paper Cut account for printing. Please designate one person within your club to be the authorized person to print. Your club will be charged through papercut for all prints/copies that are made.

Press Releases

Press releases to local radio stations and newspapers must be submitted through the Oregon Tech Marketing Office. Contact the marketing team at 541.885.1162.

Student Services Weekly Emails

Email your event or organization announcements to by Thursday at 5 pm for the weekly email that will be sent to all students every Monday during the fall, winter and spring terms.

Large screen in the Front Lobby

Student organizations will be able to use the large screen in the front lobby to promote upcoming speakers and large events. A template is available in this folder. Submit your template announcement to ASOITW in advance of your event.

Wilsonville App

When a club submits their event to the University Calendar, it is automatically submitted to the Wilsonville App. You can add an event to the calendar here.

Advertising Guidelines

  • Displays (including, but not limited to, posters, notices, banners, etc.), which are obscene, litter the campus, damage property, advertise alcohol, or materially interfere with the regular and orderly operation of the college are prohibited.
  • All advertisements must be approved and stamped by ASOITW prior to posting on campus.
  • All advertisements must be posted on bulletin boards or free-standing signs.
  • All posted material not approved, or not properly posted as noted, will be removed promptly.
  • Posters, notices, displays or banners should be in good taste and reflect the Oregon Tech mission and values.
  • Excessive violations of posting procedures may result in a fine of up to $25.00 assessed by the Associate Dean of Students or the ASOITW Administrative Officer, and/or loss of posting privileges for the club/organization in question.