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Portland-Metro Student Organization: Forms & Resources

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Current List of Clubs / Organizations:

Before you start a new club, see if the organization you're interested in already exists at Oregon Tech.



Benefits of Club Recognition

Being registered and officially recognized as a Campus Club allows groups:

✔ The use of the Oregon Tech name and logo for marketing and promotion of the club and its functions (Associate Clubs must identify themselves as an “Oregon Tech Associate Club”)
✔ The ability to hold meetings and social functions on campus in accordance with Oregon Tech scheduling policies
✔ Reasonable access to the facilities of the college, buildings, grounds, and equipment
✔ The ability to sponsor revenue-producing functions in accordance with established Oregon Tech policies
✔ For Campus Clubs, the ability to apply for an annual budget (up to $1,500 per year) from incidental fees (Associate Clubs are not eligible for any Incidental Fee funding)
✔ Eligibility for awards and honors given to student organizations

What Type of Club Will We Be?

A club is defined as a group of students, faculty, and staff who collaborate to address a need on campus. Club recognition is an annual process, and as such, organizations can only change classification (between Associate Club or Campus Club) at the beginning of each Fall quarter. There are different requirements for each classification of club/organization.

Campus Club Associate Club
5 members 3 members
1 advisor 1 advisor
Hearing: Attend 2 general ASOIT meetings Hearing: Attend 1 general ASOIT meeting
Hearing: Attend 1 executive ASOIT meeting Hearing: Attend 1 executive ASOIT meeting
50 hours of community service 25 hours of community service
Must submit a budget request to ASOIT Not required to submit a budget request (no money will be allocated)
Eligible for $1500 annually ($100 per term maximum in first year) Not eligible for Incidental Fee funding
Have a representative at least 1 ASOIT General Meeting per month Welcome to attend, no voting privileges

Categories of Clubs

If you are unsure which category to select, seek advising from Campus Life.

  • Academic/ Professional
  • Cultural
  • Greek Life
  • Recreation/ Sports
  • Religious/ Spiritual
  • Service
  • Social

How to Start a Club

  1. Complete an online Student Organization Registration Form.
  2. Submit a proposed Constitution Icon to asoitw@oit.edu.
  3. Attend a 1-hour training for student organizations.
  4. Submit the Student Organization Agreement Form Icon (signatures required from club president and advisor) indicating that your organization agrees to the rules and regulations by which all recognized student organizations must abide (see RSO Handbook).
  5. Attend 2 ASOIT general meetings and 1 executive meeting where the recognition hearing will occur.
Be prepared to answer the following questions:
  • What is the purpose of the club?
  • What does the club plan to do to better Oregon Tech and the community?
  • Who can be a member of the club?
  • How much funding will the club need and why?

Tips on Recruitment

Use resources provided by your recognized status.
  • Advertise through campus outlets (see RSO Handbook)
  • Be listed on the Campus Clubs page
  • Define what club membership will mean to your members (what is required of them)
  • Engage with students within your area of interest
  • Find local opportunities for students to get involved
  • Go to ASOIT General Meetings and present your club during the public speakers portion
  • Host an interactive table at the biannual Clubs Fair
  • Invite your friends, classmates, and fellow Owls to join!

How to Register Your Club:

The president of each club must register the club at the beginning of each academic year. You will be able to select the type of organization you are, what campus your organization serves, and submit your officer list.
  1. Complete an online Student Organization Registration Form.
  2. Submit a proposed Constitution Icon to asoitw@oit.edu.
  3. Attend a 1-hour training for student organizations.
  4. Submit the Student Organization Agreement Form Icon (signatures required from club president and advisor) indicating that your organization agrees to the rules and regulations by which all recognized student organizations must abide (see RSO Handbook).
  5. Attend 2 ASOIT general meetings and 1 executive meeting where the recognition hearing will occur.

Be prepared to answer the following questions:

  • What is the purpose of the club?
  • What does the club plan to do to better Oregon Tech and the community?
  • Who can be a member of the club?
  • How much funding will the club need and why?


Budget Requests & Incidental Fees (IF)

Budget requests for all campus clubs and student programs are submitted to the ASOITW Administrative Officer. At the conclusion of budget hearings, the ASOITW Executive Board makes recommendations to the general ASOITW membership regarding Incidental Fee (IF) allocations to clubs and programs. The ASOIT President then calls a meeting of the Incidental Fee Committee (IFC). The IFC is authorized to make recommendations to the President of Oregon Tech on the proper allocation of Incidental Fee money in the areas of Campus Life. The ASOIT President then makes IF recommendations to the President of Oregon Tech, who in turn takes the recommendations to the Higher Education Coordinating Commission (HECC).

Incidental Fee Funding Evaluation Criteria

The following criteria are used in evaluating a program or activity seeking IF funding:
  1. What is the need of the program?
  2. What is the number of students that the program will represent or affect?
  3. What is the impact of the program on student life?
  4. What are the mission and goals for improving student life?
  5. What kind of commitment is required of a staff or faculty member to participate in the program?
  6. What are the funds being used for?
  7. Will the funds be used to provide monetary support for the program in that current year, or to purchase items that will be used over multiple years?

Incidental Fees Budget Guidelines

In order for a program to apply for IF funds, the following requirements must be met:
  1. The program must be currently recognized by ASOIT and remain in good standing.
  2. Requests for funding must utilize the required format set by the current ASOIT Finance Officer. The Finance Officer must approve any modification to this format.
  3. The reason for IF funding must be fully explained and justified. This should include a listing of all sources of income and any expenses the program expects to incur. Cost estimates must be specific and accurate.
  4. All activities should benefit program members and potentially all Oregon Tech students.

Club Budget Process

Clubs applying for budgets are applying for Incidental Fee (IF) Funds. Maximum funding is $1,500 per club per academic year (after a club's first year of recognition). IF funding will be evaluated on the club's needs based on purpose, the number of students affected or represented and the level of commitment to the club and campus.

Club budget requests are submitted annually to the ASOIT Finance Officer.

Club Accounts (WLA Accounts)

WLA accounts are the club, organization, and program financial accounts, monitored by Business Affairs. WLA accounts are the only approved "bank" accounts for club/program activity. All club monies must be deposited into WLA accounts. Any funding allocations will be distributed into WLA accounts according to the club budget request process. Club allocations are distributed throughout the academic year so clubs will not receive their entire allocation until the end of spring term. If your club needs to access funding that hasn't been distributed yet, seek advising from Student Services.

Cash Deposits to WLA Accounts​

A Deposit Form is available for clubs to use in preparation for depositing funds from a fundraiser or donation. It is highly recommended that clubs have this form at the START of an event/fundraiser, so that it can be completed before going to the Cashier's Office. This will help make the deposit more efficient, and can help clubs to verify dollar amounts immediately following an event.

All cash deposits should be made within 24 hours of collection, and must be given in a sealed bag or locked bag. When you make deposits in a timely manner, you reduce the risk of losing or misplacing funds. In the event that the Cashier's Office is closed, your advisor may be able to store your funds in a safe place.

If you are hosting an event where you'll need to make change, you can check out a cash box from the Cashier office. Please email the Cashier at cashier@oit.edu at least two days prior to the event. After the event or fund raising activity has concluded for the day, deposit your funds within 24 hours. If you have questions or need help please see the Director of Student Services.

Making Purchases

For liability purposes and the safety of our students and employees, it is NEVER permitted for anyone to sign a contract or agreement on behalf of Oregon Tech, a campus club, or student program. Contracts and agreements must be processed and signed by our Purchasing Department representatives, via the Director of Student Services.

There is a preferred order of priority in terms of purchasing supplies, food, travel, etc.
  1. Purchasing Cards (P-Cards): We have three staff members that are authorized to make purchases for clubs. They include Christine Pompel, Stephanie McHenry and Andria Fultz. Christine is the primary contact for processing P-Card purchases.
  2. Direct billing or invoice: a lot of area businesses already have an account set up with Oregon Tech, allowing us to make purchases and have the business bill Oregon Tech directly.
  3. Out-of-pocket: if a club has exhausted all other avenues and has no other option but to pay out-of-pocket for supplies or other expenses, then a personal reimbursement may be processed. This is NOT recommended, as we prefer students avoid having to use personal funds for club expenses.

How to use the Purchasing Card

  1. An Event Approval Form Icon should be submitted for any club purchase. The purchase must be approved by your club advisor, Director of Student Services and the Vice President of Student Affairs before a purchase can be made.
  2. Once you have received official approval, contact Christine Pompel at christine.pompel@oit.edu or stop by the office to coordinate the purchase.
  3. Provide Christine with all of the details related to the purchase. Clubs should do their research and be ready to process the purchase before contacting Christine.
  4. If placing an online order, have the order ready to go before bringing it into the office. Christine can simply enter the P-Card number after reviewing the purchase details.
  5. Ensure that your Club Treasurer gets the final receipt to track the amount that was spent.

Special Consideration Funding

Special consideration funding is available for clubs that are just starting out, clubs that did not receive a budget for the current year, and clubs that have or expect to incur unanticipated expenses. To apply for special consideration funds, clubs must be officially recognized and in good standing. They must complete a Special Consideration Funding Form Icon and submit it to the ASOITW Administrative Officer. Requests must be made at least two weeks prior to the event or purchase in order to allow time for processing, and no money will be reimbursed after an event has occurred or purchase has been made.

Section I Club Qualifications

  1. Only currently active clubs not on probation or suspension can request Special Consideration funds.
  2. Clubs must demonstrate financial need.

Section II Funding Amounts

  1. Clubs may request up to $500 per academic year (this includes the Summer term).
  2. Clubs must match the Special Considerations a minimum of 50% from an external source.
  3. For each student that the Special Considerations funding applies, the student may not receive more than $250.
  4. No funding will be awarded after the event or special considerations occurs.

Section III Schedule

  1. Requests can only be submitted for the current academic year.
  2. Clubs may not submit Special Consideration Requests that require the needed funds to be available to clubs within the first three weeks of the Fall term.
  3. Requests for the current term are due by the 3rd Friday of every term. Requests made after this date are to be considered on case-by-case basis.
  4. If an event occurs within the first three weeks of the term, requests must be submitted the 3rd Friday of the previous term.
    1. Article I Section III A and Article I Section III B supersede Article I Section III D.
  5. Requests can be submitted as early as Fall Term and may be submitted through the 3rd Friday of the Spring Term.

Section IV Process

  1. Full documentation for the request including Request Form, Budget, and Essay will be submitted to the Student Services Director via email and to ASOITW@oit.edu.
  2. ASOITW will vote on the submitted requests during the fourth week of each term at Executive Meetings.
    1. ASOITW may request an ASOITW Representative for the club requesting Special Consideration funding to attend this Executive Meeting via email.

Reimbursing Travel Costs

See the Travel section for information on reimbursing travel expenses for club members.


Guidelines for Hosting Events

Event Approval Form Icon must be completed for every event where budget money would be used, both on and off campus (this includes events, programs, and meetings). This form must be completed two weeks prior to the event.

Upon completion of the event, the group must turn the event approval form in to the Student Services Office, along with itemized receipts for purchases, an attendance sign-in sheet, a meeting/program agenda and any supporting information. Please answer the questions: who, what, when, where and why. Whenever an organization is putting on an event that requires a fee to participate, an Event Sign-Up Sheet Icon is used by the cashier to keep track of those who have already paid.

For on campus events, you must fill out a Room Request Form. Whether it is two people or 20 people. These forms must be submitted at least 72 hours prior to your event.

Food may be served at two recruitment events and one end-of-year event per academic year. An exception to this rule is when an organization hosts a campus-wide event for which they have prepared a poster, flyer, advertisement, announcement, or other evidence that shows that all Oregon Tech students were invited to participate.


Guidelines for Travel

Forms and processes for University-related travel are managed by the Department of Campus Safety. Visit Travel Resources for more information.

Meals/ Food Allowances

The State of Oregon allows students and employees a per diem allowance for food when traveling. Current per diem amounts are $13 for breakfast, $13 for lunch, and $26 for dinner (per person). Clubs may choose to request lower per diem amounts for trips in order to reduce the total amount spent on food from their organization’s budget.

Conferences and competitions often provide some meals as part of their agenda. Hotels often provide breakfast as part of your stay as well. Club officers should take this into consideration when calculating meals that are not provided and vote on a per diem that fits their club budget.

To pay for meals during travel, advisors can request a cash advance. The advisor, or Campus Life staff, may utilize an ATM to obtain a cash advance to cover the total amount. Receipts for a cash advance should be submitted with the credit card statement (original) and travel paperwork (copy, with a note stating where the original is).