High School Outreach

High School Outreach

Oregon Tech's Sponsored and Pre-College Programs is committed to providing a pipeline of access to college for our youth. We are working hard to see that any person who wants to go to college can go - not just a few. Right now the road is very narrow. We want students to strive for the best education for them, not the best they can afford.

We also know that it isn't just about money, students also struggle with access. Until students have a clear concept or awareness of a career path, they don't know that it is okay to dream. They often don't know what options they have. We believe in getting kids connected with positive role models and mentors and creating hands-on experiences in science, math, engineering, and technology. Here is a list of Oregon Tech's Pre-College Programs.

  • Tech Challenge Science Expo is a science and engineering fair for students in grades 7-12 who reside in either Klamath or Lake Counties in Southern Oregon.
  • High School Transition offers high school students in the Klamath Falls area the opportunity to take Oregon Tech classes on campus and earn dual high school-college credit for minimal cost.
  • Oregon Tech's Advance Credit Program (ACP) consists of college courses taught in high schools by college-level qualified high school instructors. These courses are offered as part of the regular high school curriculum with the option of registering for college credit.
  • College student groups on campus for computer science students, including the Computer Systems Society, and International Electrical & Electronics Engineering Society (IEEE).

Visit Oregon Tech's Pre-College Programs for more information.

More about Outreach

Along with our Pre-College Programs Oregon Tech is committed to the Oregon Higher Education Coordinating Commission (HECC) and the advancement of all of the seven universities high school outreach.

Check out the following links to some state wide high school outreach programs offered by the HECC: