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DegreeWorks is our newly implemented Degree Audit program. Please visit the DegreeWorks Home page to get started with the Help you need.

Common Problems Help

No Degree Audit?

Catalog Year must be 2006 or higher.

Your major may be inactive (an old major) and not scribed.

Please email

Incorrect Major

Please complete the Major Change/Add Minor form. To get to this form, log in to Web for Student, click on Student Menu, Student Records, then Major Change/Add Minor.

This form will also allow you to:

  • Update your catalog year
  • Declare a Minor
  • Add a Specialization or Certificate
  • Declare a Dual Degree

Incorrect Catalog Year

Please update your catalog year using the Major Change/Add Minor form.

Incorrect Curriculum

Make sure your major and catalog year is correct. You can see this information in the Student Header at the top of your Degree Audit. If it is incorrect, please update your information using the Major Change/Add Minor form.

Curriculum Errors

We have programmed 12 catalog years into DegreeWorks (2006-07 through 2017-18), and with that many years and degrees entered by hand, human error is unavoidable. We encourage you to bring these errors to our attention.

If you see:

  • A course in a curriculum that should not be there
  • Do not see a course that should be in a curriculum
  • A misspelled word
  • An error in credits
  • A missing block
  • Anything that looks incorrect

Please let us know by emailing

What does the * asterisk after the course represent?

When you see the asterisk appear after the course prefix and number (MATH 251*), the course has a prerequisite.

Click on the course to see the prerequisite(s) along with other course information.

Transfer credits showing as "TRAN 99999"

Some students’ transfer credits were originally entered as block credits. Your transfer evaluation just needs to be updated. If this happens, please contact one of the Transcript Evaluators in the Registrar’s Office.

I do not see my Transfer credits

Please make sure Oregon Tech has received your most recent transcripts from the other colleges that you attended. Have them sent to:

Oregon Tech
Office of the Registrar
3201 Campus Dr
Klamath Falls, OR 97601

If you have questions regarding your transfer evaluation, please contact the Registrar's Office at or (541) 885-1300.

Courses that should fulfill my requirements are not

Are the courses that are not fulfilling the requirement Seminar courses (course numbers 207/307/407)? Since we are not able to scribe course titles (DegreeWorks looks at course prefix and number only), those courses may end up in the ‘Fallthrough’ section of your audit.

You may have taken the course under an older course prefix and number, so there may be an error with equivalent.

Please email and let us know what the problem is. Chances are, it is an easy fix and we will be able to fix it for you right away.

I do not need the lower Math courses

If you placed at a higher beginning level of mathematics than is published in your major curriculum, you may choose to substitute those mathematics credits surpassed, by your accelerated level of placement, with electives from any department to attain the required number of credits required for graduation.

Please email to let us know what credits you would like to use to cover the math credits not needed.

Course Substitutions

If you do not see a course substitution on your degree audit that you know was previously submitted for you, please let us know by emailing We are in the process of going through students’ files and entering the course substitutions.


(Pre-MIT, Pre-Dental Hygiene, Pre-Nursing, Pre-Renewable Energy Engineering)

You do not have to be in a Pre-major to apply to the program.

Financial Aid will only cover 1 year in a Pre-major. If you do not get into the program after your first year in the Pre-major, it is recommended that you change your major and try applying again next year. You might consider pursuing a Minor while you are working toward the program.

Is your major Applied Psychology, Biology (catalog year prior to 2012-13), Electrical Engineering, or Environmental Sciences?

Please e-mail your name, ID number, and your desired emphasis to

Have you completed most of your courses?

You might be ready to submit your Application for Degree (form below).

Additional Resources

Office of the Registrar

OfficeSnell Hall, Lower Level