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Prerequisite Checking

Why am I being blocked from registering for a course?

If you have landed on this web page, chances are you are being blocked from registering for a class because it appears you do not meet the prerequisites for the class.

There are several reasons why this predicament might be the case, including:

  • Current prerequisite classes are in-progress at another college and not yet reported to the Oregon Tech Registrar.
  • Your transfer credit classes have not yet been recorded by the Oregon Tech Registrar.
  • You've taken a course equivalent to a prerequisite, but your department has not yet processed a course substitution and submitted the documentation to the Oregon Tech Registrar.
  • Corequisite courses are required and you have not registered for these. To avoid this please register for all corequisite courses at the same time.

Assuming you do have the appropriate prerequisite, you can start the process of an “override” with the help of your department advisor to make sure you can register for your class.

Where can I find out what the prerequisites are for a particular class?

Prerequisites for every Oregon Tech course are listed in the General Catalog and the courses listed on the Class Schedule also have links to the description and prerequisite requirements.

How do I request a prerequisite override?

Complete the prerequisite override form located on the right hand side of this page.