Portland-Metro Prerequisite Checking

How do I request a prerequisite override if I am an Oregon Tech Portland-Metro Student?

All you have to do is copy the text into an email message, fill the override request below completely, and forward the information to your advisor.

Can I use this form for more than one class?

Yes. You may use this form to submit an override request for all the classes you want to register for. Be sure to list all required information for each class, including the prerequisites and explanations for the override.

Override request form instructions:

Copy the form to an email. Fill in the all the information in red. Send the email to your advisor requesting they process a prerequisite override on your behalf. The clearer and more complete this information, the faster your advisor can follow up with your override request.

What happens after I submit my request and required documentation?

Your advisor will review your request and forward the request to the course instructor, and Department Chair of the course, for approval.

Student name: [Enter your name.]

ID:          [Enter your 918XXXXXX Oregon Tech student ID.]

Term:     [Specify the term for which you are registering; e.g. Winter 2010.]

Major:    [Enter your degree program; e.g. REE, MET, EET and so on.]

Advisor’s name: example: Mateo Aboy, Grant Kirby, Cristina Crespo, other.

Courses for which this override request applies. Include CRN and instructor’s name.

[Example 1: MECH 318 Fluid Mechanics lecture, CRN 26098 (TR, White).]

[Example 2: MECH 318 Fluid Mechanics lab, CRN 26621 (W, White).]

[Example 3: EE 223 Circuits II; CRN(s): 26126 and 25612 (Crespo)]

List required prerequisite(s) to be overridden:

[for Examples1 and 2: For MECH 318: PHY 221 and ENGR 211; pre or corequisite: MECH 363 or EE 223]

[for Example 3: For EE 223: EE 221 with grade "C" or better, and MATH 252.]


[List the official documentation that will be provided showing that credit has been earned for the prerequisite(s) (i.e. Official Transcript or Course Substitution Form).  If the justification is based on a course at another institution, include the official transcript showing the grade of the equivalent course. If the justification is based on a course at another institution that does not transfer as an equivalent at Oregon Tech, please have your advisor submit a completed Course Substitution form.]

[for Example1 and 2:  Student completed PHY 221 in Fall, 2009, and will be taking the ENGR 211 as a corequisite at PCC during Winter 2010. Student will submit updated official transcript from PCC once Winter 2010 grades are posted.]

[for Example 3: Student took EE 221 and MATH 252 at PCC last summer, but transcripts have not yet been received by the Oregon Tech registrar.
Student took similar courses at PCC last summer that did not transfer in to Oregon Tech. A Course Substitution Form is being completed and will be submitted before next term.]

What is considered "Required Documentation"?

Required Documentation includes either a completed Course Substitution Form or Official Transcripts. For courses that are equivalent with Oregon Tech courses, an official transcript must be submitted. If a course is not equivalent to the prerequisite at Oregon Tech, then a Course Substitution form must be completed and submitted.

NOTE: If the appropriate documentation is not filed with the Registrar's Office by the first week of the term you will be dropped from the course.
For more information about prerequisites overrides, please contact your advisor or email us at registrar@oit.edu.