Ashlei Morgan
Alumni, Class of 2019

Why did you choose this program (major)?

I grew up playing with LEGOs, K’NEX and a lot of freedom in my dad’s woodshop. I was always coming up with new things and had a book of invention ideas. Throughout my years of school, I was given the opportunity to explore my creativity through the Gifted and Talented Program and then an intro to engineering class in high school. After I realized that I could use my math and science skills combined with my creativity as a career, I was hooked. I picked mechanical engineering because I like understanding how things work, and I wanted a chance to create new products that make a positive difference in the world around me.

What are you passionate about changing in this particular field and why? How are you planning to use your degree in the future?

I plan to use my degree to pursue a career where I can work on new technologies or improve the ones we already have. I am passionate about all facets of sustainability. I believe that we can all live in such a way that does not damage our environment nearly as much as we do now, and I want to be part of the solution in changing these technologies and habits.

Why did you decide to join TOP?

I decided to join TOP because I was in my high school TRiO program, and it was an incredible network for me. They helped me apply to 25 colleges, took care of the application fees, and provided me with an engineering internship during my senior year of high school. TRiO focused on making sure I knew my options and did everything they could to support me in reaching my collegiate goals. I could not pass up the opportunity to continue TRiO through college and have an amazing support system like this. TOP ended up being a valuable asset for completing my degree, so I am so happy I made that choice.

Is there anything about Oregon Tech that you wish everyone knew about?

Often, we get stuck only hanging out with students in our own major. Oregon Tech has so many bright, friendly people - you just need to get outside of your comfort zone to meet them. I want others to know how welcoming Oregon Tech faculty and students are and that they should take the initiative to look outward for mentors or new groups to join.

What is your favorite hobby, and do you have any experiences you would like to share regarding that hobby?

This year I got into boxing, and I absolutely love it. I like that I’m staying active, providing myself with an outlet for stress, and having fun with people I never would have met otherwise in the Klamath Falls community. The group I box with is very welcoming, and I would suggest joining groups outside of campus for a variety of reasons.

What fuels you to succeed?

As a first-generation college graduate, it is very important to me to have financial freedom in my near future. I also want to have a fulfilling career and life, so I keep that in mind while making important decisions like degree choice or which city I choose to live in.

Who is your favorite professor and why? Do you know any interesting facts about that particular professor?

Sean Sloan in the MMET department has been my favorite professor since my first year. He is so passionate and energetic about engineering, and he passes that feeling on to his students. He is always willing to help with a specific problem or question, and he truly cares about all the students he encounters. Professor Sloan is obsessed with lasers, and he helped to write a book about the theory on how aliens built the great pyramids!