Alumni, Class of 2018

During your college career, you will probably receive a lot of advice from your parents, friends and instructors. Here is some timely advice from recent Oregon Tech Management graduate Colton Hinricksen who is currently a Performance Analyst at ACA Compliance Group.

“I would advise students to seek opportunities to intern as soon as possible. Gaining on-the-job skills is a must. Reach out to the student success center, TOP, and your professors about strengthening your resume and cover letter to better increase future opportunities. Internships have the potential to increase the value of your degree post-graduation to future employers. Apply to internships that you find online, contact local businesses, or talk to your professor to find potential opportunities”.

“Another piece of advice I would give is to not be afraid to apply to any and every job that comes your way. Too often students have that mindset that they are not qualified, or their degree is not exactly in that field. In my opinion, it does not matter because the employer is going to train you anyways”.

In his current position, Colton learns about firms’ policies and procedures, as well as inputting data in workbooks for consultants to measure and evaluate a firm’s procedures. As Colton points out, “the purpose of having a third-party verification of a firm is to give potential clients confidence in investing with that firm. Simply put, I am an auditor of finance”.

“Oregon Tech prepared me by teaching me the analytical skills needed to problem solve on the job. I also gained the ability to work in teams to accomplish tasks assigned by management. I have an understanding of the nomenclature used by the profession because of my core curriculum from Oregon Tech involving accounting, finance, and economics”.

“In my time at Oregon Tech, I enjoyed the small class sizes and the professors unwavering dedication to help students get through school. Professors and advisors are always willing to help you because they want you to succeed and graduate”.

So what do Mick Jagger, Phil Knight, Richard Bailey and Colton all have in common? All of them studied accounting.