Eleanor Kenyon
Student, Class of 2022
Myrtle Point, Oregon

In 2021, Eleanor was one of only 28 students chosen to participate in a NASA Student Airborne Research Program (SARP) internship where she samples and studied atmospheric gases: www.oit.edu/news/environmental-sciences-student-intern-nasa-studying-atmospheric-gases.


1.) As an ENV major, I hope to further my knowledge of data analysis and air quality research. Although I am currently working on an air quality research project at Oregon Tech, I am excited to branch out! Getting to use air sampling equipment myself and have NASA scientists help me during the process will be an invaluable experience!


2.) The Environmental Program at OIT is quite small, and not as well-known as some state schools like OSU or UO. However, I knew that Oregon Tech was the right school for me because of the hands-on experience intertwined in the program. Since my first year as a freshman, I have been able to do hands-on labs and take classes that are important to my program. I think if I hadn't picked Oregon Tech, I would not have had the opportunity to work as a student air quality researcher and eventually apply for the NASA SARP Program!


3.) Currently I am working as a student researcher alongside other students and faculty for an Air Quality Impact project. In this project, we have been studying how PM2.5 pollution caused by wildfires puts stress on hospitals due to increased respiratory-related patients. Personally, I have been responsible for creating interpolated maps in GIS that show estimates of PM 2.5 values for the Rogue Valley.