Kelly Scott Marketing Graduate
Alumni, Class of 2018

In two to three sentences, please describe your job...

My job is a social media marketing coordinator at New Earth Life Sciences in Klamath Falls, Oregon. I am responsible for running all of the social media platform communications for both our US market and the Spanish markets in Mexico, Ecuador, and Columbia. This job requires me to develop content, create the communication plans for posts, and ensure that the platforms are a community-building communication platform.

What is it you enjoy the most about your job? How did Oregon Tech prepare you for your job?

My favorite part of this job is the ability to be creative and develop content for social media. This job pushes me to learn and always be staying on top of trends and online communications. Oregon Tech prepared me for this job by teaching me how to research business problems and utilize marketing techniques to improve business communications.

What advice would you give to a driven Oregon Tech business management student? What did you enjoy most about your time at Oregon Tech?

My best advice to give to Oregon Tech business management students is to always push yourself to make this degree something you are passionate about. Getting an Oregon Tech business management degree opens up so many doors and is unique in the fact that you can customize your studies to what you are passionate about.

What did you enjoy most about your time at Oregon Tech?

I enjoyed the personal experiences with my teachers and peers. Because classes were smaller, I received a very collaborative, hands-on learning experience.

In the last six months, what new belief, behavior or habit has most improved your life?

In the last six months, starting a job has been a huge life change, but it has taught me to make the most of everything I do! Working hard when it’s time to work, and enjoying my free time by either going outdoors, hanging out with friends & family and just enjoying life!

Do you miss softball?

I miss softball so much! I miss my team and all the great experiences. I am super excited to go watch games this season, especially on the brand new field.

What was your favorite project at Oregon Tech?

My favorite project at Oregon Tech was my senior project. For this project, I researched a marketing plan for the re-branding of the Oregon Tech Business Management Department. I loved my degree and the path it put me on. The Oregon Tech Business department is a special place that should be well-known. I was passionate about using my education to give back to the school and help develop a better future for students!