Maddyson Tull
Student, Class of 2023
Gridley, CA

Why did you choose Oregon Tech?

I chose Oregon Tech because of the opportunity it provided for me to both play collegiate basketball and complete a respiratory care program that ranks among the top 10 in the country. This university has helped me set myself up to succeed for the rest of my life in a career that I am passionate about.

What do you like best about your major? 

My favorite thing about my major is that I get to be involved in life-saving medicine. It is one thing to be able to help people heal, but to be able to help save a life is something even more incredible. 

What is your favorite memory from Oregon Tech? 

My favorite memory from Oregon Tech is from the conference tournament quarterfinal game against Bushnell this past season. Our team created such a strong family culture over the year, and because of that we were able to pull out some gritty wins, including this game. Being able to share that with our student body and the community was a really cool experience. 

Maddyson Tull in basketball game

What career do you hope to have after you graduate from Oregon Tech? 

After I graduate, I hope to become a registered respiratory therapist and get certified in neonatal intensive care. 

What clubs or activities are you involved with? What are some highlights of your involvement?

While at Oregon Tech, I have been on the women’s basketball team, and I have been a member of the respiratory care club. While on the basketball team, I have been able to experience the overwhelming amount of community support, something that makes Oregon Tech such a fun environment for athletes at this school. This past season, our women’s program ranked #1 in the country for attendance to games.

What would you say to the donor or donors who support Oregon Tech? What does their support mean to you? 

The donors who support Oregon Tech are part of the reason this school is such a special place. The sense of community they have helped create is felt by everyone, especially student-athletes. The women’s basketball program, especially this year, has felt the overwhelming support from all our donors and fans. Thank you to all of you for helping provide so many opportunities for us.